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ME3 Alliance Dreadnought.png
A Everest class starship

The Everest class dreadnought was a type of starship operated by the Federation's Alliance Navy as a heavily armed capital ship and mass effect technology vessel. The dreadnought is the ultimate arbiter of space warfare along the Mass Relay network; millions of tons of metal, ceramic, and polymer dedicated to the projection of firepower against an enemy vessel of like ability. No sane commander would face a dreadnought with anything less than another dreadnought. They are only deployed for the most vital missions. A dreadnought's power lies in the length of its main gun. The Everest class is 888 meters long, with a main gun of near that length. Its 800-meter forward mass accelerator is capable of accelerating one twenty-kilogram slug to a velocity of 4025 km/s (1.3% the speed of light) every two seconds. Each slug has the kinetic energy of about 38 kilotons of TNT, about two and a half times the energy released by the fission weapon that destroyed Hiroshima. It has numerous broadside cannons, GARDIAN lasers, heavy shields and fighters also.

For the Citadel the Treaty of Farixen stipulates the amount of dreadnoughts a navy may own, with the turian peacekeeping fleet being allowed the most. Dreadnoughts are so large that it is impossible to safely land them on a planet, and must discharge their drive cores into the magnetic field of a planet while in orbit, they can however enter the atmosphere of most worlds. The decks of these large vessels are arranged perpendicular to the ship's axis of thrust, so that the "top" decks are towards the front of the ship and the "bottom" decks are towards the rear of the ship.

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