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For her Earth-2 counterpart, see Felicity Smoak (Earth-2).

Felicity Smoak
Felicity Smoak
Felicity Smoak in 2393
Full name: Felicity Megan Smoak
Known aliases: Overwatch
The Calculator
(erased future)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blond, Black
Homeworld: Earth
Birthplace: Earth
Born: July 24, 2335
Died: Alive (as of 2393)
Deceased (as of 2411)
Affiliation: Original multiverse
Team Arrow
Smoak Technologies
(erased future; formerly)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Queen Consolidated
Kord Industries
Tech Village
Palmer Technologies
Radu's Coffee
Team Flash
New multiverse
Team Arrow
Team Flash
Smoak Tech
Mother: Donna Smoak
Father: Noah Kuttler
Marital Status: Widowed
Spouse(s): Oliver Queen
(husband; deceased)
Children: Mia Smoak
William Clayton
Jonathan Sullivan-Queen
Other relatives: Thea Queen
Emiko Adachi
Robert Queen
(father-in-law; deceased)
Moira Queen
Occupation: Original multiverse
Founder and CEO of Smoak Technologies
(deputized; formerly)
Member of Team Arrow
Employee of Kord Industries
Computer sciences and IT support at Queen Consolidated
Executive assistant of Oliver Queen
Customer service staff member at Tech Village
Vice President of Palmer Technologies
CEO of Palmer Technologies
Barista at Radu's Coffee
MIT student
New multiverse
Founder and CEO of Smoak Tech
(deputized; formerly)
Member of Team Arrow
"We have to live with the fear and the uncertainty that everything can be taken from us in an instant. Because that's the price we pay for choosing the people that we love."
— Felicity Smoak to William Clayton

Felicity Megan Smoak (July 24, 2335-2411) is a female Human who is the daughter of Noah Kuttler and Donna Smoak, the widow of the late Oliver Queen, the mother of Mia Queen and the step-mother of William Clayton. Technologically gifted, especially in the field of computer science, Felicity is a former member of Team Arrow, the former CEO of Palmer Technologies, and the founder/CEO of Smoak Technologies.

Felicity met Oliver while working in the I.T. department at Queen Consolidated, when he asked her for many favors related to his vigilante activities. She discovered his secret and despite some initial reservations joined his team, coining the name "Team Arrow", and after many adventures, the two fell in love. Following the defeat of Ra's al Ghul, Felicity and Oliver left Star City to begin a new life together, but after five months, returned to rejoin Team Arrow and face the threat of Damien Darhk and H.I.V.E.. Felicity was injured in an attack by H.I.V.E. agents and rendered paraplegic. However, due to an implantable bio-stimulant created by Curtis Holt, she was soon able to walk again.

Felicity continued to work with Team Arrow, using the code-name Overwatch, until she and Oliver broke up. She was later present when her teammate and close friend Laurel Lance, known as the vigilante Black Canary, was attacked after a confrontation with Darhk. Following Laurel's attack, Felicity resumed her activities as a member of Team Arrow and eventually helped Oliver recruit a new team of vigilantes. After the explosions on Lian Yu, Felicity returned to Star City and decided to partner with Curtis to start a new company, Helix Dynamics. She also helped Oliver out when his son, William Clayton, came to live with him by becoming William's tutor. Shortly afterwards, Felicity and Oliver married each other in an impromptu wedding ceremony along with their friends, Barry Allen and Iris West.

Even when the rest of Team Arrow started falling apart, with each member of the team leaving, Felicity continued to stand by Oliver's side until he decided that in order to take down Ricardo Diaz, he would have to go it alone. After Oliver was sentenced to life in prison, Felicity and William went into witness protection and moved to Hope Springs, where Felicity worked as a barista and went by the name Erin. However, after being attacked by Diaz at her apartment, Felicity decided to return to Star City and work to get Oliver released.

After Oliver was released and was deputized by the Star City SCIS Department, Felicity started helping him as Overwatch again. When Team Arrow was deputized, she joined the SCIS as Overwatch. Felicity repaired the Arrowcave and worked with the team to stop the Ninth Circle's war on Star City. After Curtis signed over his half of Helix Dynamics to her, Felicity converted the company to Smoak Technologies and hired Alena Whitlock as her CTO. Once the Ninth Circle was defeated, Felicity and Oliver went into hiding to protect their soon-to-be-born daughter, Mia, from the Ninth Circle, on the warning of Emiko Adachi. Months after Mia's birth, the Monitor came to recruit Oliver to save the multiverse from the Crisis, despite Felicity's resistance.

