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Helena G. Wells
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Helena G. Wells
Full name: Helena G. Wells
Nickname(s): H.G. Wells
Known aliases: Emily Lake
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Homeworld: Earth
Birthplace: London, England, Earth
Born: July 21, 1866
Temporal Displacement: 1899 to 2379
(temporal rift)
Affiliation: British Empire,
Mother: Mrs. Wells
Father: Mr. Wells
Sibling(s): Charles Wells
Marital Status: Single
Children: Christina Wells
(daughter, d. 1899)
Occupation: agent
Assignment: Starfleet Intelligence

Helena G. Wells is a Human female who lived on Earth between the mid and late-19th century, until she disappeared through a temporal rift.

Early life[]

Helena G. Wells was born on July 21, 1866 in London, England on Earth.

In her life, she was one of the first female inventors and interested in time travel.

Then after her daughter died in 1899, H.G. Wells was going to built a time machine to go back in the past and tried to save her, until she encountered a temporal rift, which caused a temporal displacement and takes her from the year 1899 to the year 2379.