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Hunter Zolomon was a meta-human speedster from Earth-2 and Barry Allen's archenemy. Years after witnessing his father murder his mother when he was a child, Hunter became a serial killer. Following the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion, Hunter was affected during electroshock therapy by the dark matter emitted, giving him superhuman speed and various other abilities derived from it. Following this, he escaped and began acting as a supervillain known as Zoom, stylized as the Speed Demon. Later, using Velocity serums, Hunter managed to artificially increase his speed to the point where he could break the dimensional barrier. Having gotten tired of being the villain, Hunter decided to become "the hero" as Jay Garrick/The Flash, stylized as the Crimson Comet, borrowing the name from the speedster he found on another Earth and kept as prisoner. He created the charade in order to instill false hope - hope that would be ripped away.

Discovering the existence of Barry Allen on Earth-1, Hunter traveled to the other Earth and acted as a friend and mentor, apparently training to fight Zoom, but instead forcing to increase Barry's speed to eventually take it for himself. Hunter eventually killed a time remnant of himself to give Barry a reason to avenge "Jay" and increase his speed even further, only for his true identity to be discovered by Team Flash soon after. Shortly after, intending to break Barry emotionally, he murders Henry Allen, thus being indirectly responsible for Barry's timeline change. After losing a race to Barry and attempting to destroy the multiverse, Time Wraiths appeared and imprisoned Hunter in the Speed Force, while reducing him to a decayed spectre-like form known as Black Flash, similar to that of the Time Wraiths.

He returned as a mindless being bound to the will of the Speed Force for all eternity, while hunting down the rogue speedster Eobard Thawne. After Eobard and the Legion of Doom assembled the Spear of Destiny and changed reality, Zolomon was held captive by Eobard in S.T.A.R. Labs. After the timeline was restored, Zolomon chased down a future version of Eobard who had travelled to 1916 to ensure the Legends wouldn't stop him from altering reality with the Spear of Destiny, and killed him, also erasing all of his time remnants he had created and restoring his non existence. He was later sent after Savitar as the latter tried to send fragments of himself through time using the Speed Force, only to be frozen and shattered by Killer Frost.

In the creation of the new multiverse, Zolomon's history was re-written, where he was apparently from Earth-Prime instead and marched on Central City with his meta-human army. However, much like the original multiverse he was ultimately defeated by Team Flash.


Early life[]

Hunter witnesses his mother's death at his father's hands

Hunter was the son of James Zolomon and Ashley Zolomon. When he was 11 years old, Hunter came downstairs to find his father abusing his mother, demanding respect following service in the War of the Americas. Noticing Hunter, James took him in front of Ashley, giving him a silver helmet, forcing him to watch as James murdered Ashley. James was shortly sent to prison, causing Hunter to be sent to an orphanage as none of his relatives wanted to take him in. At some point in his life, Hunter apparently visited the city of Atlantis where one of his best friends originated and admired it as a place one wouldn’t ever want to leave.

Serial killings and obtaining super speed[]

Hunter obtaining his super speed

Hunter claimed he was a scientist with a significant solo operation specializing in chemistry and physics and began working on a way to purify heavy water without residual radiation. But given his deceptive nature it's unknown if any of this is true, though he did display scientific aptitude and he was the one who created the Velocity serums. What is known is that he developed a bloodlust, having been triggered by the events as a child, and became a serial killer. When Hunter was finally arrested he was convicted on 23 counts of murder and sent to the Saint Perez Mental Asylum for the Criminally Insane. But when Harrison Wells' particle accelerator exploded with waves of dark matter were sent through the city, Hunter was affected during daily electroshock therapy, giving him the power of super speed. Still plagued by an incurable bloodlust, Hunter decided to use his powers to terrorize Central City.

Dissatisfied with the speed he already had but to impatient/emotionally damaged to increase it naturally, Hunter sought to increase it and developed one of the first versions of the Velocity serums to drastically increase his speedster might. Hunter, once gaining enough speed, adopted a villainous identity as "Zoom". As one of his first acts of violence, he tricked 15 members of the Central City SCIS Department on Earth Two into a trap to demonstrate his power and how he couldn't be stopped. Zoom viciously murdered all but one officer so that he could live and tell the tale. After that officer relayed the story, Zoom returned to his home that night and killed him as well. The story given by the last surviving officer resulted in Zoom gaining his moniker.

Hunter falsely fighting crime as The Flash

Though successful in making himself faster, the Velocity drug had deadly side-effects and afflicted him with an illness that was killing him. Additionally, the Velocity drug turned Hunter's lightning blue. Desperate to save himself, Hunter set out to find a cure throughout the multiverse regardless of how many people had to die. Around the same time, he also fought with another speedster in attempt to absorb the man's speed. He defeated the speedster and tried to absorb the man's speed but couldn't. So he took the man prisoner and put a mask on that prevented talking. It was this time when he decided to disguise as a hero, to give the people false hope taking the speedster's name and alter ego "Jay Garrick" and cleaned himself up. With this new identity, Hunter assumed the identity "The Flash" operating as a hero. As Flash, he protected Central City from numerous other meta-human criminals including Atom-Smasher, Sand Demon and Dr. Light. He also had a statue built in his honor for his service as The Flash. However, Hunter soon found himself being relentlessly pursued by Time Wraiths, monstrous beings devoted to punishing speedsters who misuse their time-travel powers. Despite this, he still employed the use of time remnants, though he would be more wary of manipulating the timeline.

To maintain control over the city, Zoom sought out almost every metahuman in Central City and forced to serve him, and killed the ones who refused. Among those Zoom employed were Killer Frost, Deathstorm, Reverb, Rupture, King Shark and Black Siren as his enforcers to keep Central City's criminal gangs in line. However, his enforcers were under strict rules not to kill any speedsters they may encounter, a rule if violated was punishable by death.

The Flash publicly accuses Harry for the existence of meta-humans

One day, after learning that Dr. Wells was responsible for the existence of meta-humans, Flash arrived at S.T.A.R. Labs the day Dr. Wells presented several new gadgets designed to detect meta-humans, and accused him directly of his crimes in front of the public. However, Dr. Wells claimed not to know of The Flash's accusations, and the latter was disgusted with Wells not taking responsibility for his mistakes, begging him to make things right and "help" him "stop Zoom". However Dr. Wells, coldly told him everyone in Central City would be safe if he would stop Zoom and The Flash sped off in seeming disgust. The next day Zoom attacked Central City College and kidnapped Harry's daughter Jesse Wells to later blackmail her father into helpig him, imprisoning her in his lair alongside his prisoner. Moments after the kidnapping occured, Hunter quickly returned as "The Flash" to cover up for his "absence".

A "fight" between Flash and Zoom

As claimed by Hunter, on May 19th 2381 while Flash and Zoom "fought", a singularity opened above them and "Jay" was pulled into it and ended up on Earth One.  However, Hunter later implied that he, in truth, simply saw another speedster running in the singularity. 

Being on Earth-1[]

Being a part of Team Flash[]

Atom-Smasher speaks to Zoom

Hunter confirmed the existence of Earth One's Flash and spent the next six months piecing together clues and eventually learned his identity; Barry Allen, along with other details of his life. Knowing that Barry's Speed Force held the answer to curing himself, Hunter plotted to steal it. To expedite Barry's accumulation of Speed, he, as Zoom, began sending meta-human villains from Earth Two to Earth One to fight Barry, ensuring their co-operation by refusing to bring them back to Earth Two until they succeeded in killing him, though in reality Zoom had no intention of allowing Barry to die except by his hand. The first meta-human candidate was Al Rothstein/Atom-Smasher, who Zoom dragged to Earth One via one of the 52 breaches across Central City on Earth One, and promised him safe passage home in exchange for killing Flash, to which he agreed. Hunter also learned the names of Barry's then-current team members; Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, Joe West, Iris West and Martin Stein. As Hunter watched Flash being honored at the "Flash Day" festival, he witnessed Atom-Smasher from his Earth attack Flash.

Hunter introduces himself to Team Flash

Following Atom-Smasher's defeat, Hunter arrived at S.T.A.R. Labs, bypassed their newly installed security, introduced himself, and claimed that their world was in danger. Hunter introduced himself as "Jay Garrick" and explained to the skeptical team that the singularity had, in fact, opened a portal to his Earth through which other meta-humans had traveled, and that in his world he was a speedster named The Flash. Hunter also told them of his "enemy" Zoom and the circumstances of his arrival, but a skeptical Barry asked Jay to be tested to see if he really was a speedster. Hunter did so willingly, and explained his story of being a scientist to Caitlin, but Barry was still skeptical and had Hunter put in the pipeline prison. Hunter agreed to this, but tried to convince Barry that if Zoom had already sent Atom-Smasher, he would send others. Hunter also subjected himself to a full body scan upon Caitlin's request, and was tested on Barry's treadmill. However, Zoom also brought Sand Demon over with the same offer he made Atom-Smasher, to kill the Flash and he'd return him home and Sand Demon agreed. Once Sand Demon attacked Barry, Hunter offered his help to the team. However, Barry declined, believing they didn't need his help, and Hunter was locked back up in the pipeline.