After the crisis, Felicity was given back her original memories by J'onn J'onzz and he showed her how her husband saved the multiverse. She attended her husband's funeral where she met her adult daughter.

In a possible future, in 2411, the Monitor returned and created a portal to the Afterlife where she reunited with Oliver.

Anti-Monitor Crisis[]

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Felicity as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2392, only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.

New multiverse[]

Felicity was called back by Team Arrow when William was kidnapped by John Byrne. She saw her grown daughter (Mia Queen) and chose not to meet her. Later Felicity attended Oliver Queen's funeral and talked with Mia.

New future[]

In 2411, just like in the original multiverse, Felicity met with Mar Novu at Oliver's grave who opened up a portal to the afterlife, where Felicity and Oliver spent their time together for eternity.

Erased future[]

Felicity Smoak in an erased future

At some point in 2411, Felicity apparently turned herself into a criminal named "the Calculator" and was believed to be killed by an unknown person before Roy and William returned from Lian Yu. Later though, her daughter, confirmed that she is in fact, still alive.

After destroying Archer, she, Roy, and Dinah left Star City in the care of William, Mia, Connor, and Zoe. Later on, she met up with William and Mia in front of Oliver's grave to bid them farewell, revealing that she made a promise to be with Oliver once William and Mia didn't need her protection. After a long embrace, she walked down a path to be approached by Mar Novu, telling him that she was ready. Mar Novu warned her that there was no return from where she was going, but Felicity was certain, stating that she had waited a long time to reunite with Oliver. Mar Novu then opened up a portal to an unknown location which they both walked through.

In 2411, Mar Novu appeared to follow up on Felicity's request to see Oliver again. Novu opened up a portal leading to the afterlife, where Felicity spent their time together for eternity.

Rewritten reality[]

Felicity Smoak as a masked vigilante in the new reality

In a rewritten reality created by the Legion of Doom using the Spear of Destiny, Felicity fought for Star City as a vigilante after Damien Darhk, who had become mayor, had the majority of Team Arrow and Team Flash killed. Felicity was soon pursued by Sara and Amaya Jiwe, Darhk's henchwomen in this reality. After a brief fight between them, Felicity was captured and brought to City Hall. Standing before Darhk, Felicity defiantly vowed to never stop fighting to protect her home. However, Darhk disagreed and ordered for her execution. Sara then snapped Felicity's neck, killing her instantly. Felicity's body was disposed of while her mask was taken by Darhk and placed with the collection of masks he kept as trophies from the other heroes and vigilantes he'd killed.

Alternate reality[]

Felicity and Diggle meet Oliver in the alternate reality

In the alternate reality created by the Dominators, Felicity worked as tech support for John Diggle/The Hood and was engaged to Ray Palmer. One night, Oliver Queen stumbled into their base. Shocked, Felicity immediately alerted Diggle, who knocked him out. When Oliver came to, he attempted to introduce himself, only for Felicity to interrupt that everyone knew who he was. She wondered what Oliver was doing here, citing that his wedding to Laurel Lance is tomorrow. Diggle demanded that he leave until Oliver deduced the former's identity. Despite Felicity's protests, Diggle revealed himself and explained how he became a vigilante. Oliver then suddenly recognized Felicity, much to her confusion. He insisted that the situation wasn't right but they didn't believe him. The next night, Felicity attended Oliver and Laurel's wedding as Ray's plus-one, where she met Sara Lance, Laurel's sister. Felicity then briefly bumped into Oliver again as he planned to leave the reality.


Possible future[]

In a possible future that Eobard Thawne hails from, Felicity is apparently not one of the several heroes remembered in the "Age of Heroes", despite the fact that Eobard is aware of her identity as Overwatch and Felicity has aided both Team Arrow and Team Flash over the years, implying that she did not make a mark in history. However, considering that Thawne had previously stated he foresaw "great things" from Felicity, it's most likely he was just saying this to play psychological warfare and as an intimidation tactic.


