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Gracie Hart
Gracie Hart 2388.jpg
Gracie Hart in 2388
Vital statistics
Title Commander
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Federation
Starfleet Intelligence
Status Alive
Location Earth

Gracie Hart is a female Human Starfleet officer who is a Starfleet Intelligence Agent who is forced to go undercover at the worst possible place. A beauty pagent, to stop a criminal from causing a disater. She hates all things girly and thinks that girls in beauty pagents are just brainless airheads that have nothing better to do in their lives.

Early life[]

Gracie was a very tough kid and most likely wanted to become a Starfleet officer or an SI agent. She was not afraid to stand up to bullies or people older then her. But she was not incapable of feelings because she stopped the boy she liked from getting bullied but ended up braking his nose too.

Starfleet Intelligence[]

In 2360 Gracie joined Starfleet Intelligence. Gracie's boss within Starfleet Intelligence is Director Jennifer Shepard.

In 2385, Shepard was replaced as Director of Starfleet Intelligence by Vice Admiral Marta Batanides.

Gracie had to get used to her new Director, Vice Admiral Marta Batanides. Vice Admiral Batanides made Shepard Director of Covert Ops. As of 2388 Shepard is still Director of Covert Ops. By 2389, Shepard was still Director of Covert Ops.