Hunter tells Barry that he's different from Barry's previous mentor

After Sand Demon abducted Patty Spivot, Barry was finally forced to listen to Hunter and release him, and he told them Sand Demon's methods of attack; causing a diversion then attacking while the target is distracted. Hunter also told them Barry was going to defeat Sand Demon by harnessing the lightning that radiated from him while running, and hurling it at Sand Demon to turn him to glass. Hunter begun teaching Barry but after an hour Barry had no luck in hitting his target and Barry believed he couldn't do it, though Hunter insisted that he could. However, Barry told Hunter of his previous mentor, a man he idolized, who taught him how to get faster and stronger but was also the man who murdered his mother. Hunter expressed his sympathies but insisted he wasn't the same guy. Cisco and Professor Stein informed Hunter and Barry of Sand Demon's location and Barry suggested using Hunter as a distraction since Sand Demon was unaware of his lack of speed. When asked if Hunter had his suit, he confirmed, except his helmet, and Barry confirmed it was the same one that came through the portal 6 months before. Finally believing Hunter, he and Barry suited up and headed to Sand Demon's location.

Barry and Hunter approach Patty Spivot

Flash (Barry) sped Flash (Hunter) into the greenhouse where Sand Demon was surprised to see his Earth's Flash alive and engaged him, despite lacking his speed, and Flash distracted Sand Demon in order for the other Flash to rescue Patty. Sand Demon started choking Flash (Hunter), while Flash (Barry) used his super speed to kill Sand Demon as he was taught, and both Flashes came to Patty's aid. Hunter was tended to by Caitlin and confessed to missing his speed and Barry thanked him for his help and apologized for his lack of trust. Hunter equally commended Barry for his efforts in taking down Sand Demon but worried that Zoom would not be so easily defeated, since he claimed to have spent two years searching for Zoom, with no success and explained that his hate for Barry comes from his obsession with wanting to be the only speedster in the multiverse. Professor Stein was able to confirm the location of the largest breach from the singularity beneath S.T.A.R. Labs but Stein collapsed and Hunter tended to him.

Hunter starts to fall in love with Caitlin

After admitting Stein to the hospital, Hunter studied the breach in S.T.A.R. Labs but was unable to successfully pass anything into it, instead anything that touched it bounced back off, even Barry at high speed wasn't able to breach the portal. As Hunter continued his work he confided in Caitlin his worry of what he’d do once he returned home without his speed, admitting to having enjoyed the rush of speed, but Caitlin insisted that Hunter's scientific expertise were just as important as his speed. Later after finally fixing the portal's alignment Hunter decided it was time to head home to learn what Zoom was plotting and how he stole his speed, but Caitlin insisted Hunter could look for Zoom on their Earth and Barry further noted he could use more speed tips. After consideration Hunter agreed to stay until Zoom was defeated. After Slick's defeat Zoom sent in "King Shark" from his world to kill Flash.

Hunter confronts Harry

Hunter was informed of Dr. Wells from Earth Two arriving at S.T.A.R. Labs and Hunter arrived in time to hear his plan to capture Dr. Light and use her to lure Zoom to S.T.A.R. Labs, but "Jay" immediately scolded Wells for his plan. Wells was surprised to see Hunter alive but mockingly accused him of hiding from Zoom, but Hunter told him the circumstances of his arrival, yet Wells wasn't entirely convinced, causing the two to argue. Eventually Barry intervened stating they needed to focus on catching Dr. Light in order for their plan to work. After facing Dr. Light, Barry was blinded by her powers and Wells scolded Barry for trying to talk rather than fight her, but Hunter defended Barry who elaborated that Dr. Light looked exactly like his ex-girlfriend Linda Park. Out of concern Barry tried to leave to warn Earth One Linda about Earth Two Linda but repeatedly walked right into walls, as Hunter told Barry he was to stay put until his sight returned and he and Caitlin left to warn Linda.

Hunter and Caitlin nearly share a kiss

Hunter and Caitlin staked out in a shuttle and discussed Hunter's "history" with Zoom where he claimed that Zoom scared him, "admitting" to not facing Zoom sometimes when he should have. Despite Caitlin insisting he and Wells talk, Hunter claimed that Wells couldn’t be trusted, since he happily profited from meta-human activities, but knew something had changed in him. As Hunter and Caitlin continued to talk the two almost shared a kiss before Dr. Light wrecked the shuttle they were in, knocking Hunter and Caitlin out. Hunter regained consciousness and arrived at Central City Picture News too late to save Linda’s boss, Eric Larkin, but the very sight of Hunter made the Earth Two Linda too scared to murder Earth One Linda and fled.

Hunter punches Harry

As Caitlin tended to Hunter he apologized to Barry for underestimating Dr. Light but Wells only further scolded Hunter, claiming that his doubt puts Barry at doubt and that he is ready to face Zoom. Furthermore, Wells claimed that "Jay" didn’t hunt Zoom but was the one to be hunted, and Hunter "admitted" to being terrified of Zoom, but stood his ground that Barry facing Zoom now would only result in his death. After Harrison called "Jay" a coward the two got into a heated fight which was only broken up by Barry. Hunter was present when Harrison announced his plan to find Dr. Light was to give Light’s helmet to Cisco, revealing he was secretly a meta-human. After some effort Cisco used his powers of astral projection to find Dr. Light at the train station. At the station Flash asked Hunter for advice but he was unsure of how to beat Light until Dr. Wells told him how to create speed mirages, but he initially was unsuccessful. Hunter however insisted Barry could do it, stating he was a better speedster and hero than he ever was, and with this inspiration Barry was able to beat Light.

Zoom interrogates Jesse

Returning to Earth Two, Zoom taunted Jesse of her father's disappearance. However she didn't believe him and knew her father would find her and kill him, but Zoom mocked Jesse's convictions and simply reminded her that the fates of her and her father were still undecided and sped off. "Learning" that Wells had gone to Earth One, Zoom returned and interrogated Jesse to find out why, but she tearfully stressed that she didn't know. Zoom, who actually knew the answer due to his confrontation with Harry as "Jay", commended her loyalty before torturing her.

With Dr. Light secured in the Pipeline, Barry decided to go through with Dr. Wells' plan. Hunter, however, protested against it, declaring it too dangerous; when Barry declared his faith in his team to gain victory, Hunter announced that he wanted no part in that, declaring that he didn't want to help Barry meet his death. Before leaving, though, he warned S.T.A.R Labs that his Wells was just as secretive as theirs.

First confrontation with The Flash[]

Zoom terrifying Linda

Zoom's meta-human plans took an unexpected turn when he was contacted by Dr. Light who claimed to have killed Flash and threw his emblem through one of the breaches as proof. Zoom however realized it was the Earth One Linda posing as her Earth Two double and easily saw through the deception easily and did not take the bait, choosing instead to bide his time. Once Team Flash had let their guards down, Zoom really did come through to Earth One and arrived right in front of Linda and simply stared at her for several moments as she became terrified, and took her to the roof of the S.T.A.R. Labs where he was confronted by Flash.

Zoom fights The Flash

Sadistically mocking Flash's failed attempt to deceive him, Zoom dropped Linda off the edge of the roof but Flash raced to the bottom followed close behind by Zoom and caught her with a wind-funnel before turning to face Zoom head-on. Flash then turned and raced around the S.T.A.R. Labs building, building up his speed-lightning before firing a bolt at Zoom who, to Flash's horror, jumped into the air, grabbed the lightning bolt in a somersault and hurled it right back at Flash with even greater force, scoring a direct hit. Desperate to regain control of the fight, Barry attempted to outmaneuver Zoom by forcing him into a free fall from a high altitude where Zoom's superior speed was neutralized but Zoom simply reversed the move and instead landed on top of Barry.

Zoom displays the Flash's defeated body to Central City

Zoom then proceeded to brutally and savagely pulverize Flash at high speed before finishing with a devastating blow to Flash's spine, dislocating a portion of his spinal-column and temporarily paralyzing him. As Zoom stood triumphant over Flash's body, Well's attempted to shoot Zoom with a dart filled with the speed-dampening serum only for Zoom to catch it and jammed both darts into Flash's chest. This combined with the severe trauma and paralysis caused Barry to lose consciousness. Zoom then turned his head to Wells and told Harry he was next before speeding off with Flash's body.

Zoom holding Barry by the throat

Zoom dragged the limp, battered and bleeding body of The Flash across Central City to the news office and SCIS station to showcase his victory and declaring that the days of the Flash protecting Central City were over. He then returned to S.T.A.R. Labs with Barry to confront Harry and the team. Derisively mocking Wells for believing Barry stood a chance of defeating him, Zoom stabbed Barry with one of his claws before bidding him farewell. Drunk with victory and in the midst of gloating, Zoom was distracted long enough for Cisco to shoot him in the neck with a speed-dampening dart. Bellowing in agony, Zoom temporarily collapsed on the floor before recovering in mere seconds and raced away.