"And the old me was so angry at the world. That anger never accomplished anything, it just created more anger... and some seriously bad personal style choices."
— Felicity Smoak
In Felicity's college years, much like Oliver, she was reckless and impulsive, yet kind, caring, selfless and moral. After her then-boyfriend, Cooper Seldon was arrested by the SCIS and (apparently) committed suicide before his sentencing, Felicity decided to change her ways, turning her into the responsible individual she is today.

"You can't just accept things, Oliver. If I had accepted my life, I would be a cocktail waitress in Vegas like my mother, and I never would have gone to college, and I never would have moved a thousand miles away to work at Queen Consolidated, and I never would have believed some crazy guy in a hood when he told me I could be more than just some I.T. girl."
— Felicity Smoak to Oliver Queen

Felicity is an intelligent, ambitious, hard-working, and tech-savvy individual who is highly confident in her computer skills. Though she doesn't go looking for trouble, Felicity is also not one to back away from danger, particularly when there is a mystery waiting to be solved; for example, she accepted the task of investigating Moira Queen's apparent blank notebook, despite Walter Steele's warning that the last man who looked into his wife's affairs died suspiciously the next day. At the same time however, Felicity also revealed a capacity for insecurity in regards to her position in the company, as seen when she assumed she was being fired after Walter called her up to his office.

Felicity is a patient and rather indulgent individual, as proven when she continued to use sarcasm to Oliver Queen's odd requests, despite the obvious lies he provided her with and the dubious and dangerous nature of the tasks he gave her (e.g. accessing the contents of a bullet-ridden laptop, finding the origin of an arrow, analyzing the contents of what he claimed was an "energy drink" stored in a syringe, and decrypting a security fob that contained plans to rob an armored car of Blackhawk Squad Protection Group).

Aside from Felicity's natural talents and developed skills, her most prominent attributes are her capacity for compassion, kindness and trust; it is these traits which allowed Oliver to trust her with the knowledge of his vigilante activities, as well as rely only on her promise that she would deliver him to his father's old factory after being shot, despite the risk of her alerting the authorities instead.

Felicity ultimately proved her worth by performing all Oliver had asked of her, and then going beyond what he expected by helping John Diggle patch him up. Felicity stayed at Oliver's side until he recovered and, out of loyalty to the then-missing Walter, agreed to join the team to help locate her kidnapped employer. True to her tech-savvy nature, Felicity upgraded the Arrowcave's computers simply because Oliver's poorly set up system bugged her. She also helped him cover his tracks by hacking into the SCIS crime lab's computers and to order the destruction of Oliver's blood sample, which was collected by the SCIS after he was shot by his mother.

Initially, Felicity didn't approve of Oliver's harsh methods, especially murdering criminals when necessary, however, they ultimately came to an understanding after stopping the Savior. Even though both Oliver and John sometimes have tried to prevent the need, Felicity has shown she is capable of handling herself in dangerous situations, having gone undercover in an illegal casino, infiltrated the Merlyn Global Group headquarters under the guise as a delivery girl and offered herself as bait to catch the Dollmaker.

Conversely, Felicity is portrayed as a jocular and socially-awkward nerd; she has a habit of babbling without censoring herself and usually does so using innuendos with sexual connotation. This is especially prevalent when she is nervous, particularly in the presence of high-authority figures (such as Walter Steele and Moira Queen) or those she finds attractive (like Oliver Queen and Barry Allen). Ray Palmer told her it was one of her more charming traits, and expressed hope that she would never stop doing this.

Felicity has a lot of respect for the Queen family, particularly for Robert Queen; due to how much good he had done for Star City, this reverence initially extended to the family's matriarch, Moira Queen, despite the fact that the two had little interaction with each other. However, this admiration quickly dissipated, after she discovered Moira's involvement in Walter Steele's kidnapping and the Undertaking respectively.

Even after Oliver gave Moira a second chance at redemption, Felicity still did not trust her and after discovering that Malcolm Merlyn was Thea's biological father, she tried to get Moira to tell the truth to Oliver and Thea; however, she is further disappointed when instead Moira attempts to emotionally manipulate Felicity, due to her romantic feelings for her son in order to prevent the reveal of Thea's true parentage. This ultimately backfires as Felicity revealed this truth to Oliver. Her stance was largely fueled by the knowledge that just as Moira's relationship with the children had been destroyed; due to her lies and manipulation, so to, she did not want to become like Moira.

