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Series: Star Trek: Phase II
Written by: Dragonboy546
Story by: Dragonboy546
Teleplay by: Dragonboy546
Production information
Episode no.: 1x08
First aired: 2022
Date: 2269
Stardate: Unknown

Blackout is the eighth episode of Star Trek: Phase II Phase II Season 1.


The crew of the Enterprise must race against time to save the Daedalus-class vessel USS Harrison and the engineering team that's on a relay outpost from a supernova after it encountered an massive power surge, John must decide whether to save the crew of the Harrison or the engineering team on the outpost!

Script Chapters[]


Act One[]

Act Two[]

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Also Starring[]

Guest Stars[]

  • TBA as Captain Jamie Towe
  • TBA as Cmdr. Tanna Mor
  • TBA as Lt. Marianna Taru
  • TBA as Ens. James Carroway
  • TBA as LtCmdr. Jenn Carvus
  • Jeremy Regan as Lieutenant Commander Kyle Clarkson
  • TBA as Lieutenant Junior Grade Morgan Flower
  • TBA as Lieutenant Tarak
  • TBA as Lieutenant Junior Grade Carol Young
  • TBA as Ensign Bo Travers
  • TBA as Ensign Paul Guillermo

Special Guest Stars[]

  • TBA as Vice Admiral April Herbert
  • TBA as Lieutenant Junior Grade Harris Payne
  • Mike Longo as Commodore James T. Kirk

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