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The Attack on an Ori occupied world occurred during 2380 during the Great Enlightenment.


After another planet had fallen into the hands of Ori, the new Jaffa leader Se'tak decided on a new way to fight the Ori Army by killing them with the Dakara superweapon. 


The USS Odyssey was in orbit when SG-1 stayed on the planet to collect information about the Ori Army. Se'tak had received information that the planet had followed Origin so he gave the order to use the Dakara superweapon.

When the Odyssey discovered an energy wave from the Stargate fast approaching the village on the planet, the Odyssey managed to beam up SG-1 before the energy wave hit them. Tragically, the energy beam wiped out all life in the village and also killed the crew of the Light of Origin.

SG-1 planned to take control of the Ori warship that was left on the planet unmanned but they ran into a Jaffa group led by Bo'rel. They later discovered that the ship took off and left the planet and that it was Adria who steered the warship. She had survived the attack of Dakara superweapon by her pendant. Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Typhuss planned to use C-4 to destroy the ship's power generator. Adria used her powers and destroyed the C-4. Adria waged war ship to Dakara to destroy the super weapon after she had learned about its location after inquiring a Jaffa.


The team managed to get from the warship when the Odyssey jumped to warp and beamed the team to safety.