Upon Moira's demise at the hands of Slade Wilson, Felicity did not mourn or grieve over her death, although she attended her funeral for Oliver's sake and even shed a few tears on his behalf as she knew the grief attached to the loss of a parent; albeit her own father was lost through abandonment instead of murder. Despite this, Felicity coldly stated to John that Moira was nothing more than a diabolical individual whom she had disliked since discovering her true nature, proving just how much respect she had lost for the Queen family's matriarch.

Felicity's trademark babbling often results in her feeling embarrassed, so she tries to backtrack and explain herself, which only contributes to her rambling, the exception to her embarrassment seems to be Barry, though neither of them seem to notice when she does it, in spite of her tendency to babble, Felicity isn't afraid to give voice to her opinions, and she always stands her ground unwavering when confident she's in the right; she was even willing to stand up to strong authority figures and leaders for what she believed was right, such as "Ra's al Ghul". She uses humour in any type of situation, especially darker ones where her comical, yet positive outlook on life usually relieves the tension. One of Felicity's strongest attributes is her ability to surprise those who underestimate her, such as Clinton Hogue, who initially scoffed at the idea of Felicity interrogating him or Slade Wilson, who thought Oliver "had a thing for stronger women", only for Felicity to be the ace in the hole in his own demise.

Felicity is very proud of her Jewish heritage, as she celebrates Hanukkah every year. As a result, she is especially disgusted with Nazism; due to how her great great great great grandparents suffered in the Holocaust, as seen during the battle against Earth-X.

Felicity sometimes has a dark side when it comes to losing someone she cares about and will do anything to get back at whoever would hurt someone she loves, she will take matters into her own hands and act very authoritative on how she feels; this is seen after losing Billy Malone.

Upon getting to know William Clayton, after Oliver asks Felicity to tutor his son, Felicity finds that she has a maternal side and comes to love William as if he is her own child. When Oliver is arrested in front of William by Samanda Watson; Felicity comforts William when his father is taken in and questioned.

Even in the earlier days of their working together, there was an obvious connection between Felicity and Oliver; Oliver later came to tell her that she was the first person he truly saw as a person since coming home rather than a potential threat, and remembered the color of the pen she was chewing on, much to her pleasant surprise. Despite their numerous disagreements working together, they came to love each other very much; even when Felicity was dating Ray, deep down she was still in love with him the whole time, even if she was not fully aware of it; her mother later told her that she knew this within seconds of meeting Oliver and seeing them together, saying that when he walked in Felicity "lit up like Christmas".

When Oliver and Felicity briefly moved to Ivy Town, Felicity still wanted to continue assisting Team Arrow, making excuses to Oliver to be alone to do so to prevent him from finding out. Although she loved being with him, she otherwise found civilian life boring and felt her work with the team gave her purpose (in her own words, she had a strong urge to gouge her eyes out when Oliver started exchanging cooking tips with the neighbors). Felicity felt guilty about this as she knows she and Oliver went away to get away from that life, but nonetheless expressed no regret over her actions, having missed the work they had done.

When Felicity is left unable to walk after being shot, courtesy of Damien Darhk, Felicity fell into self-pity, feeling that she was no longer any use to the team, her computer skills briefly suffering as a result; her insecurities (as a result of the prescription drugs she was taking) took the form of a hallucination of her younger self, who continually mocked her and reinforced her self-pity. However, with encouragement and time, Felicity started to return to her old self and regained her self-confidence.

Felicity did not like being kept in the dark from secrets and decisions she felt entitled to know about/be involved in, especially where Oliver was concerned as she strongly feels sharing is important in a healthy relationship. When Felicity found out that Oliver didn't tell her about her son, she became very angry with him and was in disbelief that he hid something that big from her; in reality, Oliver desperately wanted to tell her but promised his child's mother he wouldn't tell anyone about his existence, even Felicity, an explanation she didn't accept as she felt this suggested Oliver wasn't capable of leaning on her to help when things got complicated. When he left her out of the loop when asking Samantha to relocate herself and William to somewhere far away, Felicity's anger at him only got worse, enough so that she called off the engagement.