Getting close with Caitlin Snow[]

Hunter after saving Harry's life, reluctantly forced to use Velocity-6 to do so

After Caitlin and Dr. Wells successfully developed Velocity 6 like Hunter once did, they called Hunter to S.T.A.R. Labs and explained that they wished to test the drug on him, as a subject who had been connected to the Speed Force. Hunter sternly refused, saying that the Speed Force could not be lab-made and the drug's effects could not be predicted, and warned Caitlin not to let Barry use the serum. After Wells was shot by Patty Spivot, Hunter was recalled by Caitlin and, to save his life, he reluctantly took the Velocity 6 to phase through Harrison's chest and remove the bullet. Wells thanked Hunter for saving his life but Hunter, other than saying he would never take the drug again, retorted that he could thank him by keeping Velocity 6 away from Barry.

Zoom makes Harry an offer

Unbeknownst to Team Flash, Hunter returned as Zoom in December shortly before Christmas, and offered Harry a mysterious deal in exchange for Wells assistance, to which Wells did not respond. Zoom sadistically pursued Wells throughout the Star Labs facility for amusement before cornering and disarming him. Holding Wells by the throat, Zoom's only words were "Merry Christmas" before racing away. In his identity as "Jay", he and Caitlin then worked on a way to close the other 51 breaches outside the S.T.A.R. Labs breach, therefore limiting the number of meta-humans he could bring through. As they talked Hunter and Caitlin playfully flirted with each other, Hunter sarcastically asking what Christmas is with Caitlin giving a very awkward and broad explanation only for Hunter to admit there was Christmas on Earth-2.

Hunter and Caitlin spend time on Christmas together

When Captain Cold, Weather Wizard and the Trickster escaped prison Hunter helped Caitlin develop another version of Cisco's undeveloped Wizard's Wand (which he built in an alternate timeline that was erased and, therefore, never did). When the Trickster made a citywide broadcast to Barry challenging him Hunter noticed a reflection in his eye, and noted it was a stuffed children's toy and narrowed down that Trickster was in an abandoned toy factory. Shortly thereafter, Zoom confronted Wells for a second time to demand an answer but Wells begged for more time, which Zoom reluctantly granted and returned to Earth Two. During Barry's second attempt to get the Trickster and Weather Wizard, Hunter helped Wells and Cisco remove all the bombs he hid within children's presents across the city, using one of the breaches and pulling them all in. Later Hunter attended Joe and Iris' Christmas party with everyone else where he and Caitlin kissed under mistletoe.

Zoom brings Jesse to extort Harry

In the wake of Flash's victory over Weather Wizard and the Trickster, Zoom met by Wells, who demanded to see his daughter alive and well before anything else. Zoom consented and brought Jesse over, allowing Wells to see and talk to her briefly before super speeding her away again. Wells declared that he had figured out Zoom's master plan; to fatten up Barry with speed so that Zoom could take it all from him. Zoom confirmed it and asked for Wells' answer. Left with no other options, Wells reluctantly agreed to help Zoom steal Barry's speed in exchange for his daughter.

Hunter and Caitlin drink together

Hunter was present when Cisco briefed the team on Russell Glosson, which he named "the Turtle"; he was intrigued by the possibility of using his powers to slow down Zoom. When Barry failed in preventing the Turtle's new theft, Hunter seemed lost in thought; when asked by Caitlin, he answered he was thinking on how hard it was to assist to these things without remembering how he could no longer help others. Caitlin told him they could devise some way to get his speed back, but he said that when he arrived on Earth One. The first thing he tried was exactly that, and whatever tests she had in mind, he had already done. When the team figured out that the next target for the Turtle would be an event that night at the Central City Museum, Hunter and Caitlin went with him, but the Turtle was able to foil Flash yet again.

Hunter admits he's dying

After the team reconvened at S.T.A.R. Labs, Hunter asked if he could speak to Caitlin for a second, and shared with her some champagne (as she hadn't had hers at the event). After Barry managed to defeat and lock up the Turtle, Caitlin reached Hunter and informed him that she knew - she had collected his DNA from the champagne and she had realized he was sick with a terminal illness; she asked Hunter how he could let them get close, knowing that soon he would die, and he answered that he didn't expect to fall in love with her. Caitlin asked him to find a cure then, but Hunter said that the only way for him to live was to regain his speed, and for that they would need to defeat Zoom; she then said that they should get started.

Hunter shows Caitlin his Earth One counterpart, to explain why there's no "Jay Garrick" on Earth One

Hunter and Caitlin both found that the Turtle was dead; he was suspicious about Wells, since it seemed he had died the same night they had brought him in. Wells denied this, asking him why he would kill a man potentially capable to stop Zoom, and Hunter retorted he could never figure out Wells' motives; Barry stopped the argument, although to Caitlin "Jay" commented that every time he thought Wells was on their side, something happened that made him doubt that. Caitlin later shared the news of Hunter's sickness with Barry , saying that he was affected by Zoom stealing his speed at a cellular levels, and therefore they could replace his dying cells with healthy, identical ones; for that, they needed his Earth One doppelgänger. However, both Barry and Caitlin couldn't find a Jay Garrick in this reality, to their puzzlement; he then suggested her to just ask Hunter about it. Caitlin met with Hunter and, after recounting her dad's fight against his own terminal sickness to explain her obsession with helping him, told him he could not find his doppelgänger; he said there was a good reason, and to meet him at Hofherr Park the day after to find out. While there, Hunter told her he had had the same thought, and was just as confused when he couldn't find any "Jay Garrick" of Earth One, but eventually he found him; pointing him out, he said his name was Hunter Zolomon, and claiming that this Hunter was an orphaned "Jay Garrick" adopted by the Zolomons. When Caitlin asked him why Hunter One couldn't help out, Hunter Two told her that his DNA had been mutated when he obtained his powers, and that the final conclusion was that the only thing that could reverse his sickness was defeating Zoom and having his speed restored. In reality Hunter showed Caitlin his Earth One doppelganger in an attempt to get her to stop trying to help him, and to give her an explanation of his own on why his doppelganger wasn't named "Jay Garrick", thus preventing Caitlin from realizing that the man she knows is not actually "Jay Garrick". This slip-up later allowed Team Flash, with the help of Harry's Earth Two knowledge, to find the clues to Zoom's true identity as Hunter Zolomon, a serial killer from Earth-2.

Zoom gains 2% of Flash's Speed Force energy

After installing a speed-force draining-device underneath the emblem on Flash's suit, Wells managed to siphon off roughly 2% of Flash's overall speed-force supply and stored it in a S.T.A.R. Labs injection gun. Later, Wells met secretly with Zoom and handed over the stolen Speed-Force, which Zoom then injected into himself. Wells attempted to swindle Zoom by demanding the return of his daughter before he gave Zoom the rest of Flash's speed but Zoom was not fooled, rammed a claw into Wells shoulder and reiterated that Wells wouldn't get his daughter back until he had stolen and delivered the rest of Flash's speed to him, threatening to torture her to the brink of death every day that passed instead of killing her. Leaving Wells on the ground, Zoom raced away and returned to Earth-2.

Crisis of two Earths[]

The Flash fights Geomancer

When Barry, Cisco, and Wells traveled to Earth-2, Caitlin, and Joe remained to protect the city. After a meta human named Geomancer began attacking the city in an effort to draw out the Scarlet Speedster, Joe and Caitlin believe it's time for Hunter to take Velocity 6 again. Hunter, fearing the drug for what it's done to him, initially refuses but after telling Caitlin about Zoom not really taking his speed but rather the drug being the culprit, he is encouraged by Caitlin's loving support and together they formulated Velocity 7, which gave Hunter his speed back temporarily to confront Geomancer but his speed disappeared in the middle of their fight, resulting in Hunter at Geomancer's mercy. However, Joe shot at Geomancer, injuring him and forcing him to flee. Later, while Caitlin tends to his wounds, they discuss the short-lived success of Velocity 7 and plan to work immediately on Velocity 8.

Zoom kills Reverb for disobeying orders

Noticing the presence of the Flash, Reverb decided to contact Zoom and inform him that a new speedster had appeared on Earth-2. Zoom already knew it was Barry and, following the plan made with his time remnant, decided to take advantage and in secret set up an ambush for the speedster using Killer Frost, Deathstorm and Reverb as an enticement/bait for the Flash. When Zoom finally arrived to enact the ambush, he was enraged to find Reverb and Deathstorm pummeling the an unconscious Flash repeatedly against his direct orders that any speedsters found were not to be harmed. As punishment, Zoom brutally murdered both Reverb and Deathstorm but spared Killer Frost's life because she in fact had obeyed his commands. Zoom then scooped up the unconscious Flash, raced back to his lair and sealed Flash in a glass prison nearby Jesse. When Barry finally regained consciousness, Zoom returned to his lair just as Barry promised Jesse that he would get her out. Confronting the captive speedster, Zoom sadistically reminded him not to make promises he couldn't keep.

