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The alternate future timeline was an alternate timeline that was shown to Captain Typhuss James Kira by Chloe McCarthy in order to convince Typhuss to win the war against the Xindi-Suliban Alliance. In this unfolding of events in the next 19 years the United Federation of Planets went to war against the Klingon Empire in the 25th century. The population of the planet Earth was almost completely wiped out by a Klingon attack in 2403. The Federation won the war but the Federation Starfleet was destroyed by the Klingons and the Federation became the United Bajoran Federation of Planets. However, the vision of the events convinced Typhuss to win the war against the Xindi-Suliban Alliance, and the world shown to him never came to be.

Important events[]

People in the alternate timeline[]

Helen Magnus finds Old City in ruins