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Laurel Lance/Black Siren founded and led a group of criminals.


Sometime after leaving Team Arrow, Laurel Lance founded this group of criminals and for the last 5 months they have been terrorizing Star City to the point that even Team Arrow had difficulty dealing with them.

Known members[]

Current members[]

Black Siren's group in the field led by Laurel

Known allies[]

Current allies[]

  • Helix
    • Cayden James (founder and leader)
    • Sheck
  • Ricardo Diaz's criminal organization
    • Ricardo Diaz/Dragon (founder and leader)
  • Longbow Hunters
    • Red
    • Honor/Silencer
    • Bear
  • Quadrant
    • Remy Cartier
    • Lydia Cassamento
    • Dragos Ibanescu
    • Cyrus Broderick
  • Danny Brickwell
  • Derek Sampson