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Bajoran Starfleet
Bajoran Starfleet emblem.

The Bajoran Starfleet is the organization setup by the Bajoran government to help in the defence of Bajor after the last Battle of Bajor during the Second Federation-Klingon War in 2403 in an alternate timeline.

The Bajoran Starfleet was also setup to find out what happened to other Federation worlds and to re-establish contact with those lost from the war.The Bajoran government soon invited those non-Bajorans to settle on Bajor itself. The Bajoran government was soon restructured into a more republic political state of power. The first Bajoran President was elected and former first wife of Grand Nagus Rom of the Ferengi Alliance, Leeta. Leeta who had been friends with Kira since the end of the Cardassian Occupation insisted that Bajor become a multi-cultural society as it hosted its new residents. She also pushed for Bajor to be a shining example of the Federation ideology. After forming a council with elected representatives from each race residing on Bajor, Leeta with advisement from the Bajoran government and the new Bajoran Federation Council established a Bajoran Starfleet. Many of the Starfleet officers who had survived the last Klingon assault agreed that Kira Nerys should lead the Bajoran Starfleet.

Kira reluctantly agreed and was promoted to the full rank of Fleet Admiral. With those ships still left in orbit of Bajor Kira ordered for DS9 to be scrapped after it was deemed a lost cause. Those parts that could help in Bajor’s defence were ripped out of the former Cardassian station. Several ships that had survived tried to get to Starbase 375 and Cardassia but contact was lost with them. Seeing as the Klingon threat wasn’t over Kira grounded all Starfleet forces.

A complete planetary defence network was put in place. Kira soon made her former senior staff from DS9 and her husband Typhuss James Kira the senior most ranking officers in the Bajoran Starfleet. It was commanded by Fleet Admiral Kira Nerys. By 2403 Bajor was succumbed to numerous but unsuccessful raids by the Klingon Empire. Bajor had built a large fighter wing division which would defend the planet from the pathetic attempts from the Klingon Empire in attacking the Bajoran homeworld. In April 2404, Fleet Admiral Kira Nerys was killed when a Klingon bird-of-prey destroyed her shuttlecraft. Typhuss saw this future when temporal agent Chloe McCarthy showed to him in 2384. Chole revealed that the Federation won the war, but the Federation Starfleet was destroyed by the Klingons and the Federation became the United Bajoran Federation of Planets. The Federation Starfleet became the Bajoran Starfleet.

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