The Flash after saving people on Geomancer's attack

Hunter later learned that the Velocity 7 caused more cellular degeneration, though Hunter told Caitlin he had faith the next batch won't do harm. Later, Iris asked him if she could write an article on him. Hunter was reluctant at first but eventually agreed. Soon after, Geomancer caused tremors and collapsed a hospital. Hunter took the next Velocity serum and rescued the people at the hospital. When he returned, Iris told him she had everything she needed for her article. Hunter then took a "nap", but presumably actually traveled to Earth Two, realizing that he can't maintain his identities on two Earths at the same time. Hunter then created a time remnant and convinced it to be killed as part of his plan to push Barry to get faster. The time remnant was then sent to Earth One, to explain Hunter's disappearance with the "nap" and assist Caitlin with closing the breach.

Zoom thanks Killer Frost for leading Team Flash to him

Zoom then confronted his prisoners, telling the man in the iron mask to stop making contact with Jesse and the Flash. Zoom then phased through Barry's cell and beat him down, before leaving. When Wells, Cisco, Killer Frost and Earth Two Barry and Iris rescue the prisoners, Zoom arrived and thanked Killer Frost for leading them to him. Zoom then went to kill Jesse before being betrayed by Killer Frost, who took her revenge on him for killing Ronnie.

Zoom kills his time remnant

Zoom escaped Killer Frost's attack and made it to S.T.A.R. Labs before Barry could bring Wells over. Zoom was temporarily stunned by Wells but made it through the breach in time to kill his time remnant. When Hunter arrived back to Earth Two, he dumped his time remnant to the ground, claiming the situation to be a complication. Additionally, now being closed off from Earth One, Zoom imprisoned Killer Frost rather than kill her due to looking exactly like Caitlin, who Hunter had genuinely fallen in love with during his masquerade as "Jay Garrick" on Earth One.

Identity revealed[]

Hunter confronted by Barry

For six weeks, Hunter waited for Cisco to open a breach. One day, Hunter felt a breach being opened. He raced to where this was occurring and watched as a breach was being opened, but was disappointed when Cisco abruptly stopped. When Cisco opened a breach once again, Zoom made his way over. Zoom told Flash they made a mistake and the two raced over to S.T.A.R. Labs. Hunter then noted that Flash had gotten much faster, which would give him more speed to steal. Barry and Zoom quickly fought but Zoom hesitated as Flash set up cutouts of his parents. With Zoom briefly distracted, Zoom was shot by Flash with the B.O.O.T. With Hunter subdued and unmasked, Hunter asked how Barry knew his past. Barry then told him he made a mistake by revealing to Caitlin who his doppelgänger was. When Hunter asked how he knew he was Zoom, Barry revealed he was aware that Velocity serums turn a speedster's lightning blue if they run fast enough. Hunter noted Barry was clever to use his family against him and that family is a weakness. Hunter then told Barry that he couldn't lock the darkness up before breaking out and speeding off.

Hunter absorbing Barry's speed

Following Barry's move, Zoom kidnapped Wally West and brought him to his lair on Earth Two. Zoom was then contacted by Vibe, who told him Barry would give up his speed. Zoom made his way back to Earth One, with Wally. Once he passed Wally over, Hunter had Harrison Wells make preparations, the latter of which promised to knock his smug face off one day. Hunter then explained that the "Jay" he killed was his time remnant rather than a speed mirage, explaining that he realized he needed to be on both Earths once Barry closed all the breaches and went to Earth Two. Hunter also told them that he enjoys pretending to be a hero so he could rip hope away from everyone, though Hunter was called a monster, by Caitlin, the very words his father was called. Once Barry ran on the treadmill and his speed absorbed, Hunter injected the vial with Barry's speed and cured himself. Hunter then thanked Barry as he held him against a wall, ready to give him death in return. However, just as Hunter was about to deal the killing blow, Caitlin told Hunter if there was a piece of humanity left in him, if he really loved her, he wouldn't kill Barry. Hunter then dropped Barry before kidnapping Caitlin.

Zoom kills Killer Frost to protect Caitlin

Through vibing, Cisco was able to determine that Zoom had taken Caitlin back to his mountain-top lair and tried to sway her into siding with him to no avail. Undaunted, Hunter allowed her to roam freely in the lair knowing that she couldn't escape while he attended to other business. When Zoom finally did return, he found Caitlin under attack from her Earth Two counterpart Killer Frost after being tricked into breaking her out. Wasting no time, Zoom literally ran in "through" Caitlin (using his speed to become temporarily intangible), grabbed the icicle Frost had fired at Caitlin out of the air and ruthlessly stabbed Frost in the stomach with it, killing her instantly while sadistically remarking that he did not need her anymore. Turning to Caitlin, he warned her that if she tried to escape again, he would kill the man in the iron mask. Zoom subsequently chained Caitlin to a bed and tried again to reason with her but she would not listen. He then revealed to her his future plans; to conquer more Earths like did with Earth Two, starting with Earth One, before speeding off with her.

Earth-1 Invasion[]

Zoom arrives at the SCIS

Arriving back on Earth-1, Zoom went to the SCIS, mocking Joe by greeting him as an "old friend" and declaring this city now under his control. When the SCIS were about to retaliate, he reminded them that their phasers are useless against him. Caitlin managed to convince Zoom not to kill them and he agreed, warning that if they tried anything, they would all meet their end. Afterwards, he chained Caitlin to a desk within the SCIS department. When she questioned if his plan was to kill everyone, Hunter said not everyone as he wants to spare Caitlin due to his love for her. When she asks why he needs her, he gets a flashback of his mother's death and everything that followed and states he needs her because he doesn't want to be alone ever again.

Zoom talks to Rupture

As part of his plan for invasion Zoom brought Rupture over. Later, he met up with Rupture to see if he killed Cisco, as Zoom managed to convince Dante's doppelganger that Vibe had killed his brother Reverb. Rupture failed but when he said would find him and get justice, Zoom told him to wait for now as he needed him to set an example and ordered him to go to Jitters and kill the police. After he left, Hunter sensed Caitlin's disapproval with his plan and she then asked if he wore the mask to scare people. This prompted another flashback of his rehabilitation back on his Earth and his desperation to convince his doctors that he wasn't a monster. However, it appears he moved past that as he coldly reminded Caitlin in his demonic voice that she said he was "nothing but a monster" then speeded off. Caitlin managed to get a phone and warn Team Flash of what is to come at Jitters. Utilizing that information, they set up trap for Rupture, using the Flash hologram to distract him and then depowering him with the Boot. The victory was short lived as Hunter saw the news report of Rupture's failure and quickly deduced that Caitlin had betrayed him by telling Team Flash his plan. She reminded him that he didn't keep his promise of sparing lives, and Zoom declared darkly that they were even then and sped off to Jitters.

Once arriving there, he demonstrated his immense speed by snapping the neck of the camera man and every SCIS officers in the vicinity in mere seconds, only sparing Joe and Captain Singh due to his affection for Caitlin. When Barry came in as Zoom throttled Singh for going against their agreement of not trying anything against him, Barry told him he proved enough. Zoom wasn't done however and after tossing Singh aside, he fatally stabbed Rupture with his claws and declared him just as worthless as his brother. Taking a camera, he told everyone watching that there was no Flash, just a hologram and that nothing can save them now from him taking over the city. Having made his point, he sped off. When Barry was trying to get his speed back by recreating the particle accelerator explosion, Hunter watched a bolt of lightning strike S.T.A.R. Labs and grew angry at the possibility his enemy would return. He quickly ran off to try to stop the return of The Flash. However, when he arrived, it appeared that Barry had died. Zoom mocked Team Flash for trying to bring back their beloved hero, instead killing him. Satisfied, Zoom sped off.

Zoom gathers his meta-human allies on Earth One

While Team Flash was busy with bringing Barry Allen, trapped in the Speed Force, back to life, Zoom was gathering the Earth Two meta-humans on Earth One. Tired with Caitlin's anger at him, he's given her a choice: stay with him and be safe, or go back to Team Flash, only to be treated with the same "mercy" as its other members should they meet Zoom again. After delivering his ultimatum, Hunter left Caitlin alone in her room. She stayed back and listened as Zoom delivered a speech before his meta-human "brothers and sisters", urging them to take Earth One from normal humans.

Once the city was in the ‘Metapocalypse’ Hunter left a sign for Barry to find on the SCIS department building, of his lightning bolt insignia. After Barry’s arrival, Zolomon mentions how naive Barry, not seeing his mother’s murder. He told Barry that he was unable to beat him, because he had to save innocent people, and that was his weakness. To prove his point, a building starts collapsing across the street, and Barry goes to save all the people in the building. Later, Hunter was visited by Laurel Lance, who mentioned she saw and fought The Flash. Hunter urges her to knock down more building, as that is her strength, in order to distract The Flash and his team. After Team Flash turned on their Pulse weapon, Zoom, along with all his minions, felt the effects of it. However, Zoom was able to quickly make a portal in order to escape to Earth Two.