Despite the bad blood following this, Felicity was capable of being civil with Oliver and continuing to work together as part of Team Arrow, happy to hear from Oliver that she was still welcome to be part of the team despite calling off their engagement. Over the course of the next year, signs were there of a connection still present between them, and eventually the two rekindled their relationship, and soon after got married.

After Oliver sacrificed himself by going to prison to give the rest of Team Arrow immunity from the FBI, Felicity was forced to fend for herself for 7 months from Diaz and his allies before being reuniting with her husband. This took a toll on her, developing a more hardened personality and a survival instinct, obsessing (in Oliver's eyes) over security systems and losing any qualms she might've once had over owning and using a gun. She honestly felt her former self was weak and, when called out on her actions by Oliver, states that she had only done what she had to do after he left them defenseless in his absence. In spite of what she had been through, however, much of her bubbly personality still remained, with the two of them still bringing out the best in each other.

Felicity rarely expressed surprise when encountering and learning of things most people would not be capable of believing without seeing. She didn't treat or see Barry any different after he became a meta-human compared to before, expressing fascination at some of the powers that Team Flash faced in some of their adversaries. One of the few instances where she expressed shock was when she deduced that Cyrus Gold's muscle density was roughly equivalent to concrete as a result of Mirakuru, though she didn't let this put her off later when she acted as a Trojan horse in a plan to cure Slade Wilson. Other universes and doppelgangers similarly didn't concern her; she felt comfortable talking about it in casual conversation, once wondering in amusement to Barry about what Oliver's doppelganger would be like. When confronted by Oliver's doppelganger from Earth-X, she treated him as a completely different person in spite of him looking like her soon-to-be husband, suggesting she knows better than to let herself form any kind of emotional attachment over complete strangers who happen to look like people she's close to.


