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ISS Shenzhou
ISS Shenzhou
Class: Walker-class
Registry: NCC-1227
Affiliation: Terran Empire,
Imperial Starfleet
Commander: Danby Connor
Status: Active (2250s)

The ISS Shenzhou (NCC-1227) was a Terran Walker-class starship that was in service to the Starfleet in the mid-23rd century.

The ISS Shenzhou was almost identical in configuration to the USS Shenzhou of the primary universe, bearing the same registry (NCC-1227) and class. However, the ISS Shenzhou had several details that its counterpart lacked, such as the dagger emblem of the Empire painted adorning the interior of the ship, armed guards, and agony booths to keep the crew in line. The lateral vector transporters were also updated with newer models.


In 2256, the vessel was under the command of Captain Michael Burnham. While in command, Burnham was ordered to hunt down Gabriel Lorca, who was attempting a coup against the emperor. Her shuttlecraft was destroyed during this operation and she was presumed dead. Captain Danby Connor then assumed command in her absence.

The following year, the Burnham of the primary universe posed as her counterpart, acting as though she had faked her death in order to capture Lorca. With her apparent Gabriel Lorca posing as the Imperial Starfleet Lorca, she returned to the Shenzhou and retook command from Captain Connor as part of a ruse to obtain intelligence that could help return the crew of the USS Discovery to their own reality. After she killed Connor in self-defense, the crew of the Shenzhou fell in line behind Burnham. (DIS episode: "Despite Yourself")

With Burnham in command, the Shenzhou carried out normal operations, periodically executing "traitorous" crew members by beaming them into open space. Captain Maddox ordered Shenzhou to the planet Harlak in order to destroy an insurgent camp and kill the alien rebel leader known as the Fire Wolf. When Burnham failed to use Shenzhou's torpedoes to destroy the camp outright, Emperor Georgiou bombarded the planet from orbit aboard her own vessel, the ISS Charon. Georgiou then ordered Burnham and Lorca to depart the Shenzhou aboard one of the ship's shuttlecraft and rendezvous with the Charon. (DIS episodes: "The Wolf Inside", "Vaulting Ambition")

Command crew[]