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Atlantis Reconnaissance 1
Current members: As of 2394
Former members: As of now
  • Aiden Ford
  • Radek Zelenka
Team type: Flagship
Attached to: Atlantis Expedition
Status: Active (2390s)

The Atlantis Reconnaissance 1 (also known as AR-1) is the flagship team of the Atlantis Expedition, serving the same purpose as their Milky Way counterpart, SG-1, which is the flagship team for Stargate Command.

The team is currently led by Colonel John Sheppard.

Member detail[]

Commanding officers[]

XO (Second officers)[]

Technical officers[]

Research specialists[]

Cultural advisors[]

Alternate realities[]

An alternate version of AR-1 dead

  • In an alternate reality, the team investigated an alternate Daedalus in 2384. They arrived on the ship when they realized that it was jumping to several alternate realities. They were unable to find a solution and return to their reality. They ran out of food and eventually starved to death.
  • In another alternate reality, John Sheppard was dishonourably discharged and therefore never joined the Atlantis expedition. Consequently, AR-1 had a different leader in this reality, though his/her identity is never revealed.

Alternate timelines[]


  • Saved a number of planets from Wraith cullings by evacuating them to Starbase Atlantis or to other planets.
  • Survived a Wraith attack on the city with a total of 15 Wraith Hive ships and their escorts.
  • Converted the Wraith Michael Kenmore into a human on several occasions.
  • Saved an entire colony of people from a super-volcano by evacuating them to either the Daedalus or to the Orion, a severely damaged Ancient warship that was stored on the planet.
  • With the addition of Dr. Elizabeth Weir and Dr. Carson Beckett successfully defeated the Asurans who had taken control of Starbase Atlantis from the crew of the Tria.
  • Saving Earth from the Asurans and the Wraith threat.
  • Defeated the Asurans with a fleet consisting of the Daedalus, the Apollo, several Wraith Hive ships and several Traveler ships.
  • Destroyed the super-hive and saved Earth from Wraith attack.

Planets visited[]

  • Athos
  • Balar
  • Belkan
  • Genii homeworld
  • Proculus
  • P3M-736
  • P6S-221
  • Manaria
  • M1M-316
  • M2S-181
  • M5S-768
  • Olesia
  • Asuras
  • Taranis
  • Thenora
  • Vedeena