"Felicity, you're one of the smartest people I know. I'm sure you'll think of something."
John Diggle to Felicity Smoak
  • Genius-level intellect/Great business acumen/Expert tactician/Leader: With an IQ of 170, Felicity has an exceptionally bright mind and is one of the most intelligent individuals in the multiverse. She is regarded as a child prodigy, able to engineer computers by the age of seven. Felicity graduated early from the esteemed Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the top of her class with a dual master's degree when she was only 19. Beyond her speciality in computers, Felicity has demonstrated vast knowledge of other subjects, such as biology, chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, mathematics, history, and literature. Felicity has considerable knowledge in business, able to keep Oliver Queen on track at Queen Consolidated as his EA and tutor him in business management. Upon becoming the vice president of Palmer Technologies, she gradually became a skilled businesswoman able to successfully lead the billion-dollar conglomerate, so much so that Ray Palmer was willing to sign over the company to her. Felicity is experienced in founding and running her own company, as demonstrated with Helix Dynamics (later Smoak Technologies). As Overwatch, Felicity has proven to be a capable tactician and is able to occasionally lead missions. For example, she helped Team Arrow stop Shadowspire's attack on A.R.G.U.S., formulated a plan to rescue the captive Palmer Tech board members from Brie Larvan, led the new recruits into saving some ACU members from Tobias Church, and worked with Oliver to escape from an EMP-impacted Arrowcave. Eobard Thawne himself praised Felicity's brilliance and declared she would accomplish "great things" in science.
    • Master engineer: While not her main area of expertise, Felicity has proven to be an excellent engineer, as she built her own computers as a child. She was able to fix a defibrillator machine and ensure a Palmer Tech elevator stopped at the boardroom by adjusting their wiring. Felicity revamped the Arrowcave and designed a custom-made bow for Oliver in his new crusade. She was instrumental in helping Ray build his A.T.O.M. Exosuit, such as determining that he needed a quantum processor to power its beams, something even Ray had trouble figuring out. Working together, Felicity and Curtis designed the Green Monster crossbow and an implant to cure John Diggle's arm tremors. She even upgraded the Canary Cry into the sonic bracelet.
    • Master mathematician: From childhood, Felicity displayed an aptitude in math and is even acknowledged by Team Arrow to be their most valuable asset in the subject. Because of her skill, she is an effective card counter, claiming that "it's all probability, theory, and mathematics". Felicity also calculated the precise amount of time it would take for her to break through the encryption on Adrian Chase's optic scrambler, as well as the exact amount of power and angle of an explosive arrow needed to pry open a steam tunnel grate in the Arrowcave without igniting the leaking methane gas. She even figured out how Malcolm Merlyn's ancient box could be unlocked using the Fibonacci sequence.
    • Biochemistry/Forensics: Felicity was able to determine where the Vertigo drug was produced by performing a spectro-analysis of a sample. Working with Barry Allen, she also investigated a crime scene at the Robert Queen Applied Sciences Center. Felicity is capable of analyzing blood work, as shown when she tested Roy Harper's blood for residual Mirakuru. She used an algorithm to do a forensic workup of Prometheus' shuriken and soon learned it was crafted from the same alloy as Oliver's arrows. Felicity was able to run a DNA test and figure out that the new Green Arrow was Oliver's half-sister, Emiko Adachi.
    • Dentistry: Felicity briefly aspired to become a dental hygienist and thus has at least basic knowledge in dentistry; she correctly determined that a dismembered Ghost tooth was an upper-left bicuspid.
    • Skilled pilot: Felicity is capable at piloting shuttles. As such, she is able to successfully ram shuttles into her opponents.
    • Expert investigator: Felicity is a very sharp-minded and observant woman, making her a keen investigator; she was able to deduce Oliver's's identity as The Hood based on his favors' correlation with the vigilante's activities. Felicity figured out The Dodger's modus operandi after studying his past thefts and discovered the The Canary's connection to Laurel Lance upon realizing the vigilante was following the latter rather than the Arrow. After tracing a wire payment Moira Queen made on Tempest to her daughter's obstetrician, Felicity connected this transaction to Moira's recent testimony of her affair with Malcolm Merlyn, leading her to realize that Thea Queen was Malcolm's biological daughter. She even immediately saw through Earth-2 Laurel Lance's impersonation of her Earth-1 doppelgänger by picking up on the holes in her story and behavior (e.g. an inclination towards wine while Earth-1 Laurel was an alcoholic).
    • Expert medic: Felicity has been trained in first aid by John, allowing her to stitch up wounds when needed.
"When it comes to hacking, I’m the fastest woman alive."
— Felicity Smoak to Team Flash
  • Computer specialist/Master computer hacker: As an MIT graduate with a Master of Science in Cyber Security and Computer Sciences, Felicity is an immensely skilled computer specialist and hacker. She was acknowledged as the top I.T. specialist of Queen Consolidated, being recommended to assist Oliver and Walter Steele in their respective favors. Felicity has been able to recover valuable information for Team Arrow on people, locations, and other things, once retrieving building schematics of the Exchange Building from Floyd Lawton's bullet-ridden desktop monitor. She has demonstrated the ability to hack into high-grade security data banks in places like A.R.G.U.S., S.T.A.R. Labs, the SCIS and SGC. Felicity was able to break through the Cobalt encryption on Guillermo Barerra's communicator and decrypt a security fob of Blackhawk Squad Protection Group protected by military-grade cryptographic encryption security protocol, being the first to ever accomplish the latter, according to Paul Knox. However, she was unable to gain access to Merlyn Global Group's data unless directly in the building. Felicity can code complex algorithms and software for her vigilantism such as the X-axis bi-numeric algorithm, designed to infiltrate virtually any digital system. She was able to hack into the Treasury shuttles' closed-end GPS undetected and discover the secret identities of three undercover IDND agents, which even experienced hackers such as Cooper Seldon and Curtis Holt were unable to accomplish. Working with her father, Noah Kuttler, Felicity acquired control of Rubicon from H.I.V.E. and overrode its programming. Felicity's skills are considered to be at the highest level, as she was widely regarded and respected by Helix.
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Felicity has received self-defense training from John and Oliver, making her capable protecting herself when the situation demands it. While Barton Mathis/The Dollmaker tried to kidnap her, Felicity managed to push him back once Oliver shot her captor with an arrow, though she was injured in the process. Over the next couple years after more training, Felicity was able to disarm and knock out Cooper when he held her hostage, kick back Jeremy Tell/Double Down, and defeat a couple of H.I.V.E. prisoners. Felicity even took down a Ghost before he could react and knocked out a de-powered Earth-2 Laurel with a single punch after catching the latter off-guard, though she jammed her wrist after. Felicity was even able to subdue a few Earth-X Nazis and managed to briefly fight off Ricardo Diaz when he attacked her, but was soundly overpowered.
    • Basic stick-fighting: Felicity is adept in at least rudimentary stick-fighting, able to take down multiple H.I.V.E. prisoners using a metal pole with little struggle.
    • Skilled markswoman: Felicity used a machine gun to fend off and eventually shoot Double Down. Three years later, she gained much more proficiency in using firearms, particularly handguns; using her personal sidearm, Felicity nearly killed Diaz and defended herself from Frank Cassaday.
  • Baking: Due to her knowledge in chemistry and physics, Felicity is great at baking pastries, such as cookies.
  • Indomitable will/High pain tolerance: Felicity is a fearless, hardworking, and determined woman who rarely gives up. As a vigilante, she will stop at nothing to help her friends, especially when they're in danger; she once spent days together tracing Ray's distress call, with minimal rest. When cornered by Cooper and Damien Darhk, Felicity adamantly refused to aid either foe in their respective agendas, only considering relenting when they threatened her mother, Donna Smoak, instead of her. Felicity also risked her life to protect Kara Danvers from Dark Arrow and and Eobard refusing to give her friend up even when targeted for death. Felicity can also tolerate great pain when needed; immediately after taking a bullet to the shoulder for Sara, she gathered the strength to upload a virus onto William Tockman's phone to incapacitate him. Felicity also barely flinched after being shot in the arm by Rene Ramirez when trying to protect Earth-2 Laurel.
  • Network: Felicity had some contacts at Queen Consolidated due to her branched-out work in the I.T. department. As the CEO of Palmer Technologies, she had access to the resources of a multi-billion dollar corporation until she was forcibly removed. During her time at Helix, Felicity had virtually universal resources for information gathering, which greatly surpassed her own, until she was let go by Cayden James.

