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Ethan Samuels
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Ethan Samuels in 2372
Full name: Ethan Alan Samuels
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Tycho City, Luna
Born: 2352
Affiliation: Federation, Starfleet
Mother: Rebecca Samuels
Father: Irving Samules
Sibling(s): Peter Samuels
Marital Status: Dating
Spouse(s): Ro Laren
Occupation: Starfleet officer
Previous Assignment: USS Enterprise-E
Assignment: chief medical officer,
USS Crusade
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Insignia: Badge image. Rank insignia.

Ethan Samuels is a male human who lives in the late 24th century and serves the Federation and Starfleet on board the USS Crusade under the command of Captain Elizabeth Lochley. (Star Trek: Crusade)

Personnel file[]


Early life[]

The eldest child in his family, Ethan's mother would often remind him that he'd be the one to have to look after everyone someday, especially his sister Jenny. Ethan spent much of his early career working on cures for viruses, making several medical breakthroughs and saving many lives. he developed a reputation of not only a reliable and incredibly gifted doctor, but also as a compassionate human being, dedicated to the well being of his patients' soul as much as to the their bodies.

Starfleet career[]

Starfleet Medical Academy[]

Ethan entered Starfleet Medical Academy and learns about helping the allied species of the United Federation of Planets, and how to care for them and their families and made new friends and then after learning a lot he graduated in 2379.

USS Enterprise-E[]

In 2380, Ethan Samuels was posted on board the USS Enterprise-E under the command of Captain John Martin and served under the leadership of Doctor Lillian Crusher and then Doctor Beverly Crusher and was given praised by both his commanding officers in sickbay and was there during the Xindi War, final battle with the Asuran Replicators, Borg Invasion of 2381 and Federation-Der'kal War.

USS Crusade[]

In 2390, Ethan Samuels now is the chief medical officer on board the Victory-class USS Crusade under the command of Captain Elizabeth Lochley and made a lot of friends on board the ship including the Captain and first officer and tactical officer and was involved in the Federation-Klingon War and was helpful with the wounded and continues to serve the crew.

Starfleet service record[]