Shortly after, Zoom came back to Earth One and kidnapped Henry Allen, though Barry quickly chased after him, bringing him to his childhood home. Despite Barry efforts to make him let Henry go, Hunter wishes for Barry to be "like him", so Hunter kills Henry in front of Barry. In a fit of rage and grief, Barry viciously attacked Hunter who gleefully cheered him on, daring Barry to kill him. The two then engaged in a high-speed chase-fight throughout Central City, during which Zoom took a quick detour to surreptitiously create another time remnant, which continued the chase while the real Zoom disappeared. The violent chase finally culminated in Barry bringing down the time remnant Hunter in an alley-way and preparing to finish him off. Hunter once more dared Barry to give into his rage and kill him (Hunter), baiting him more and more but Barry still could not bring himself to do so. Suddenly, the real Hunter appeared out of nowhere and killed the time remnant in front of the shocked Flash. Declaring that Barry was almost ready, Zoom swatted Barry aside and raced away.

Race for the Multiverse[]

Hunter later ran by Barry's house to entice him to chase after him. Once Barry caught up to him, Hunter challenged Barry to a do-or-die final race between them to ostensibly establish who truly was the fastest man alive but in reality Hunter's plan was to use his and the Flash's energy to create a multi-verse doomsday event through a Mercury Labs Magnetar, which would leave Earth One as the only Earth left standing. Unbeknownst to Zoom however, the Flash's allies refused to allow Barry to race, locked him in the Pipeline and instead attempted to trap Zoom on their own, which resulted in Zoom and Joe West being sent back to Earth Two. Zoom subsequently imprisoned Joe in his Earth Two lair, where in the midst of explaining his past, he revealed the identity of the man in the iron mask as the real Jay Garrick, a veteran speedster from Earth Three. It wasn't long however before Barry contacted Zoom through Vibe's powers and agreed to the race on condition that he bring and release Joe.

Zoom and The Flash prepare to race

Zoom and Barry met at the Mercury Labs Magnetar and, after a short talk, began their race around the Magnetar, with Zoom just about edging out Barry. However, in his arrogance, Zoom did not notice Barry traveling mere moments through time during the race, creating a time remnant. While the remnant continued the race, Barry jumped off the Magnetar and freed Joe. Enraged that he had been duped by one of his own tricks, Zoom leaped off the Magnetar and attacked Barry, all the while bragging that it was too late to stop the energy buildup anyway. Zoom's arrogance was to be his downfall as the Flash time remnant, who was still on the Magnetar, was able to reverse the energy buildup, though he had to sacrifice his life to do so. Barry then subjected Zoom to a vicious beat-down, culminating with him shattering Zoom's mask.

Time Wraiths transform Hunter into an enforcer of the Speed Force known as the Black Flash

As he lay bleeding on the ground, Hunter derisively declared that Barry, as a hero, would not kill him. Barry coldly stated that he didn't have to and looked over his shoulder to see a pair of Time Wraiths emerge out of the Speed Force. Badly beaten and weakened from the race, Hunter could only scream in terror as the Time Wraiths surrounded him and began forcibly transforming him into a demonic-looking skeletal being, changing the lightning-bolt emblem of his costume red as well as it's outline and the earpieces, turning the emblem circle white and turning his speed lightning red. The Time Wraiths then reopened their portal and dragged the decaying form of Zoom into the Speed Force.

Black Flash[]

Becoming the enforcer[]

Hunter's ultimate fate upon being dragged by the Time Wraiths back into the Speed Force is unknown but whatever punishment he endured caused him to lose his remaining sanity, and decayed his body to an undead state similar to that of the Wraiths. Condemned to serve the will of the Speed Force for all time, he was transformed into the "Black Flash"; a savage, demonic speedster driven by a lust to kill and operating on a newfound ability to sense the use of the Speed Force by other speedsters. He finally emerged out of the Speed Force as a monstrous speedster-hunter set on bringing down all the speedster in the multiverse who mess with time.

Hunting Reverse-Flash[]

The Speed Force continued sending the Black Flash after the Reverse-Flash ever since he and Barry Allen returned to 2389 following the erasing of Flashpoint, to a worl where Eobard Thawne wasn't supposed to exist and therefore was a paradoxical threat. As soon as Eobard parted ways with Barry he was beset and outmatched by the demonic speedster who proceeded to track him relentlessly across time. However, Eobard was able to build an alarm to go off whenever the Black Flash was near.

Black Flash faces Eobard

The Black Flash eventually sensed Eobard's presence in 1927 but the rogue speedster fled before he could find him. Later the Black Flash tracked Eobard Thawne and his associates, Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn, to a bank in Zurich in January 2425. The Black Flash blindly charged in and searched the entire bank but could not lock onto Eobard since he was repressing his use of Speed Force and was thus unseen to Black Flash, although the spectral speedster could still sense his target was still in the bank. As the Black Flash began to close in on Eobard's location Malcolm and Damien distracted him with arrows and swords as Eobard sped punched him into a bank safe, which Malcolm sealed shut. Knowing the Black Flash wouldn't remain imprisoned for long, Thawne and his associates fled.

Reuniting with Barry[]

Black Flash confronts the Flash in the Speed Force.

Eventually, the Black Flash escaped from the bank vault and continued his hunt for the Reverse-Flash but was unexpectedly recalled back to the Speed Force by his masters. Endeavoring to save Wally West, Barry Allen had entered the Speed Force to rescue him. The Speed Force refused to let him do so and unleashed the Black Flash against him. The demonic speedster viciously battled the Flash throughout the Speed Force vision of S.T.A.R. Labs during which Barry immediately noticed Zolomon and attempted to escape in an elevator. The Black Flash grabbed Barry before he could and hurled him back out, pinning him to the ground. The Speed Force representative told Barry of what he had to do to save Wally and gave him a final ultimatum, whereupon the Black Flash began draining Barry's life-force. Understanding, Barry severed his tether to the real world by removing his chest emblem and slamming it onto the Black Flash's chest, banishing him temporarily in a blast of white light.

Continuing the hunt[]

After his fight with Barry, the Black Flash continued his hunt for Thawne. After Eobard escaped the Waverider's brig and was about to go search for the fourth piece of the Spear of Destiny, Ray Palmer showed up and was able to distract Thawne long enough for the Black Flash to get close enough for Eobard's watch to detect him. Having no time to look for the fragment, the Reverse-Flash fled before the Black Flash showed up.

Black Flash imprisoned by Eobard

When the Legion of Doom was able to acquire the Spear of Destiny, they used it to rewrite reality itself and changed their destinies. Eobard likely attempted to reverse his paradoxical status but this proved futile as Black Flash continued to exist in the new reality. In order to neutralize its threat, Eobard imprisoned Black Flash in a hidden cell located in the cortex of the new reality's S.T.A.R. Labs. Though the Black Flash tried relentlessly to break out, Eobard was sure that he would eventually give up altogether.

Black Flash erases Eobard from existence

The Black Flash was eventually released from his captivity when Sara Lance used the Spear of Destiny to neutralize its own powers, causing the Legion of Doom's alternate reality to be erased from existence, whereupon the Black Flash sprinted to Eobard's location in 1916. Eobard, blinded by his arrogance, had abandoned his early-warning system in the alternate reality and therefore did not realize the Black Flash was close until it was too late. Looking on in horror as the black-clad spectral speedster appeared on the horizon, the Reverse-Flash attempted to flee but the Black Flash caught up to him in a split second, seized him by the throat, and viciously phased his hand through Eobard's chest, obliterating his heart and erasing him and his time remnants from existence. Stopping briefly before Sara Lance, the Black Flash roared in her face before racing away, having fulfilled the will of the Speed Force.

Trying to erase Savitar and destruction[]

Black Flash going after Savitar

The Speed Force later sent the Black Flash after the rogue time remnant of Barry Allen, Savitar, who was trying to splice himself across all of time by opening a Speed Force portal and using an ID Splicer. Determined to stop Savitar, the Speed Force quickly deployed the Black Flash to erase him from existence. However, Savitar knew that the Black Flash will be after him and brought Killer Frost to help him stop the demonic speedster. As the Black Flash burst out of the Speed Force, he was immediately beset by Killer Frost, though he dodged her attacks easily. The Black Flash sped towards the two roaring like a wild animal and lunged for Savitar, only for Killer Frost to hit him with another cold blast, freezing and shattering the demonic speedster.


Original multiverse[]

Zoom's actions in killing Henry resulted in Barry creating the Flashpoint timeline to not live with the pain of losing both his parents. Barry would return the timeline to how it was after seeing what his decision did to his loved ones. But, it caused major changes to some members of the teams' lives. The creation of Flashpoint also resulted in Savitar travelling to 2389 and battling Team Flash making Zoom indirectly responsible for Savitar's exisistence.

Zoom would be remembered greatly by those he had the most impact on. When Wally received speedster powers because of Barry's timeline changes, Barry drew inspirations from past mentors to train Wally, including Zolomon. Harry would learn from his battles with Zoom and how he was willing to kill him to save Jesse. When Barry was thinking of killing Grodd, Harry talked him out of it, drawing inspiration from his mistakes involving Zoom. Having always been one step behind Zoom, Thawne, and Savitar, Barry was determined to get ahead of Clifford DeVoe before he could cause major damage. While working with the crime lord Ricardo Diaz, Earth-2 Laurel, who sought Hunter as father figure, compared his inner hatred to Zoom's. She quickly realized that Diaz was far worse than Zoom ever was because she believes "he is not even human inside", unlike Hunter who was actually capable of loving someone; albeit in a very twisted and deranged manner. Caitlin would still at times refer to Zoom as Jay instead of Hunter. After Caitlin was manipulated by her father's alter ego Icicle, she started to blame herself, only for Barry to assure her that seeing the best in someone is who they are and used Thawne and Zolomon as examples.

