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The Birds of Prey are a team of crime-fighting vigilante protectors of New Gotham City. The Birds of Prey spent the most of their existence operating out of the New Gotham Clock Tower. The Birds of Prey are a group of female heroes headed by Oracle. Doctor Leslie Thompkins serves as the chief medical officer for the team. They are a mostly female based team but they do allow men to join. They work together to fight crime in both cities separate from Batman and Green Arrow. (Birds of Prey)


The women in a dream world created by Larry Ketterly

For some time, Barbara Gordon and Helena Kyle fought crime together as a duo, operating out of a clocktower in New Gotham City. One day, Dinah Lance came to New Gotham, having had premonitions of both of them. Ultimately finding her way into the clocktower, Dinah assisted the women in finding the identity of a murderer who was targeting specific businessmen. They discovered him to be one of the supposed victims, Larry Ketterly, and worked together to take him out.

After the mysterious deaths of two SCIS detectives, Jack Barnstone and Grace Tanner, the Birds of Prey worked to take down the culprit, Silas "Slick" Waters, as well as save his final target, Detective Jesse Reese. Helena and Dinah found themselves at a warehouse, where Slick had taken a stolen armored truck. Working together, they were able to keep Slick in his liquefied form long enough to destroy him.

Helena and Barbara researched a number of strange meta-human deaths, finding them to be killed by their own powers, despite meta-human powers thought to be unique to the individual. They tried to see if their friend Gibson Kafka had any intel on the situation, but he'd heard nothing. The Huntress eventually figured out that the killer was Detective Claude Morton, a meta-human with the ability to duplicate powers. She was able to attack him while on the street, chasing him to a rooftop. She was soon joined by meta-humans from Gibson's bar, overwhelming his senses and causing himself to willingly jump to his death.

Protecting Guy

After Helena saved a baby from being taken by thugs, she brought it back to the clocktower, where they decided to look after it, naming it "Guy". Barbara found markers within Guy's neural mesh indicating a connection to Simcron Labs, also discovering that he had the power to age an accelerated rate. They organized a meeting, during which they discovered it was a trap. They fought off their attackers, before being saved by Guy, who killed the head scientist. Mercenaries came after Guy, but he and Helena were able to fend them off, before Guy eventually died of old age.

When Carolyn Lance had come to the Clocktower for the team's assistance on Hawke, they had decided to help. Bringing Reese into the case for information on a knife murder done by his son. However while Carolyn had conflict with the team's wishes of keeping Dinah on as a vigilante, she did end up accepting it. Later, Reese gave in on giving his info on Hawke when Carolyn was kidnapped outside of No Man's Land Collectables. She was kept in a constricting trap meant to torture and kill her, but Dinah and Helena along with their ally Reese managed to come to her rescue, but she died in a resulting explosion once freed from the trap. Leaving the team to mourn the fallen Black Canary.

Known members[]

The Birds of Prey logo

Current members[]

The Birds of Prey look out over the city from the clock tower

Known allies[]

Current allies[]

Former allies[]

Known enemies[]

Current enemies[]

Former enemies[]

  • Larry Ketterly (incarcerated)
  • Claude Morton (deceased)
  • Simcron Labs
    • Lewis Melfin (deceased)
  • Silas "Slick" Waters (presumed deceased)


  • Oracle uses high-tech computer equipment to keep in contact with her agents, coordinate their actions, and complete extensive research.