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Emiko Adachi
Biological Information
Species Human
Status Alive
General Information
Occupation Criminal
Leader of the Ninth Circle
(in secret)
Member of Black Siren's group
Family Robert Queen
(father; deceased)
Kazumi Adachi
(mother; deceased)
Oliver Queen
(paternal half-brother; deceased)
Thea Queen
(adoptive sister)
William Clayton
Home universe Earth-87
Alter ego Crimson Arrow
Actor Sea Shimooka
Miya Cech (young)
"I am the leader of the Ninth Circle, not you."
— Emiko to Virgil

Emiko Adachi (2355), also known as Emiko Queen, is a female Human who was the daughter of the late Robert Queen and the late Kazumi Adachi, the younger paternal half-sister of Oliver Queen, and the paternal aunt of William Clayton. She is the leader of the terrorist organization, the Ninth Circle. She is also a criminal archer who became a member of Black Siren's team and to get justice after the murder of her late mother, Kazumi. (Black Siren)


  • Voice filter: She uses a voice filter to disguise her voice, keeping her identity anonymous.
  • Flechettes: Emiko carries flechettes on her right thigh.
  • Crimson Arrow suit: Emiko wears a red leather suit as the criminal archer Crimson Arrow.
  • Customized recurve bow: Emiko uses a ragim recurve bow with black limbs; it is similar in appearance to the one that is used by Oliver when he first began his exploits as a vigilante.
  • Quiver: Emiko uses a quiver strapped to her back to carry her arrows; it is similar in appearance to the one used by Oliver.
  • Customized hunting arrows: Emiko uses numerous types of green arrows; they are similar in appearance to the ones that are used by Oliver.
  • Trick arrows: Like Oliver, Emiko uses trick arrows, such as incendiary arrows that explode on contact, and grappling hook arrows.
  • Combat knife: Emiko carries a combat knife on her right leg.