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Icarus Base
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Astrographical information

Milky Way

Societal information


Technological period

None, (present) Advanced (formerly)

Earth interest

Off-world base

Under control of

United Federation of Planets, Starfleet

Out of universe information

The Icarus Base was an off-world Federation base built in 2379, twenty-one light years from Earth on the planet P4X-351, in the Milky Way galaxy. The personnel stationed there wore uniforms unique to the base. It contained a runway and several F-302 fighter-interceptors. It was also protected by a number of phaser cannon emplacements.

Base configuration[]

The base itself was constructed inside a mountain on the surface of the planet, much like Stargate Command and various offworld Federation bases in the Milky Way galaxy. The mountainside had a single defense emplacement which housed the phaser cannon emplacements and several additional weapons.

Icarus base also housed a type of shielding in the bunker complex that prevented transport with Asgard transporters. This was designed to prevent intruders from entering the facility via this technology. Instead, personnel and equipment were beamed to the outer defensive area and brought inside.

The base housed a number of Starfleet and civilian personnel, including some not directly related to the SGC.


At some point, the base on P4X-351 was used as a Lucian Alliance mining facility. A operative within the Alliance revealed it to Stargate Command as a possible location for a base.

Base personnel[]

Starfleet and Stafleet Marine officials[]

Civilian contingent[]

  • Dr. Nicholas Rush - Science team head
  • Senator Alan Armstrong (deceased)
  • Chloe Armstrong
  • Dr. Adam Brody
  • Dr] Sonya Damji
  • Dr. Jeremy Franklin (deceased)
  • Andrea Palmer (fate unknown)"
  • Dr. Lisa Park
  • Dr. Simms - Icarus Base chief medical officer (deceased)
  • Dr. Dale Volker
  • Camile Wray - IOA representative
  • Eli Wallace
  • David Walters
  • Dr. Boone
  • Dr. Robert Caine (deceased)
  • Dr. Fisher
  • Lindsay
  • Cole
  • Dr. Morrison
  • Dr] Kemp
  • Vince Kwan (deceased)
  • Ryder
  • Dana (deceased)
  • Peter (deceased)
  • Val (deceased)
  • Rachel (deceased)