Ashley Magnus
Nickname= Ash
Ashley M
Ashley Magnus in 2430
Vital statistics
Title Sanctuary Network agent
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Sanctuary Network
Status Deceased (2430), later found to be alive in the 24th century
Location USS Intrepid-A

In an alternate timeline Ashley Magnus was a female Human in the 25th century. Ashley Magnus was the daughter of Helen Magnus and Typhuss James Halliwell in an alternate timeline. Ashley was born in 2407 inside the Old City Sanctuary on August 18th. Due to the fact that Typhuss won the Xindi War kept the Federation-Klingon war from happening in the first place, Ashley Magnus will likely never exist in the normal timeline.

Early LifeEdit

Ashley was born in 2407 inside the Sanctuary on August 18th to Helen Magnus and Typhuss James Halliwell.

Time with the SanctuaryEdit

Ashley lacked the modest behavioral skills. However, she more than made up for them in her field talents. Ashley soon proved herself an expert (yet self-proclaimed) "monster hunter"; becoming proficient in the usage of advanced weaponry and technology. On a personal level, Ashley remained quite close to her mother. Ashley's own natural distrust of Abnormals providing a proper counterbalance to Helen's desire to protect them; as she normally doesn't hesitate to terminate ones that prove hostile, and use whatever methods necessary to capture targets.

In 2430 Ashley was killed while on a mission to capture a Abnormal for the Sanctuary Network. Leaving her mother Helen Magnus and her father Typhuss James Magnus sad and upset about her death. This timeline cease to exist when Typhuss and his crew won the war against the Xindi.

Arrival in the 24th centuryEdit

Ashley was thrown back in time to 2387 aboard the Ares, a type 9 shuttle in the current timeline where the timeline was not altered. She was found by Captain Typhuss James Kira and her mother Dr. Helen Magnus. Ashley was allowed to stay aboard the USS Intrepid-A.

Personality and appearanceEdit

Arrestingly beautiful, tough as nails, physically adept and a skilled fighter, she is perfectly suited for her calling as monster-hunter supreme. Ashley has moments of vulnerability but it's a side she deftly covers with a veneer of bravado and fearlessness. Growing up in the world of the Sanctuary with her mother, Dr. Helen Magnus and her father, Typhuss James Magnus, she has come to accept the impossible as a matter of course. And while there are the usual generational sparks between mother, father and daughter, Ashley is acutely respectful of her mother’s and father's work and knowledge.