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For the mirror universe counterpart, see HMS Enterprize (mirror).
HMS Enterprize
HMS Enterprise
Class: Frigate
Affiliation: British Royal Navy
Launched: 1705
Status: Wrecked (1707)
HMS Enterprise

HMS Enterprize (or HMS Enterprise) was a ship of the British Royal Navy. It was built as a French frigate, originally named L'Entreprize, and was seized by the British in 1705 and rechristened HMS Enterprise. The ship was wrecked in 1707.

The name (with the standardized spelling "Enterprise") was subsequently passed through history to a number of celebrated ocean- and space-going vessels.

The opening credits of Star Trek: Enterprise features an image of a chart from the HMS Enterprize, as well as filmed footage of a sailing ship presumably intended as the same vessel. Of the real-life ships named HMS Enterprise, only the first roughly corresponds to the vessel depicted onscreen.

In 2274, the Sustainer placed James T. Kirk aboard a simulation of the HMS Enterprise. The vessel was captured by a pirate ship with Spock aboard. Kirk shoved Spock out of the way of a falling mast, but it Kirk somehow escaped from it too. When Spock agreed to remain aboard the world-ship Solopziz, the Sustainer stopped trying to kill Kirk. (TOS comic: "A Thousand Deaths")

The crew of USS Enterprise-D were known on occasion to use a holodeck recreation of HMS Enterprize to conduct a combination promotion ceremony and hazing ritual for rising lieutenant commanders, such as with Worf, son of Mogh in 2371. The officer in question was brought from the ship's brig and charged with doing his duties well and earning the respect of the rest of the crew, then made to jump up from a wooden plank to retrieve an officer's hat hanging from a hook above. Worf succeeded in this where no previous officer had, but was then dropped in the water when William T. Riker gave the command to "remove the plank" rather than "retract the plank". (TNG movie: Star Trek Generations)



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