Typhuss999 Typhuss999 7 days ago


I am trying to contact Dragonboy546, so we can write stories again. He has been gone for a year. If anyone on this wiki talks or hears from him, let me know and tell him, I am looking for him.

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TheAmazingSaiyanSpider TheAmazingSaiyanSpider 22 May 2020

Hey Typhuss, I'm here

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Nightslayer2 Nightslayer2 11 May 2020

Deputy Status

Hello all fandom users,

My name is NightSlayer2, I have been deputized by my good friend Typhuss999 as a Starfleet Officer which means I will also be an administrator of this wiki. I promise everyone on this wiki that they will be treated fairly. If there are any problems on the wiki, please inform me at once because I'm here to provide assistance.

Thank-you and stay safe


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Hanna Tucker Hanna Tucker 3 September 2019

Discontinuation of "Love is Overrated"

I am officially discontinuing "Love is Overrated"- as much as I love this story, my writing style has changed drastically over these past few months and I've lost the drive to write for this story anyway. But not to worry! I'm working on some projects over on AO3 (including a new Mirrorverse fic featuring Mirror Reed that I'm pretty hyped about), which once they're finished will be added to this wiki. So yay! :) Keep on trekkin', people!

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ElectricSupernova ElectricSupernova 5 December 2017


Anyone here like Star Trek Discovery?.

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