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Homeworld Command (formely called Office of Homeworld Security) is a secret branch of the Federation government responsible for the defense of Earth, aslo it is the command oversight of the Stargate Program, and all of its component commands. Its headquarters are located in Arlington County, Virginia, at the Pentagon just outside Washington D.C. Homeworld Command employs a great deal of personnel from military groups such as Starfleet and Starfleet Marines. It also employs many scientists. General O'Neill has an office there, a command/map room, and a communications lab.


Homeworld Security was originally created after the crisis with Shinzon and the Battle of the Bassen Rift. Originally it was under the command of Lieutenant General George S. Hammond, though he retired and Homeworld Command is now commanded by Lieutenant General Jack O'Neill. Several personnel from Stargate Command have transferred over to Homeworld Command. After 27 years, Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman has left the Technician post to be present in Homeworld's command center.

In 2387, Captain Typhuss James Kira joined Homeworld Command to be present in Homeworld's command center, not taking General O'Neill's first offer in 2380 to join Homeworld Command.



Component Commands[]

Homeworld Command components include:


Homeworld Command is a joint command which includes Starfleet personnel, and Starfleet Marine Corps personnel. It also employs many scientists.


Lieutenant General George S. Hammond was appointed as the first administrator of Homeworld Security at the beginning of the 7th year of Stargate Command's operation. Since he had been the commander of Stargate Command (SGC) since the Stargate Program he was the most qualified person to run the new program. After Hammond's retirement, Brigadier General Jack O'Neill became the new commander. O'Neill is the most experienced Starfleet officer to hold this position as the former leader of SG-1 and commander of Stargate Command. Since that time, O'Neill has been promoted to Lieutenant General.

In chronological order, the leaders of Homeworld Command: