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Daedalus class
Daedalus-class image.
Affiliation: United Earth/Federation, Starfleet
Type: cruiser
Service period: 2140s to 2196
Length: 105 meters
Width: 25 meters
Height: 40 meters
Decks: 7 (standard),
10 (refit)
Crew: 229
Maximum speed: Warp 4.5 (std)
warp 7 (refit)
Cruising speed: Warp 5.7 (refit)
Armaments: phase cannons,
laser cannons;
torpedo launchers
Defences: polarized hull plating,
deflector shields
Aft view of the Daedalus-class

The Daedalus class was a type of starship cruisers in service with the United Earth Starfleet in the 22nd century. The Daedalus class was first utilized around the 2140s and was later maintained in service by the Federation Starfleet throughout the latter half of that century.


By the mid-2150s the Daedalus class was considered somewhat outdated, superceded by the newer Intrepid-class and advanced NX-class designs. However, the growing conflict with the Romulan Star Empire gave the class a new lease on life. Daedalus-class ships, upgraded with technology from the NX program, could be built at roughly three times the rate as NX-class vessels, as well as refitting existing ships to the new standard. With wartime pressures on Starfleet to emphasize numbers over quality, the refitted Daedalus design was put into full production.

Five Daedalus-class ships were launched in the two years up to May 2159.

Daedalus-class vessels would go on to serve as a primary exploratory starship for the fledgling Federation Starfleet following a complete overhaul in 2161. One Daedalus vessel was awaiting completion of its retrofit in that year, and was of sufficiently advanced characteristics that its command was a sought after posting for several Earth captains. The Daedalus-class would serve with distinction until they were finally retired from service in 2196.

Despite the class's decommissioning at the end of the previous century, at least three original Daedalus-class vessels were brought back into service by the mid-23rd century. The USS Lovell, USS Masao and USS Zander were taken from a Federation surplus depot, repaired and refitted by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, and used to transport teams of engineers to various assignments where their technical and engineering skills were needed.


In 2159, these vessels were equipped with five phase/laser banks and two spatial torpedo and photonic torpedo launcher banks, and were protected by polarized hull plating.


Known vessels[]

  • USS A.G. Robinson
  • USS Adirondack
  • USS Anson
  • USS Archon (NCC-189)
  • USS Armstrong
  • USS Bach (NCC-174)
  • USS Benjamin Franklin (NCC-013)
  • USS Carolina
  • USS Cowpens
  • USS Daedalus (NCC-129)
  • USS Discovery
  • USS Drake
  • USS Dykstra
  • USS Essex (NCC-173)
  • USS Franklin Roosevelt (NCC-217)
  • USS Gettysburg
  • USS Heinlein
  • USS Heisenberg
  • USS Horizon (NCC-176)
  • USS Jein
  • USS Kearsarge
  • USS Kon-Tiki
  • USS Lindbergh
  • USS Lovell (NCC-470)
  • USS Masao
  • USS Nez Perce
  • USS Nightingale (NCC-192)
  • USS Okuda
  • USS Olympus
  • USS Pilgrim (NCC-178)
  • USS Probert
  • USS Ptolemy
  • USS Republic
  • USS Shepard
  • USS Stephen Decatur
  • USS Valiant
  • USS Valley Forge
  • USS Wakefield
  • USS William Clark
  • USS Yeager (NCC-76)
  • USS Yorktown (NCC-108)
  • USS Zander
  • USS Zefram Cochrane