"Make no mistake, my first priority is to make sure that we all return to those we love."
— Everett Young

Everett Young is a Human male who is a Colonel in the Starfleet Marine Corps and was Commander of the Icarus Base when it was attacked. He is the former leader of the Destiny Expedition and Icarus Base being replaced by Captain Typhuss James Kira in 2385.


Background informationEdit

Young was a member of Stargate Command and led his own SG team. Young resigned as SG leader stating that he didn't think he had it in him to continue to lead teams and make the life and death decisions. General Jack O'Neill offered him a position as leader of the Destiny Expedition but he declined and was instead offered a command of Icarus Base which he accepted. Young spent some time as an SG team leader. He is approximately 40 years old and has been married to Emily Young since 2375, but due to his position they had an estranged relationship. According to Lieutenant General Jack O'Neill, he offered Young the position of commander of the Destiny expedition before he offered it to Colonel David Telford, but Young turned him down, opting instead to return to Earth. Young and his wife are estranged due to Young always choosing his Starfleet career over their marriage and an affair he had with Lieutenant Tamara Johansen.


Morality and wisdomEdit

"Well, you're the wrong man for the job, Colonel. I'm sorry to have to be the one to say it, but I think you know it's true."
Nicholas Rush

Young is willing to do anything to get the crew on Destiny back home, even willing to kill those who put them in danger such as the Lucian Alliance. He feels that the minor disagreements between the crew, particularly the civilian and Starfleet/Starfleet Marine personnel are negligible compared to completion of the mission and getting the crew back home. Young is willing to help his crew in any means even going so far as to kill those badly injured enough to prevent them any further suffering.

Abilities and skillsEdit

Despite his belief in his inabilities as a leader, Young continued to remain strong in the face of overwhelming odds and dangerous situations. His skills as a former SG team leader have helped prepare him for the challenges he faces while on Destiny. He has skills in piloting some vessels such as F-302 fighter-interceptors and the Ancient shuttles and has developed skills in using some of Destiny's systems such as weapons, communications and others.