CC Jitters sells a coffee named after Zoom on their secret menu that Tracy Brand would get whenever she was stressed.

DeVoe viewed Zoom, along with Thawne and Savitar, as one of the many "children" that the Flash had faced as inferior compared to him, thus; the Thinker deduced that his own power of limitless thought was far superior to Zoom and his speed.

In the possible future that Nora West-Allen hails from, Zoom's and Red Death's killing count is compared to Cicada. However, Cicada's killing count is bigger and was just growing. Sometime before 2432, Zoom's suit and speed-dampening mask were displayed within the Hall of Villains in the Flash Museum along with other memorabilia from past villains that Team Flash had fought and defeated. Nora West-Allen studied all of the Flash's past battles, including Zoom sending King Shark to kill the Flash.

In an erased future, where Barry's time remnant became Savitar and killed Iris, the remnant surpassed Zoom and Thawne's speed to the point that Barry felt as if he was standing still in comparison to the self-proclaimed "God of Speed". The remnant also held himself superior to both Thawne and Zoom as Barry's greatest enemy despite all the pain the speedsters caused him.

According to Abra Kadabra's future, Zoom is regarded as one of the Flash's greatest enemies alongside Reverse-Flash and the Thinker. However, none were as bad as Savitar.

Zoom's rampage on Earth-1 made Vanessa Ambres lose her fiancé during Metapocalypse making her hate all meta humans and believing that all of them are evil. She integrated this belief into Orlin Dwyer which in turn made him become Cicada and try to kill all meta humans due to what they did to Grace Gibbons. This means that Zoom's actions partially created Cicada.

While Zoom failed at destroying the multiverse (except Earth-1), Mobius or as he's more commonly known as the Anti-Monitor succeeded where Hunter failed. He used an antimatter cannon to destroy the mutliverse and most life within except the Paragons who were brought to the Vanishing Point, thus finishing the work that Hunter started.


It was presumed Hunter was an innocent, carefree child before his father murdered his mother, and he grew up alone in darkness. As a result, Hunter became antisocial, twisted, demented and manipulative.

Hunter finding happiness in his romance with Caitlin Snow, something he couldn't expect at all

As Jay, Hunter presents himself as a courageous and selfless man, a person who always wants to do good and would have sacrificed his own life so that another could have lived similar to Barry Allen. "Jay" is an efficient teacher as he was able to teach Barry in just a few hours to hurl lightning bolts from the body to defeat Eddie Slick. He has a strong dislike for Harry Wells, viewing Wells as a shady man who keeps too many secrets, and who focuses on creating and selling meta-human technology rather than owning up to the particle accelerator explosion, however, he still proved willing to go at lengths to save Harry's life. Wells accused "Jay" to be a coward and claimed the so-called Flash did not fight Zoom at all, but would rather run from Zoom, that he was the one being hunted by him. "Jay" did admit that Zoom scared him and he did not confront him as often as he could.

Ultimately, this show how Hunter was a master manipulator and actor as his charade as "Jay Garrick"/"The Flash" to give people hope, all so he can take that hope away from them afterwards.

Hunter as the evil speedster Zoom of Earth Two

As Zoom and the person he really was, Hunter was obsessed with speed to the point of being unstable. As noted by Harry Wells, he's set a mission of eradicating anything else with super speed, enthralling or intimidating meta-humans. Hunter instills tremendous terror as Zoom in everyone he encounters, such as both versions of Linda Park and Al Rothstein. He was utterly ruthless, having little to no regard for human life, murdering anyone, such as the police officer he spared after murdering a S.W.A.T. team he baited, and Reverb after the latter disobeyed his rule about speedsters. He even went so far as to kill Rupture after the latter failed his mission and got captured despite obeying his orders. He was also willing to do anything to achieve his goals, as he killed many people to find a cure and his own time remnant agreed to die to ensure their goals when Team Flash was planning to close the breach.

Hunter had been shown to be very egotistical, as after his victory against the Flash where he proceeded to parade Flash's body to Central City News, where he displayed it to the media like a hunting trophy, proclaiming himself to be "The fastest man alive". He then hauled the unconscious Flash to the Central City Police Department, gloating to the assembled officers, relishing in their helplessness as he caught dozens of bullets with his speed. Finally, he carried Barry's body back to S.T.A.R. Labs, showcasing him to Team Flash and also mocking Harry for believing that the Flash was going to defeat him. After kidnapping Wally West in exchange for Barry's speed and letting go, he was smug and confident, even after Harry threatened him he showed no concern or worry for his safety, instead he just smirked at Harry smugly. His arrogance and smugness has proven to be his one point of vulnerability when, in, the midst of gloating about his victory to Team Flash, he let his guard down long enough that he was shot by a speed-dampening dart by Cisco Ramon.

Hunter was also horribly sadistic, enjoying the fear and terror in his helpless prey with obvious and somewhat animalistic satisfaction. His sense of humor is extremely vile. Hunter is also a classic sociopath, as he displayed little to no remorse or regret in his use of other people, meta-humans or otherwise, treating them as disposable pawns to further his goals. He casually references the amount of people he's killed to Caitlin Snow.

Some question if he was still human, and Harry says he might be. This is indeed proven true when he attempted to kill Barry, however spares Barry for the plea of Caitlin, proving Hunter is capable of love. After abducting Caitlin, he was somewhat trusting of Caitlin, letting roam around his lair in his absence. He was also expressed a desire for the two of them to live together, much to Caitlin's chagrin. Hunter's shown to be protective of Caitlin, brutally murdering her doppelganger after she tried killing her. However, he warned her not to try freeing his masked prisoner or he'd kill him. While he was angered that Caitlin managed to send a message to the team about Zoom using Rupture to ambush and kill the officers at Jitters, he did not harm her and instead went to kill the officers himself. However, Hunter showed to be impatient in his relationship with Caitlin, genuinely refusing to understand why wouldn't she love him anymore after he was revealed as Zoom. Tired of arguing with Caitlin, Hunter gives her an ultimatum; stay with him and be protected, or go back to her friends, only to be treated with no mercy should they ever meet again. However, when Caitlin ultimately chose her friends over him, Hunter's good side was completely erased.

Hunter can't hide his smug attitude

He appeared to suffer from some degree of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, as witnessed during his fight with the Flash who used cardboard cutouts of his parents, which triggered invasive memories of his childhood trauma. These invasive memories are characteristic of someone suffering from PTSD. He constantly had flashes to his traumatic experiences, either his father killing his mother, the orphanage he was placed in, or his shock therapy treatments, having lost time and reality of the present, leaving him off guard. Caitlin unknowingly caused him to experience these flashes more frequently, as her words would constantly remind him of these events. During this time Hunter tends to be more wild, impulsive, and far less tactical than he usually was, and acts in a deranged manner more akin to that of a feral animal. Hunter had demonstrated that he was perfectly willing to kill his time remnants in order to fulfill his goals.

Hunter's sociopathic mind proved to be so severe that he would do the most insane and drastic measures to prove a point. One example is his laboring under the idea that he and Barry's similar backgrounds and histories make them, for but for a difference in their mothers' murders, the same person. Due to the fact that Barry never witnessed his mother's actual death when he was a child, he was not completely consumed by the darkness like Hunter was, and Hunter is determined to prove that they are essentially the same being in their essence. He attempts to do this by forcing Barry to confront his inner darkness on multiple occasions, one of the most notable being the battle against Black Siren, the mirror image of Barry's friend Laurel Lance was one of Hunter's more poetic and disturbing ways of bringing Barry closer to the madness and darkness that had all but consuming. When this failed to work, Hunter then forced Barry to watch as he killed Henry Allen in the same room in which Eobard Thawne had murdered Nora Allen sixteen years prior. This also displayed Hunter's taste for dark humor and irony when sadistically pushing his enemies over the edge, psychologically speaking. This was Hunter's final point to prove to Barry, and based on the latter's rage, grief, and desire to kill him equaling that of his desire to kill Eobard at the time of his capture a year earlier, it appeared that he succeeded when Barry could go through with it, but is left for the Wraiths instead, thus underestimating Barry's heroic nature. Hunter's psychological problems do not in any way exceed his intelligence, able to quickly familiarize and experiment with the complex speed force, design costumes to withstand the physical conditions speedsters must endure, and manipulate Barry constantly to his own ends.

Despite originally being classified as a psychopath, Hunter had moments where he fit more the description of a sociopath. This is based on his ability to form emotional attachments to those around him, perverse and twisted though they may be. It wasn't until Caitlin completely rejected him for the monster that he was that he gave up on any remaining attachments to others, thus embracing the true nature of a sociopath hellbent on committing omnicide by destroying the multiverse. Overall, Hunter is a sociopath, he is not a psychopath because he has shown the ability to feel love and compassion, however, like most sociopaths, the ability for him to feel love and compassion is very limited. Before his father killed his mother, he was caring and normal child, proving he was not a true psychopath.

