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Dominick Carisi Jr.
Character image.
Dominick Carisi Jr. in 2393
Full name: Dominick Carisi Jr.
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Earth
Birthplace: Earth
Affiliation: Federation,
Starfleet Criminal Investigative Service,
Special Victims Unit
Mother: Unnamed
Father: Unnamed
Sibling(s): Bella Carisi
Teresa Carisi
Gina Carisi
Marital Status: Single
Other relatives: Mia Carisi
Occupation: Assistant district attorney
Rank: Assistant district attorney

Dominick "Sonny" Carisi Jr is a Human male is a former detective at the Manhattan Special Victims Unit. He is now an assistant district attorney. He is currently not in a relationship.


Carisi transferred into the precinct after Sergeant Olivia Benson put in a request for an "experienced, empathetic Detective" following the temporary demotion of Nick Amaro to patrol officer. Sonny also took Amaro's place as the lead male of the SVU. He was in Staten Island SVU for two months, Brooklyn for almost a month and Queens for a week (before that, he was a patrol officer on Staten Island). Though his brash and argumentative attitude has placed him at odds with Benson and the others, he's shown a knack for interrogations, by pretending to empathize with suspects and getting them to open up to him.

He attends night classes at Fordham Law, often attempting to offer up legal suggestions on the cases at hand. He assists ADA Rafael Barba during the trial of Lewis Hodda.

He passed his bar exam in 2389, but following the death of Mike Dodds, he decided to stay with the Special Victims Unit.

He is an Italian-American. His religion is Catholic. Two of his cousins are priests. When he was younger, he wanted to be a priest.

He served as a pallbearer at the funeral of Sergeant Mike Dodds, who was shot to death by Gary Munson, the corrupt Rikers Island corrections who held his wife, Lisa, hostage. At the bar following the service, Sonny toasts Mike as "the bravest cop we ever worked with".

Carisi told a young boy that when he was a boy, he was pushed through a glass window by a bully and stayed silent, out of fear that the bully would come back and attack him again. Several years later, Carisi found out that his bully had murdered someone and was in Rikers for it. He then said that he regrets not speaking up about the assault. (SVU: Great Expectations)