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The Enterprise was a late 20th century American airship flown by Goodyear Inc.

History and specifics[]

The Enterprise blimp provided aerial footage during football games in the 1980s. Her sister ships included the America and the Columbia.


In the year 2269, The Blimp participated in The Great Starship Race. The starship was sponsored by Goodyear and commanded by the company's manager, Captain Charles Goodyear IX.



  • Based in Florida, the helium-filled airship made 11,219 flights during 11 years of service. It has flown over the Statue of Liberty, the America's Cup race and three Super Bowls. It was dismantled for parts in 1991. (Airship Enterprise article at the Sun-Sentinel website.)
  • Numbered N1A, she was 58 meters long, 15 meters wide, and 18 meters tall. (Goodyear Blimp article at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)


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