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For the primary universe counterpart, see Starfleet.

Flag of the Khanate of Earth.

In an alternate timeline in which Khan Noonien Singh won the Eugenics Wars, Earthfleet was the military of the Khanate of Earth.


Earth launched its first experimental starship, the Morningstar, in the 21st century. The fledgling empire of Earth waged war against the Romulans in the 2100s. During the Romulan campaign of the 22nd century, the First Khan served as general and warlord. By the 24th century, Earthfleet maintained the Khanate's domination of local space in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Several ships were lost in Sector 221-G to a local coalition of warrior cultures. Princeps Jean-Luc Picard applied sheer brutality for months to force Thallon, Xenex and Danter to surrender unconditionally. In 2364, the Earthfleet starship Phoenix attempted to eradicate a Cardassian colony on Setlik III.

In June 2376, the Defiance apprehended the Bajoran Perikian-class rebel ship Meru at the Ajir system, capturing its crew and destroying the disabled vessel. Coincidentally, the Defiance also discovered the long-lost SS Botany Bay. Princeps Julian Bashir had the crew of the Botany Bay awakened and authorised his chief engineer Fel sh'Zenne to refit the derelict with warp drive. The Illustrious was sent by Third Khan Tiberius Sejanus Singh to take care of the Botany Bay but the anti-Khanate rebellion disabled Defiance and enabled the sleeper ship to escape.


  • fleet prefect
  • general (22nd century)
  • lord-commander
  • princeps senior
  • princeps
  • optio
  • squad leader
  • adjutant
  • subaltern
  • helot

List of Earthfleet starships[]

  • Earthfleet starship Defiance
  • Excalibur
  • Illustrious, dreadnought-class battleship
  • Phoenix, battleship
  • Prometheus
  • Yamato, battlecruiser