File:Hunter as a Speed Force spectre.png

Hunter as Black Flash

As Black Flash, Hunter lost what remained of his sanity, reduced to a feral being incapable of speech, described by Eobard Thawne as something far worse than a Time Wraith now. He was now reduced to hunting rogue speedsters like Eobard, able to locate them solely through sensing the recent use of Speed Force, and seemingly blind without it.

Powers and abilities[]


Zoom emitting blue lightning

  • Speed Force connection/Meta-human physiology: After being affected by the particle accelerator, while receiving electroshock treatment, Hunter gained a connection to the Speed Force; a mysterious energy field. His DNA was altered and cells supercharge with enormous amounts of electricity, augmenting his physiology to superhuman condition. After injecting himself with Velocity 6, Hunter became far faster than ever before. However, in addition to these enhancements only being temporary, they left his natural connection to the Speed Force weakened so much that he could no longer use his powers naturally without the serum nor could the Speed Force be detected in him. Even more, a lasting side effect caused him cellular degeneration. However, his remaining traces of natural Speed Force energy significantly slowed down the damage to his body. After his transformation by the Time Wraiths, Hunter's powers became greater than ever before, as Eobard is extremely afraid of him and believed not even the combined might of the Legion of Doom could stop him, only slow him down.
    • Bodily vibration/Intangibility: Hunter had the ability to vibrate his cells on command for various effects. He can vibrate his entire body to mask his form from others from clearly perceiving it and distort his vocal cords to disguise his voice. Vibrating also allowed him to generate the force of a buzz-saw, allowing him to use the force to break objects. Hunter also could move and vibrate any part of his body so fast that he could effortlessly change his frequency and phase himself through people or objects. This allowed him to cause people to drop dead when he phased his arm through them, however, he could also harmlessly pass through people, as he did with Caitlin. He was also capable of effortlessly vibrating through carbide, which Barry had tremendous difficulty doing at first.
    • Death touch: After becoming an enforcer of the Speed Force, Hunter can kill any speedster he touches by phasing his hand into their chests, which notably caused Eobard Thawne to return to being erased from existence and obliterated him and caused the past selves he brought with him to fade from existence.
    • Decay Inducement: After his transformation by the Time Wraiths, Hunter gained their ability to cause cellular decay and drain people of life through physical contact. He tried to cause Flash to decay into a corpse, but this was stopped before the process was complete or even permanent.
    • Electrokinesis: While originally emitting yellow lighting from his body like Barry, usage of the Velocity drug made his body now produce sapphire blue lighting, a sign of his extreme over-usage of it. Even while only slightly accessing his powers, Zoom would produce a powerful aura of blue lightning from his body that always emanated off of him, whether he was moving at super speed or not. He could also manipulate electricity by touching it, as when Barry tried hurling lightning at Hunter, he managed to grab and hold the lightning as if it were a tangible object and hurl it back at him. When he grabbed Harrison and stabbed him with his claws, he was able to transfer electricity into him, causing him extreme pain. Seeing as Zoom was much faster than Barry when he taught him how to throw lightning, this means that Zoom could've thrown lightning if he wanted to. Upon his transformation by the Time Wraiths, Hunter now generates red lightning similar to that of the Reverse-Flash and the Rival.
      • Energy absorption: Zoom is capable of absorbing Speed Force energy that he injects himself with, for more power.
    • Enhanced mind: Zoom's speed also extends to his mental capacities, allowing him to take in information and process it at much faster rates than a normal human. This ability allows Eobard to see the world as if it is in slow motion, which, combined with his physical speed, lets him perform thoughts and actions long before a normal human around him could even perceive them.
    • Superhuman perception: The Speed Force also enhances Hunter's senses and mental capacities, allowing him to easily keep up with and perceive the movements of other speedsters while they are at super speed themselves even when he himself is not.
    • Superhuman strength: Presumably due to his greatly enhanced connection to the Speed Force, Hunter showed the ability to effortlessly exert great strength and force even without utilizing his speed, enough to lift fully grown humans over his head with only one arm, without any strain or effort. He was also able to easily break Barry's spine with one strike. Combined with his efficient fighting skills, Hunter was able to deal severe bodily harm with only a few blows. His strength carried over to his transformation by the Time Wraith's, allowing him to face the strongest of speedsters in battle, allowing him to eventually overpower and almost effortlessly pin down Barry Allen and force Eobard Thawne to flee on sight.
    • Eye transformation: Hunter can change the color of his eyes to pure black due to the physical corruption caused by the Velocity serum. This serves as both identity concealment and as a mean of intimidation (in the case of pure black). However, this is not a result of his electrokinesis, unlike fellow speedsters.Following his transformation into the enforcer of the Speed Force, Hunter is still capable of accessing his ability. This ability is seen once more during his fight with Barry Allen, as his eyes were pitched black.
    • Speed Force awareness: After becoming an enforcer of the Speed Force, Hunter could sense the speed force in another speedster's system to track them down, which is how he is able to locate Eobard Thawne at any place or time.
    • Superhuman agility: Hunter was incredibly agile and able to change direction immediately while moving at super speed. This let him make sharp turns at super-speed, without sliding or losing his balance. It also let him leap farther and higher, able to easily perform acrobatic movements in combat, as well as fight confidently while free falling. Even when transformed into a Speed Force specter and removed of his senses, he is able to effortlessly coordinate himself at superhuman speed as if he still possessed sight, allowing him to avoid hitting any obstacles. He could effortless lunge several feet to tackle Barry to the ground to pin him down, even without using his speed.
    • Superhuman durability: Hunter had the ability to have large amounts of damage inflicted on him, and be hurt at a rate lower than regular humans, sometimes suffering no injuries. During his fight with Barry, he fell to the ground from hundreds of meters in the air with no noticeable injuries, and quickly resumed viciously pummeling Barry.
    • Superhuman reflexes: Hunter's reaction time was also augmented, allowing him to react to far faster than a normal human. He easily saw and countered a bolt of lightning hurled at him by Barry and likewise dodged every phaser fire fired at him by the entire SCIS force with ease. When transformed into a Speed Force specter, he demonstrated being able to effortless catch both an arrow shot at him by Malcolm Merlyn and a blade swung at him by Damien Darhk.
    • Superhuman speed: Hunter is able to move at unimaginably fast speeds, moving from place to place in moments. Through extreme usage of the Velocity drug, Hunter artificially enhanced his connection to the Speed Force. Initially, Hunter could move at least at Mach 6-8, leaving Barry Allen's initial speed not nearly able to keep up. As explained by Caitlin Snow, this is because with each stride of his legs, his feet spend less time on the floor than Barry, thus propelling him even faster. After gaining all of Barry's original Speed Force energy, Hunter became considerably faster than before, being able to snap the necks of nearly every person in Jitters in less than a second. However, his inability to let go of his past rendered him unable to naturally increase his speed like Barry Allen, which led to his defeat at the hands of The Flash. After his transformation by the Time Wraiths, he has gotten noticeably faster; he was able to keep up with Barry during their fight in the Speed Force.
      • Interdimensional travel: Hunter was able to travel between Earth One and Earth Two at will. He did so by using the "breaches" between worlds. His speed allowing him to temporarily stabilize the interdimensional "corridors" that linked any one breach on Earth Two with a corresponding breach on Earth One, letting him and those he brings along pass through them. After stealing Barry's Speed Force energy, Hunter became powerful enough to create breaches with his own speed. He was able to create a portal out of thin air with a simple punching motion. 
      • Superhuman momentum: Hunter was capable of inflicting massive amounts of physical damage on his opponents by packing speed into his blows. His punches seemed to break the sound barrier. He was able to reduce Barry to a bloody mess in seconds with his deadly strikes, and even break his spine, causing paralysis. Even with Barry's rapid healing, the damage inflicted on him was noticeably prolonged.
      • Time travel: Hunter can move fast enough to break open holes in the fabric of time and space, allowing him to travel through time, an ability which Hunter abused to get time remnants of himself to assist him in the current timeline.
        • Time remnant construct: By shifting moments through time, Hunter is able to get time remnants, versions of himself from either past, future, or aborted timelines, to assist him in his schemes.
    • Superhuman stamina: Hunter's body could handle the stresses of superhuman racing without noticeable distress, and function much longer than a normal human without getting tired or weak.

Former powers[]

  • Accelerated healing factor: While unable to repair the cellular deterioration caused by the Velocity 6, Hunter's powers also afford him heightened healing capacities, allowing him to quickly heal any superficial harm to his being. Despite being shot by Cisco Ramon with a serum to dampen his speed, Hunter almost instantly recovered and ran off before the serum could take full effect, showing no signs of having been slowed down by the serum. Once obtaining Barry's Speed Force, Hunter's full regenerative properties were restored, allowed him to recover from his former cellular damage. However, his transformation into Black Flash displayed that he had lost the ability, as he shatters upon being frozen by Killer Frost rather than get frozen and start to thaw out.
  • Voice changing: When Hunter was Zoom he can change is voice to sound monstrous, similar to speedsters like Eobard Thawne or Edward Clariss. This ability appears to stem from his eye transformation ability. After he became a servant to the Speed Force, Hunter lost what remained of his sanity, reduced to a feral being incapable of speech.


