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Series: Star Trek: Intrepid
Written by: Typhuss999, Dragonboy546
Story by: Typhuss999
Teleplay by: Typhuss999, Dragonboy546
Production information
Episode no.: 11x26
First aired: June 23rd, 2019
Date: 2391

Help is the 26th episode in Star Trek: Intrepid season 11.


Typhuss asks Laurel Lance to help him arrest Lex Luthor as a war criminal and Laurel agrees to help Typhuss build a case against Lex. Kira finds out that Typhuss has been working with Earth Two Laurel after Quentin's death, Kira gets mad at Typhuss.



Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]

​Memorable quotes[]

"You have been working with Earth-2 Laurel for five months now, what, you didn't think I would find out, Laurel tried to kill me why would you hide this from me."

Kira to Typhuss

"Because I knew how you would react, Laurel has changed, she isn't a criminal anymore, Laurel is the district attorney of Star City, she is on the path to redemption, Kira that has to count for something."

Typhuss to Kira

"I also found out that the two of you are friends, John also knows that you work with Laurel."

Kira to Typhuss

"I'm trying to see the good in Laurel, I am willing to forgive Laurel for everything she did to me, if you and John don't want to see the good in her that's your choice, even Laurel deserves a second chance."

Typhuss to Kira