"You should have told me about Helena, you shouldn't have hidden this from me, I had the right to know that I have a daughter, I met her six years ago."
Typhuss James Kira to Selina Kyle, 2389

Helena Kyle is a female Human in the 24th century. Helena is the daughter of Selina Kyle and Typhuss James Halliwell. Helena became a vigilante and member of Team Arrow using Huntress as her codename. Helena is a ally of Team Arrow, Team Flash and a member of the Birds of Prey.

Early life and meeting her fatherEdit

Helena was born on Earth on January 14th, 2350. Helena Kyle was born and raised in the city of New York. Her mother was Selina Kyle, the legendary "queen of the criminal underworld" who went by the pseudonym Catwoman.

Years ago, Selina dated Typhuss James Halliwell and later Selina became pregnant and didn't tell Typhuss that she was pregnant. Selina raised Helena on her own, and Typhuss was unaware that he had a daughter. Helena was born and grew up in the "No Mans" zones of New York City along with her mother Selina, far from the concern of her father. Her mother became one of the infamous "vigilantes" of that region known as "Catwoman." She was known as a vigilante among the inhabitants of the "No Mans" zone because she would steal from the Federation, which was viewed by the inhabitants as a good act. Tired of a violent, poverty-stricken existence filled with doubt and despair, Helena left home one day in 2383 and she encountered her father, Typhuss James Halliwell for the first time and the revelation of her father's identity did serve to bring the two closer together. (Star Trek: Intrepid episode: "Revelations Helena")

The Sanctuary NetworkEdit

In 2386, Helena joined the Sanctuary Network working for Doctor Helen Magnus, Helena discovers a new and strange world that is both unbelievable yet completely plausible to her. While her ideas have put her ahead of her time, she finds the world of "Abnormals" to be fantastical in a way she can ultimately understand. The next year the Sanctuary team abonanded the Old City Sanctuary in order to go into hiding at the new Underground Sanctuary. (Sanctuary)


  • Escapology: Helena is a master of detecting and avoiding traps, as well as picking locks. She has demonstrated the ability to pick the lock on a pair of New Gotham issue handcuffs without even looking at her hands.
  • Hand-to-hand combat (advanced): Helena has advanced hand-to-hand combat abilities. In her own words, "I am the weapon".


  • Anger/lust: Helena's righteous anger and lust for justice may adversely affect her judgment.



  • Micro-transceivers/Signal device: Helena wears a pair of bat-shaped earrings which are actually micro-transceivers that enables her to keep in contact with Barbara. Helena also wears a signal device fastened to a collar that she wears around her neck.
  • Huntress suit: Helena uses the Huntress suit as her heroic alter-ego, Huntress, to hide her identity from her enemies, when she goes out fighting crime.


  • Helena does not employ any conventional weaponry. In her own words, "I am the weapon".