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The E-7 starfighter is one of the most advanced multi-role starfighters ever enter service in the Federation. The E-7 various missions range from fighter-escort, armed-reconnaissance, aerospace-superiority as well as close air support for ground forces. The E-7 armaments make it an effective companion to Defiant-class, Saber-class, Akira-class and Steamrunner-class starships and the Danube-classrunabouts in the Federation as well as the B'rel-class Birds of Prey of the Klingon Defense Force.


E-7 schematics

The E-7 is one of the most advanced starfighters to enter service in the Federation. Its armaments, shields and ablative armor have put the E-7 on par with the T-65B fighters, T-70 fighters, Vipers MK II and MK VII as well the X-302 hyperspace fighter and F-303 fighter-interceptors. The cockpit has a standard ejection seat for atmospheric ejection as well as an escape transporter enabling the pilot and astromech droid to rescued by either the starship is based from or a Danube-class runabout the E-7 starfighter operates with . Unlike the T-65B, T-70 and BTL-4 starfighters the astromech where head is exposed to hostile fire. Originally the E-7 was slated to use the R-7 astromech droid but the cost this type of astromech caused the cost of the E-7 to increase to the point where the E-7s production was almost terminated. Current models of the E-7 use either the R-2 or R-5 astromechs. Some of the first E-7 pilots came from the top 1 percent of the T-65 ,T-70, as well the Viper MK II and VII communities.


Portside perspective of an E-7

The E-7 is armed with 3 phaser cannons (2 are wing mounted one under each wing and one cannon running over the cockpit). Individually each phaser cannon is very powerful when combined all three phaser cannons are very devastating. The placement of the overhead phaser cannon has caused some concern with the leadership of Starfleet Fighter Corps. The overhead cannon raises upward allowing the canopy to be raised. Another these cocerns is the issue o the cannon obstructing the view of the pilot if an was to attack in a straight vertical dive. Another has been the cannon would prove to be a hinderance in an emergency if the pilot had to abandon their craft. The E-7 is also armed with either 12 photon or quantum torpedoes (more the than any other starfighter in the the Federation.


This is the list of E-7 variants.


The E-7T is a training variant operated by SFC fleet readiness squadrons which are responsible for the training of new pilots or pilot returning to flight duty as well as maintenance personell who maintain the E-7. The E-7T does not have an astromech droid this section has been modified so that an Instructor pilot (I.P.) can sit in the rear cockpit normally used by the astromech droid in most operational squadrons the trainee pilot sits in the front. The Instructor pilot has the ability to override the trainee pilot in case of an emergency.


The E-7R is a reconnaissance version of the E-7. Unlike other reconnaissance starfighters such as the RZ-1R which has humanoid crewman who acts as the Reconnaissance Systems Officer (RSO) the E-7Rs reconnaissance systems can be operated by an astromech droid. Pilots selected to fly the E-7R go extensive background and security checks by both Starfleet Intelligence as well as Starfleet Criminal Investigative Service (SCIS).


The E-7A is a proposed redesign the would remove the phaser cannon that runs over of the pilot to improve visibility. Another reason for removing the overhead cannon is that should the cannon fail to raised this would impede any effort by the pilot to escape or hinder any rescue efforts.


The E-7DS is a rumored stealth variant of the E-7 starfighter. Upon entry into service it would operate in high threat environments such strikes on heavily defended targets or follow up strikes against previously attacked targets.