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The Der'kal Invasion, also referred to as the Der'kal War or the Federation-Der'kal War, was a four-year interstellar conflict between the United Federation of Planets and the Der'kal Empire which ocurred between the years 2384 and 2388, was the single-deadliest conflict in the history of the Federation.


After the Xindi War the Federation were in the process of recovering from the brutal war but when one of the Federation listening posts went dead Starfleet dispatched the USS Enterprise-E to see what happened to it and its discovered that the listening post was destroyed by an unknown weapon systems that the sensors can't make out.


Beginnings (2384)[]

The Federation Alliance is working to recover from the Borg and Replicator invasions, while the Xindi and the Federation are at a stalemate against one another because they're not making heads or tails against each other but then they encounter an unknown warship, and it destroyed a starbase and three listening posts and call themselves the Der'kal Empire.

The war begins[]

A declaration of war[]

The Der'kal Empire declared war on the Federation, "this is your first and only warning, your last chance for salvation. We come to you not as missionaries of any false gods, nor as liberators from them. We come to wipe your pathetic kind, like the scourge you are, from the face of the galaxy, to kill and slaughter until none remain. We are the Der'kal, and this is the beginning of your end."

Battle of Scarif[]

Battle on unidentified rocky planet[]

Battle of Sarrish[]

Battle of P9X-335[]

Battle of Hebridan[]

Battle of Telin[]

Invasion of Galorndon Core[]

Battle of Sector 234[]

Invasion of Bajor[]

Argolis Cluster Campaign[]

Operation Bajor[]

Battle of Romulus[]

Battle of Sector 001[]

Further confrontations (2385)[]

Battle of Zeta Volantis[]

Battle of Scorpion fleet shipyards[]

Skirmish on Nevarro[]

Further battles (2386)[]

Battle on Jedha[]

Destruction of Jedha City[]

Mission to Eadu[]

Liberation of Erso[]

Der'kal attack on Earth[]

Battle of Hoth[]

Duel on Imperial City[]

Escape from Imperial City[]

Later battles (2387)[]

Skirmish aboard USS Intrepid-A[]

Rescue of Poe Dameron[]

Hosnian Cataclysm[]

Battle of Takodana[]

Battle of Starkiller Base[]

Evacuation of D'Qar[]

Attack on the Federation fleet[]

Battle of Crait[]

Attack on a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer[]

Duel on Hosnia Prime[]

Final battles (2388)[]

Order 76[]

Battle of Hosnia Prime[]

Alternate timeline[]

Battle sites[]

Major campaigns[]

Participating fleets in the war[]

Federation forces[]

Klingon Defense Force[]

  • 124th Klingon Battle Group
  • 13th Klingon Battle Group

Romulan fleet[]

Cardassian fleet[]