Alternate reality abilities[]

  • Peak of human physical condition: As a vigilante, Felicity was in top physical condition.
    • Acrobatics/Free running: Felicity was able to gracefully scale through obstacles and jump several feet from a railing while being pursued by Sara Lance and Amaya Jiwe.
  • Expert combatant/Martial artist: As an active vigilante, Felicity was highly trained in close quarters combat, able to hold her own against Sara and Amaya for a time despite having a broken ankle.


  • Paraplegic: After shootout caused by H.I.V.E.'s Ghosts, Felicity's spinal cord was permanently damaged, rendering her incapable of walking. However, with an implant created by Curtis Holt and several weeks of physical therapy, she was able to regain her mobility. As a result though, Felicity is now vulnerable to electromagnetic pulses; when Adrian Chase set off an EMP in the Arrowcave, her implant shorted out, rendering her paraplegic once more until Curtis fixed it.
  • Hacking: Due to Felicity's spinal implant, she is presumably vulnerable to hackers, who would be able to deactivate the device. This would render Felicity paraplegic again as well as cause severe, potentially life-threatening pain, as seen with Curtis hacking John Diggle's implant.


  • Implantable bio-stimulant: After being paralyzed in an attack by H.I.V.E., Felicity had a bio-stimulant designed by Curtis Holt implanted into her spine, which allowed her to walk again.
  • Makarov PMM: Felicity was given this gun by Anatoly Kynazev and it became her personal sidearm.

Former equipment[]

  • X-axis bi-numeric algorithm: Felicity created this "super virus" to aid in her hacktivism at MIT, which allowed her to gain root access to virtually any digital server. After Cooper Seldon's apparent death, Felicity abandoned her hacktivist ways and stopped using the virus.
  • Pandora: Felicity was given this data cache by Alena Whitlock, which contained incriminating evidence against J.G. Walker. She continued to use Pandora's data to find leverage against her opponents until ending her affiliation with Helix.

Alternate reality equipment[]

  • Suit: In an alternate reality created by the Legion of Doom, Felicity wore a protective black and purple leather suit while fighting crime in her crusade against Damien Darhk. It would remain in her possession until her death at the hands of Darhk's two personal assassins, Sara Lance and Amaya Jiwe.
  • T-Spheres: In the Legion of Doom's alternate reality, Felicity utilized T-Spheres while fighting crime as a vigilante, which she used to try and fend off Sara and Amaya as they pursued her.
Other versions of Felicity Smoak
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