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Planet image.
Full name: Altamid
Affiliation: Krall (formerly)
Location: Necro Cloud nebula
Dominant Species: Ancient Ones
Planet image.

Altamid was a Class M planet located in the Necro Cloud nebula, just beyond Federation space in uncharted territory. It was fairly close to Yorktown Station. However, it had forests and other plant life.

History and specifics[]

The Federation starship USS Franklin crash landed on Altamid in 2164. Feeling abandoned by Starfleet when no one came to rescue them, Captain Balthazar M. Edison and the survivors of the Franklin turned to alien technology to keep them alive, which drove them into madness and heavily mutated them in the process. In the process, Edison adopted the new identity of "Krall."

Over the next century, Krall established his base of operations on Altamid. He and his compatriots spent the time building up a huge swarm of small attack ships and drones, while searching for a part of an ancient biological weapon that would enable them to take revenge on the Federation. Krall and his forces attacked ships that happened to be in the area, forcing them to crash on Altamid and imprisoning the survivors – many of whom he used to prolong his own life. Some survivors, such as Jaylah, managed to escape Krall's grasp, and fled into the wilderness.

The remains of the Enterprise's saucer section on the planet

The wreck of the Enterprise on Altamid

In 2263, the USS Enterprise was lured to Altamid, where it was attacked by Krall's swarm. The secondary hull was destroyed, and the saucer section crash-landed on Altamid. The surviving Enterprise crew were able to repair the Franklin, and departed Altamid in order to stop Krall from attacking Yorktown Station.

Planetary features[]

A sensor scan of Altamid from orbit

Altamid featured a diverse topology ranging from craggy canyons to lush forests. Extremely tall trees marked the landscape in one location. Another location was distinguished by golden yellow rocks, another – the area later held by Krall – by blue quarries.

The planet was also host to an array of insect life, including flying insects that reflected the swarm-like nature of Altamid's indigenous spacecraft.