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David Telford
David T.jpg
David Telford
Full name: David Telford
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Earth
Birthplace: Earth
Affiliation: Federation, Starfleet
Starfleet Marine Corps
Federation fleet
Red Flight
Homeworld Command
Stargate Command
Destiny Expedition
Lucian Alliance
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Starfleet Marine officer
Starfleet officer
Assignment: Member of
Destiny Expedition
Rank: Colonel

David Telford is a male Human who is a Colonel in the Starfleet Marine Corps. A lifetime military man, he was originally chosen to lead the expedition however, due to the unforeseen invasion of the base, Colonel Everett Young became the new leader, but not by choice.


Background information[]

Before he was assigned to Icarus Base, Telford spent a year infiltrating the Lucian Alliance. At some point during his mission, he was discovered and brainwashed by presumably captured Goa'uld brainwashing technology to believe in the Lucian Alliance cause. Eight months in, the Lucian Alliance attacked a base that killed 37 people, which Telford knew was coming but did not report. Telford claimed it necessary to protect his cover, and was let off the hook. As a result of his completed mission he was given command of the Destiny Expedition, following Colonel Everett Young's refusal of the position.

Personality and traits[]

Although clearly a skilled military leader, Telford has often been shown to be highly arrogant, often arguing with non-military personnel or those lower in rank to him who disagree with his perspective, giving the impression that he believes that he is in the right and they are wrong even if evidence suggests otherwise.

Although Colonel Everett Young stated that he regarded Telford as a good man, Telford has nevertheless shown a strong fixation on ensuring that his orders be carried out that have sometimes risked endangering the mission facing him; when he initially swapped bodies with Young using the Long-range communication device after the Battle of Icarus Base, he continued to try and lead Destiny despite Lieutenant Tamara Johansen's warnings that his actions were further damaging Young's injured body, and ordered Master Sergeant Ronald Greer into the brig when he took command during Destiny's first attempt to contact Earth despite the time that had passed since Greer's original offence simply because Greer's offence had been attacking him. Although his brainwashed state at the time suggests that his attempts to seize control of the ship may have had to do with his alliegence to the Lucian Alliance, he continued to demonstrate his fundamental arrogance when he was convinced that Dr. Nicholas Rush was responsible for the failure of a plan to contact Earth on a second occasion that resulted in the crew's apparent deaths in an alternate timeline, rather than accept the possibility that the plan he supported simply hadn't worked.