  • Intimidation: Due to his incredible power, savagery, and demonic-like appearance, Hunter commands an extremely terrifying presence, instilling fear into enemies and allies. A common tactic of Hunter's is using the fear he has instilled in others in order to get them to do his bidding as he did with Atom Smasher, Eddie Slick, Dr. Light, and Harrison Wells. His use of psychological fear tactics by destroying symbols of hope and forms of protection in order to crush the spirits of a city's citizens to show that they are not safe from him. He is still deeply feared as an enforcer of the Speed Force to speedsters like Eobard Thawne as he terrified him more than a Time Wraith ever did.
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Complementing his ferocious appearance and personality, Hunter's animalistic yet efficient style uses his tremendous speed and powers. His style is more precise than Barry Allen's originally was yet not quite as tactical as Eobard Thawne's. Instead, Hunter uses powerful punches to accompanied by his glove claws for savage slashing movements, overall causing great blunt-force trauma. In appearance with behavior, Hunter seems to enjoy inflicting as much pain as physically possibly when killing an opponent such a snapping his victim's spines and breaking their necks.
  • Speed Force knowledge: Hunter has been shown to posses a large amount of knowledge regarding the Speed Force, being able to develop the dangerous speed-enhancing Velocity serums. However, despite his knowledge Hunter continuously broke the rules of the Speed Force and which led to his current imprisonment. Even still though, he always only killed people just by simply using his speed, and never dipped into other abilities like creating tornadoes with his arms or creating speed-mirages, but that could just be because he never needed to.

Former abilities[]

  • Genius-level intellect/Master tactician/Manipulator/Leader: Like Barry, Hunter is a very scientifically adept and well-read man excelling in physics and chemistry; Hunter even claims that he had his own personal lab and was a part time professor. Hunter's feats as a genius include the creation of the first Velocity serums, constructing prisons to hold metahumans, and devices that dampen their powers. However, Hunter did have his limitations as a scientist as he was unable to steal Jay Garrick's speed requiring him to acquire the aid of Harrison Wells in order to do so with Barry. After acquiring his powers, he gathered an army of meta-humans to aid in his control over Central City. While infiltrating Team Flash, he kept trying to make Barry become faster so he could eventually steal his speed. As the Black Flash, Hunter is now little more than an animal that the Speed Force sics on Speedsters messing with time.
  • Master investigator: Despite his psychopathy, Hunter has proven to be a methodical man has shown when he carefully studying Earth One and finding out everything he could before confronting Team Flash.
  • Master of deception: Like most psychopaths, Hunter shows no concern, if not actual awareness, of right and wrong. To which, in showing no guilt, he is an accomplished actor. Hunter's persona as "Jay Garrick" and as "Zoom" were so different from one another that he was able to convince the citizens of Earth Two, his own meta-human followers, and Team Flash that were two different people for two years. During Caitlin's physiological exam during which she does a subtle lie detection exam, Hunter quickly became aware of this and showed none of the physical signs of deceit; showing his skills as a liar. As the Black Flash, Hunter is no longer capable of being deceitful.
  • Speed Force knowledge: Hunter has been shown to posses a large amount of knowledge regarding the Speed Force, being able to develop the dangerous speed-enhancing Velocity serums. However, despite his knowledge Hunter continuously broke the rules of the Speed Force and which led to his current imprisonment. Even still though, he always only killed people just by simply using his speed, and never dipped into other abilities like creating tornadoes with his arms or creating speed-mirages, but that could just be because he never needed to.


  • Diminished senses: After his metamorphosis from the Time Wraiths, Hunter's senses appear to be much weaker, only able to perceive targets in motion. To which, if a speedster is not currently channeling the Speed Force (i.e. remains completely still) Hunter can't sense or even see him properly.
  • Extreme cold: For every speedster low temperatures are a problem as it slows them down and can weaken their healing abilities. It is proven Hunter possess this weakness when Killer Frost used her ice manipulation to stall him long enough for Team Flash to escape his lair. In his new form as the Black Flash, it's shown to still be a weakness to him, and the only thing who can destroy him according to Savitar, as he shatters upon being frozen by Caitlin.
  • Interdimensional energy: As a servant of the Speed Force, Hunter is now vulnerable to the inter-dimensional energy produced by Cisco's "gold-tooth" technology. While fighting him in the Speed Force, Barry overloaded the "gold-tooth" transmitter on his chest and attached it to Hunter. The inter-dimensional energy from the transmitter overflowed into his body, tearing him apart in an explosion of light.

Former weaknesses[]

  • Psychological trauma: Hunter suffers from severe PTSD, due to him watching his father kill his mother. Barry utilized his past memories to induce extreme psychological trauma, in order for him to loose his focus and become more feral, thus allowing Barry to overpower him, trap him and finally unmask him. He constantly has flashes to his traumatic experiences, either his father killing his mother, the orphanage he was placed in, or his shock therapy treatments. Caitlin unknowingly caused him to experience these flashes more frequently, as her words would constantly remind him of these events. After being enslaved by the Speed Force for all time, Hunter's sanity was completely erased, reducing him to a feral beast unable to act beyond the will of the Speed Force.
  • Time Wraiths: As Hunter continually broke the rules of the Speed Force, trying to manipulate the Speed Force, in recovering side effects Velocity serums, especially after he went back in time for his time remnant, Time Wraiths, the Speed Force's enforcers, were continually sent by the Speed Force to go after him. Hunter was terrified of the Time Wraiths and he was very careful in avoiding them as much as possible. When the Time Wraiths were intentionally summoned by Barry with the creation of a time remnant, the wraiths chose to go after and punish Zoom instead of Barry for the violation of the rules of the Speed Force, possibly since the remnant was used and sacrificed to save the multiverse. As they attacked Zoom, he screamed helplessly, as the Time Wraiths aged him into a corpse like figure. While his lightning changed from blue to red, parts of his suit, particularly the emblems, also changed color from black to red. Rendering him into an eternal slave to the Speed Force.
  • Velocity serum: While the Velocity drug boosted Hunter's speed to tremendous levels upon overdosing, the speed drug had a severely degenerative effect on his cells that would in due course kill him unless he absorbed the speed of the Flash. Now that Hunter achieved this, his life is no longer in danger.


  • Zoom suit: Hunter wears a protective suit as his super villain alter-ego, Zoom, to hide his identity from his enemies. It is unknown what materials it's made out of. The suit includes a mask that fully hides Hunter's face. The mask has small line shaped gaps on the mouth resembling a demented smile. This causes it to resemble the equipment he wore during the electroshock therapy sessions in the asylum. The suit's gloves are adorned with sharp "claws", allowing Hunter to perform slashing attacks upon his enemies. The left side of the mask was ripped off by Barry after Barry defeated Zoom. While the Time Wraiths were taking Zoom away, red speed force lightning changed the colors of the emblems in the suit; the lightning emblems on the ears changed from black to red, the outlines and lightning symbol on the chest also transformed from black to red except the inner part of the logo was filled in with white. In later appearances, the inner part of the logo was black.
    • Clawed gloves: Unlike the Flash and Reverse Flash suit, Hunter's gloves are spiked-tipped, giving the appearance that he has claws. He mainly uses them as offensive weapons to stab his victims and was thought to be the method to how he steals the speed of other speedsters. This was revealed to be false, when "Jay" reveals that he "lost his speed" due to "overusing Velocity 6". He could channel the electricity on him to his claws to shock and cause pain to people he touched with them, as he did to Harry. At super speed or by vibrating, the claws can have enough force and momentum to kill someone that they are stabbed into, as he did to Reverb when vibrating his hand and he did to Rupture when charging at super speed. They became actual claws after the Time Wraiths transformed Hunter into the Black Flash.
    • Earpieces: The suit has wireless communication capabilities through its built in earpieces, though it is unclear what Hunter uses them for, though it is highly possible that he uses them to communicate with his lieutenants to make sure the city is in line. Unlike the Flash and Reverse Flash suit, his lightning bolts on his earpieces are curved at the tip instead of being straight, and retained this property after being turned into the Speed Force enforcer.

Former equipment[]

  • The Flash suit: Hunter wore a protective suit as his superhero alter-ego, The Flash, when he goes out fighting crime. It is unknown what materials it's made out of. The suit includes a helmet, which is part of the military uniform Hunter's father wore during his service in the War of the Americas. However, Hunter additionally decorated the helmet with small yellow wings made of some sort of metal. Hunter based this costume off of the real Jay Garrick, to represent hope so he could sadistically take it away from the people to appease his sick twisted nature.
    • Helmet: A silver metal kettle helmet, which was part of War World 2. He additionally decorates 2 small yellow wings made of metal. It can be used as a Shield to withstand bullets and catch them as well. When punching the helmet at supersonic speed, it will cause vibrational sonic blasts to be fire from the helmet.