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The Burn universe is an alternate timeline set during the 32nd century.



Changes from Prime universe

  • All time travel technology is destroyed in the 30th century while in the prime such technology is still used in the 31st century.
  • Ferengi does not exist in this timeline due to a blight that infested their world in the 26th century.
  • This universe retained regular contact with other universes until five hundred years ago when the barriers started moving away for unknown reasons.
  • The Q did not interact with Starfleet after the USS Voyager although knowledge was retained regarding the Q Continuum.

In this universe, a galaxy-wide disastrous event that occurred in roughly 3069, in which most dilithium mysteriously went inert, causing the detonation of every active warp core. The event caused widespread death and destruction, made dilithium an even more sought-after resource.

  • Long term Burn effects
    • Scientific progress is significantly reduced for the next century plus.
    • United Earth becomes isolationist and founds the United Earth Defense Force.
    • Near collapse of the United Federation of Planets.
      • Near collapse of Starfleet.
        • Starfleet remains struggle to hold together with exploration missions on hold, virtually no new starship construction, historical starships taken out of retirement and mothball status.
      • Near collapse of Section 31.
    • Emerald Chain's rise to power.
    • Coridanite Confederacy is founded.
    • Transwarp Networks become non-viable for everyday travel due to damage caused to the Federation network hubs and debris of old ships.
    • 2 light years of sub-space are destroyed by the Gorn.
    • Quantum slipstream drives are rarely used due to benamite resources near dried up.
    • Vulcans and Romulans on Ni'Var become isolationists due to guilt regarding the cause of the burn.
      • Until they rejoin the Federation.
    • The Trill species face near extinction due to dwindling population levels of host compatible members.
      • Until they commit interspecies breeding with assistance from Federation after they rejoin.
    • The Borg are virtually decimated with their stations, transwarp hubs, starships, destroyed by the burn. Only a few thousand remain on impulse ships and/or planet surfaces.