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Amanda Cole
Amanda Cole.jpg
Amanda Cole in 2153
Full name: Amanda Cole
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Homeworld: Earth
Birthplace: Florida, Earth
Born: 22nd century
Affiliation: MACO,
United Earth (formerly)
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: enlisted personnel
Previous Assignment: MACO detachment,
Enterprise (NX-01) (formerly)
Assignment: MACO detachment,
USS Intrepid-A
Rank: Corporal
Insignia: Intrepid MACO patch. Enterprise MACO patch Rank Insignia.

Amanda Cole is a female Human MACO officer from the 22nd century aboard the Enterprise (NX-01). After coming to the 24th century she served aboard the USS Intrepid-A as a MACO.


Early life[]

Cole came from Florida where she went to a high school that competed with the high school attended by Trip Tucker, and even visited the same cinemas as him. Her hometown was destroyed in the Xindi attack on Earth but, fortunately, her family had moved north a few years beforehand. She held the team record for sharpshooting. (ST website:, ENT episode: "Harbinger")


While serving aboard Enterprise during the mission into the Delphic Expanse, she held the rank of corporal proved to be the ship's best marksman. Cole expressed a romantic interest in Tucker, though the situation was complicated by his interest in T'Pol. Tucker's attempts to give her Vulcan neuro-pressure treatments ended up with two results: gossip about Tucker and Cole's relationship and Cole developing headaches, leading to Doctor Phlox to ask T'Pol to perform said treatments. T'Pol was jealous of the interest Tucker and Cole displayed in each other and mildly injured Cole during a neuropressure session performed to correct some damage that Tucker had inflicted. (ENT episode: "Harbinger")

During the battle against the Xindi in the Ceti Alpha system, Amanda and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise were aided by the USS Intrepid-A which had come from the future from the year 2385, and were able to fight off the Xindi. She opted to stay aboard the Intrepid-A when it returned to its own time. (Star Trek: Kingston episode: "Searching for Intrepid")

Aboard the Intrepid-A[]

Amanda adjusted to life in the 24th century very well, with the help of Captain Typhuss James Kira . The two would get together and he would brush her up on history. Amanda had lost most of her friends because of the Xindi. After she and Hoshi Sato chose to go to the 24th century, she gained new friends but still remains close with Hoshi Sato.

After coming to the 24th century she served aboard the USS Intrepid-A as a MACO. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

Alternate timeline[]

In an alternate timeline where Enterprise was stranded in 2037, Cole had nine children with Doctor Phlox; many of the crew were her descendants. (ENT episode: "")