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Apophis' attack on Stargate Command was an event that took place in 2360 during the Federation-Goa'uld War.


Five Starfleet Marine Corps officers were playing poker in the Embarkation room in the empty Stargate Command.


Starfleet Marines playing poker

In February 2360, as five Starfleet Marine Corps Lieutenants were playing poker in the Embarkation room in the empty Stargate Command, the Stargate activated, startling all five. Lieutenant Carol Weterings approached the gate and a scanning device exited the event horizon. After the device scanned Weterings, the System Lord Apophis and several Jaffa led by his First Prime Teal'c arrived on Earth through the Stargate on a mission to search for hosts. The group captured Weterings and Apophis rendered her unconscious with his Kara kesh.

Lieutenant Fryatt is able to call for backup although he is killed in the process. A firefight breaks out between the airmen and the Jaffa. In the fight, one Jaffa is killed and so are all of the other airmen before Apophis, Teal'c and his remaining Jaffa retreat through the Stargate. As they leave, Major General George S. Hammond runs into the Stargate Operations room with more troops and witnesses Apophis' eyes glow, causing him to believe that Ra survived.