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"We're not alone. Good people will fight if we lead them."
Poe Dameron, to the Federation

The Battle of Exegol was the decisive final battle in the second war between the United Federation of Planets and the Der'kal Empire in which the Federation and the Federation fleet defeated the Der'kal Empire in 2394 at the planet Exegol. The Federation's triumph at the battle successfully prevented the Der'kal fleet from deploying off Exegol, and incited people to rise up against the Der'kal Empire across the galaxy.


Over the next many years, the Der'kal Eternal constructed a massive armada of planet-destroying Xyston-class Star Destroyers, the Der'kal Eternal fleet, what was called the Der'kal Order, with the goal of creating a new Empire and restoring rule to the galaxy, a broadcast was put out across the galaxy by Kylo Ren, which promised revenge. Rey acquired the wayfinder, however, it was destroyed by Kylo Ren, who had also informed her that she fail her friends and the Federation. Rey defeated Ren in a lightsaber duel after he was distracted and took his TIE whisper. Initially giving into fear and exiling herself on a class-M planet, where she destroyed Ren's ship, Rey was motivated by Admiral John Martin, who encouraged her to face her fear. Rey traveled along a safe route to Exegol in a T-65B fighter, Red Five, using Kylo Ren's wayfinder and transmitted her plotted course to the Federation, allowing them to travel along her passage. Through information acquired from a unknown source, the Federation learned that the Der'kal fleet required a signal from a navigation tower in order to deploy off of Exegol, and devised a battle strategy to take out the tower. Admiral Martin sent Colonel John Sheppard on the USS Voyager to the Federation systems to try and recruit any of the free worlds to aid them.

Supreme Leader Kylo Ren contacted General Jonathan Pryde and had sought to align the Der'kal Empire with the Der'kal Eternal fleet in order to increase their resources, pledged the Der'kal Empire to the Supreme Leader. Kylo declared that the Der'kal Order was beginning; he ordered Pryde to Exegol, and sent him a ship from the Der'kal fleet, which Pryde used to destroy a planet close to the Federation on the Kylo's orders, Kijimi. Pryde arrived to Exegol on his Resurgent-class Star Destroyer, the Steadfast, which served as the Der'kal Eternal fleet's command ship.

The battle[]

Air battle[]

"Welcome to Exegol."
Commander Poe Dameron

The air battle at Exegol

The Federation arrived on Exegol to find a massive armada of Star Destroyers, which comprised the Der'kal fleet. They realized the potential of the fleet to destroy any planet possible since every Star Destroyer was equipped with the same cannon as the one that destroyed Kijimi. Poe and Typhuss opted to launch a ground assault over an air assault in order to disable the navigation tower while at the same time avoiding Der'kal Order tracking. However, Pryde learned of their plan to take out the navigation tower, so he instead switched the navigation signal to the Steadfast, opting to control the fleet themselves. When the lander realized the signal had been transferred, Typhuss was able to identify the new source of the command signal, and identified Pryde's ship as the source, after which they carried forward with their ground assault, landing on the hull of the Steadfast instead. They deployed a fleet of hoppers, blasting their way through cannon fire, much to the bafflement of Pryde. When Pryde switched the navigation signal again to another Star Destroyer, Typhuss and Poe abandoned the ground attack in favor of an air assault.

The Void Fleet arrives[]

"My friends, I'm sorry, I thought we had a shot, there is just too many of them."
"But there are more of us, Poe. There are more of us."
— Poe Dameron and John Sheppard

Up above, the Federation was taking heavy losses, as Typhuss and Poe continued to lead the fight. As Temmin Wexley was shot down by a TIE dagger. Poe realized that they were losing the battle. However, John Sheppard arrived on the USS Voyager, bringing the Void Fleet comprising of many Federation ships from points all across the galaxy. The Void Fleet then proceeded to join the battle against the Der'kal Order.

End of the Der'kal Empire[]

Poe's T-70 fighter disabled by a EMP weapon

The Der'kal then proceeded to ignite a powerful EMP weapon into the air, which disabled all Federation ships up to the size of Daedalus-class battlecruisers, including those of Typhuss, Poe, and the Void Fleet, and sending them plummeting toward the ground. Much to Poe's shock, he realized he was losing control of his T-70 fighter. Weakened and seemingly defeated, Rey heard the voices of the past encouraging her and lending her the strength to carry on against the Der'kal. Rey then stood up, with her new courage received from the people before her. The Der'kal noticing this, ceased their EMP attack on the Federation fleet. Poe, having realized that his fighter's systems were back online, regrouped the allied forces and resumed their assault on the Der'kal Order fleet, stating that they had one chance to take out the armada of Star Destroyers.

Fall of the Der'kal[]

"Their fleet is stuck here! They're toast! Come on!"
— Commander Poe Dameron, to the rest of the fleet

With the destruction of the Steadfast, the Der'kal fleet was trapped on Exegol where they met their demise

Back in the air battle, Typhuss, Poe, Sheppard, and the rest of the Federation and Void Fleet destroyed the entire Der'kal Order fleet. John and Jannah successfully destroyed the Steadfast by turning its disruptors against the ship itself. As the Steadfast burst into flames, Pryde ran towards the front of the bridge, and was killed when it exploded. The Steadfast then fell towards the ground and crashed into the surface of Exegol, while Captain Chakotay rescued John and Jannah aboard Voyager. With the Steadfast destroyed, the entire Der'kal fleet was trapped on Exegol, becoming a slaughterhouse for the Der'kal Eternal. The Federation and the Void Fleet destroyed the rest of the Star Destroyers in a similar fashion, by blowing up their axial superlasers. With the Der'kal Order defeated and all the ships falling to the ground in ruins, Rey and the Federation and the Void Fleet emerged victorious and left Exegol to return to Ajan Kloss.


"People are rising up all over the galaxy. Poe, we did it."
"We did it."
— Typhuss and Poe Dameron

As the Federation and their Void Fleet escaped off of Exegol, they learned that across the galaxy, people were rising up as the Der'kal Empire began to collapse without the Der'kal Eternal fleet. Across the galaxy, where the Der'kal had deployed Star Destroyers to distant planets to force them into submission or destroy them, people rose up and destroyed the Star Destroyers. The Federation and their allies returned to the Federation's base on Ajan Kloss, where they celebrated their great victory, among them Rey, Typhuss, and Poe Dameron.

The end of the battle saw the ushering of a long awaited peace across the galaxy. Through Typhuss, Poe, John, and the rest of the Federation and the galaxy fleet, the entire Der'kal fleet collapsed on Exegol, with no threat of return. Their actions also ushered in a new sense of hope and courage across the galaxy as people gathered the will to rise up and destroy the remains of the Der'kal fleet and the Der'kal Empire.

6 months after the Battle of Exegol, the Federation and the Der'kal Order engaged in further conflict starting the Federation-Der'kal Order War, a year-long war against each other.