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For the suit used by Helena Bertinelli who operated under the alias "Huntress", see The Huntress suits.

"So, uh, why don't I get cool jewelry like Huntress?"
"Because the cool jewelry costs more than a new car."
Barbara on the price of Helena's suit

The Huntress suit is a protective suit used by Helena Kyle for vigilante activities as  "Huntress".


Helena Kyle dons this suit as she patrols as the Huntress, though it leaves her face highly recognizable; when Dinah Redmond came to New Gotham City seeking her and was assaulted in an alley, she quickly recognized Helena in the suit. Later, Dinah wanted her own version of the suit, but Barbara Gordon told her how expensive the suit approximately was. Meanwhile, Helena was caught sulking about the home of Larry Ketterly; he also recognized Helena, though she wore the suit, from when she and her mother were his neighbors years ago.

She later continued working in this suit in her career as the Huntress. This time with a sleeker jacket and fabrics and a dark grey shirt under the suit's jacket.

Original suit[]

The original suit

The suit originally just consisted of Helena's favorite black leather outfit, when she joined the Birds of Prey. Helena used this suit for years until 2383 when she upgraded the suit.


Helena modified and donned the new suit when the upgrades were done on the suit.


  • Micro-transceivers/Signal device: Helena wears a pair of bat-shaped earrings which are actually micro-transceivers that enables her to keep in contact with Barbara. Helena also wears a signal device fastened to a collar that she wears around her neck.

Known users[]