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HMS Enterprise
Enterprise 1787.jpg
Class: frigate
Affiliation: British Empire
Launched: August 24, 1774
Status: Disassembled (August 1807)
Enterprise 1787 hologram.jpg

The HMS Enterprise was an 18th and 19th century Earth seagoing vessel. She was a 28-gun Enterprise-class frigate in service to the British Royal Navy under the command of Captain William Carnegie.

Service history[]

In the year 1787, the Enterprise was located near Gibraltar and assigned to force the French navy in the Atlantic Ocean back to Biscay, Spain. The ship fought through a squall with the help of an ancestor of Montgomery Scott. (TOS comic: "Scotty")


A hologram of the frigate was kept in Montgomery Scott's childhood bedroom in 2231, along with holograms of a Supermarine Spitfire, space shuttle and a freighter. (TOS comic: "Scotty")

Ship's manifest[]



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