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Fleet Captain Pike

2260s fleet captain sleeve insignia

2270s-2350s fleet captain lapel insignia

2350s fleet captain collar insignia

2360s fleet captain collar insignia

2360s fleet captain collar insignia

2370s fleet captain collar insignia

Fleet captain is a rank of officer in naval services and space forces, most notably Federation Starfleet and the Star Navy of the Romulan Star Empire. Fleet captain is an honorary rank, a grade higher than a captain and a grade below a flag officer in most rank structures, although some organizations will refer to a captain as a fleet captain in title only, to show the said captain's seniority over other captains. In the 2250s, Garth of Izar was made a fleet captain, and Christopher Pike was promoted to fleet captain in 2264.


The rank of fleet captain was not traditionally assigned a uniform insignia, however, a rank insignia that was available for Starfleet uniforms in the 2260s could be considered to have an equivalence to the fleet captain grade. The rank system on the uniforms of the time had the possibility of a three-stripe insignia that could be used for fleet captain or vice commodore.

The 'three-stripe' sleeve insignia in the Star Fleet Technical Manual was specified as a commodore's rank, however, canon sources specify a different insignia for commodores. The general equivalence of fleet captain and vice commodore ranks being referred to as 'commodores' makes this insignia a logical usage of the way it was presented in the manual.

24th century[]

In the uniform insignia introduced in the mid-24th century, a captain wears five circular pips as their rank insignia.

Fleet captains[]

Federation Starfleet[]

Klingon Empire[]

  • Krogan

Romulan Star Empire[]

  • T'Kir