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The Fall of Dakara occurred in 2380 after the events on the abandoned Ori ship at the hands of Adria.


The people of a world that had succumbed to the religion of Origin were all mysteriously wiped out by an unknown force. As SG-1 investigated, they discovered that the Dakara superweapon was responsible and decided to investigate further, only for things to take a turn for the worse when they met a group of Jaffa who have plans for commandeering the Light of Origin and matters are further complicated when Adria returns, hellbent on finding out who or what killed her new followers.


Typhuss taking cover from Jaffa

After another planet had fallen into the hand of the Ori, the Jaffa leader Se'tak uses the Dakara superweapon to annihilate the surrounding Ori forces, notably the Light of Origin. Unfortunately, all life on the planet was killed in the process. SG-1, who were on the planet earlier, discovered the mothership and decided they could not pass the opportunity to examine an unmanned and completely accessible Ori ship. Unfortunately, they were not the only ones with the idea to explore the vessel, a group of Jaffa led by a man named Bo'rel was also aboard. Bo'rel, who wanted the ship under Jaffa control, captured Typhuss and Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell. Afterwards, three Ha'taks dropped out of hyperspace in orbit and USS Odyssey, which they brought earlier, left to prevent a possible confrontation. Bor'el, having heard Mitchell talking to Colonel Samantha Carter over their combadges, called to the rest of SG-1 to surrender or he would harm Typhuss and Mitchell. Dr. Daniel Jackson suggested that the Federation and Jaffa work together. However Bor'el refused, and while Daniel continued to try and reason with Bo'rel, he and Vala Mal Doran were at that moment captured by a Jaffa patrol.

Adria uses her powers to interrogate a formerly dead Jaffa.

Adria, who had apparently survived the attack, appeared and captured Daniel and Vala by killing the Jaffa with her powers. Daniel tried to stun her with a Zat'nik'tel, but she began to telekinetically choke Daniel demanding that they told her what happened. Despite her best efforts, she could not force the information from Daniel's mind. Daniel and Vala tried to reason with Adria. With help from Carter, who had returned from the bridge, Mitchell and Teal'c escaped from the Jaffa and decided to head for the Stargate. Adria brought a Jaffa back to life and forced the soldier to reveal the location of the superweapon. She then activated and operated the Ori Battlecruiser and set course for Dakara. Carter, Mitchell and Teal'c go to the bridge and try to override the primary systems. They encounter Bo'rel and convinces him that they have to fight a common enemy. The ship arrived at Dakara and Mitchell decided to destroy the powercore using C-4. Unfortunately Adria had prevented the C-4 from detonating. The Jaffa attack the room she was holding Daniel and Vala prisoner in, but she sealed the door.

The Dakara superweapon is destroyed

The Odyssey arrived, but was unable to extract SG-1, Carter succeeded in deactivate the shielding and SG-1 were beamed off. The Odyssey jumped to warp to avoid the wavefront of the superweapon which the Jaffa had deployed in a last ditch effort against the battlecruiser. The desperate defense strategy succeeded, only in killing the Jaffa aboard the ship, since Adria is immune to the superweapon. Eager to destroy the only real threat to the Ori, Adria fired the battlecruiser's beam weapon directly at the superweapon. The superweapon was completely destroyed while Dakara itself was devastated. Back at Stargate Command, SG-1 received word that not only had Dakara been devastated, but five more planets had fallen to the Ori. With the Dakara superweapon destroyed, three Jaffa Ha'taks destroyed and the Ori continuing to convert countless planets, Merlin's anti-Ori weapon is now needed more than ever.


Back at the SGC, SG-1 received word that not only had Dakara been devastated but five more planets have fallen to the Ori and the Free Jaffa Nation was thrown into disarray. With the Dakara superweapon destroyed and the Ori continuing to convert countless planets, Merlin's anti-Ori weapon was now needed more than ever.

This also affected the System Lord Ba'al's plan for use of the weapon to regain his formal power base, forcing him to also seek out the anti-Ori device to defeat the Ori.

Months later, SG-1 returned to Dakara's ruins in search of the Ark of Truth because Dr. Daniel Jackson believed that a vision he had received pointing to the location of the Ark of Truth referred to Dakara. However, the Ark of Truth was not found on the planet and another battle fought on the planet's surface resulted in the surrender of Tomin and the death of The Administrator.


  • The extent of the damage and casualties is unclear. Typhuss reports that the planet was devastated and the area was clearly left in ruins. However, the area had also been evacuated since the Free Jaffa were using the Dakara superweapon at the time as stated by Bra'tac.