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Fenris Rangers

Pre 2386





Primary mission

Vigilante protection


Former Romulan Neutral Zone


Active (2401)

The Fenris Rangers was a group of individuals associated with Seven of Nine in the 2380s, 2390s and 2410s decades. (STO - "Legacy" mission: "Measure of Morality (Part 2)", PIC episode: "Absolute Candor")

Their headquarters was on the planet Fenris. They were considered vigilantes. They operated Corsairs, and kept their money on Freecloud. (PIC episode: "Stardust City Rag")

Prior to the Qiris sector descending into chaos, ushering in a power vacuum which attracted smugglers and petty warlords, this sector was within the territory of the Fenris Rangers. However, being ill-equipped to handle the crisis in the sector as the organization had limited resources, the Fenris Rangers withdrew.

When the Fenris Rangers were active in the sector, they helped the residents of planet Vashti with the installation of their planetary defense system. (PIC episode: "Absolute Candor")

Seven of Nine became a member of the organization following her return to the Alpha Quadrant, and was operating as a Fenris Ranger in Qiris when Jean-Luc Picard and associates encountered her in 2399. (PIC episode: "Stardust City Rag")

The first season press kit stated that the Fenris Rangers was "an independent group of peacekeepers who try to maintain a semblance of law and order on both sides of the former Neutral Zone."
In a story from his Instagram account, showrunner Michael Chabon described the Fenris Rangers as a "decentralized, non-hierarchal, quasi-anarchist affiliation of independent operators working in and around the former Neutral Zone, pledged to defend the weak and vulnerable from the predations of the strong and unscrupulous."


In 2399, Seven of Nine sacrificed her ship to defend the La Sirena against Kar Kantar's bird of prey at Vashti. (PIC episode: "Absolute Candor")

Fenris Ranger

Seven's Ranger

In 2411, Seven investigated potential Borg activity in the Traelus system but became engulfed in an Excalbian trial. (STO - "Legacy" mission: "Measure of Morality (Part 1)")

Following the trial's conclusion, Seven had determined that the Orion Syndicate had sabotaged the satellites in the Traelus system. Seven informed a Khitomer Alliance officer on Excalbia that she would ask the Fenris Rangers unofficially to dissuade the Syndicate from tampering with the satellites. (STO - "Legacy" mission: "Measure of Morality (Part 2)")

Alternate timelines[]

In an alternate timeline beset by the temporal anomaly crisis, Fenris Ranger Seven of Nine was pulled into the late 24th century. Around the year 2380, different timelines were interwoven, and Seven joined Starfleet to help Q resolve the temporal anomaly crisis. (ST video game: Timelines January 2021 event: "Convergence Day")



  • Seven of Nine's dual tetryon rifles (2410s)
  • Seven of Nine's pair of Type-3 phaser rifles
  • Seven of Nine's ship (2390s)
  • Rangers calling card chip transponder