For the primary universe counterpart, see Janet Fraiser.
Janet Fraiser
Janet Fraiser (alternate timeline) 2
Janet Fraiser in 2388
Vital statistics
Title Major
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Stargate Command,
United Bajoran Federation of Planets
Bajoran Starfleet (Alternate timeline)
United Federation of Planets
Status Alive
Location USS Intrepid-A

In an alternate timeline Janet Fraiser, M.D. was a talented and compassionate female Human of the Federation. She led the medical teams at Stargate Command meaning that she had to deal with a variety of unusual problems. At some point after Samantha Carter was promoted to Major, Fraiser was also promoted. The first time she appeared as a major was when she treated SG-1 after they were exposed to radiation on P7X-377.

Background informationEdit

Fraiser was once married to a man who discouraged her from joining Starfleet. They were no longer together as of 2360 and, apparently, they never had any children. During her years at the SGC she became one of the foremost experts on Goa'uld symbiotes, having created a symbiote tank, and having had opportunities to dissect dead symbiotes. Being the chief medical officer at the SGC, Dr. Fraiser had the authority to overrule those of any rank when it came to medical issues. Having used this to get SG-1 into the infirmary on multiple occasions and ceasing experimental tests on SG team members. Her use of such authority once led Colonel Jack O'Neill to call her a 'Napoleonic power monger'.

25th centuryEdit

After the war with the Klingon Empire was over, Dr. Fraiser joined the Bajoran Starfleet after the Federation Starfleet was destroyed. Dr. Fraiser served under General Elizabeth Weir at the SGC as chief medical officer.


Janet Fraiser in an alternate timeline

This timeline cease to exist when Typhuss and his crew won the war against the Xindi. Janet Fraiser was thrown back in time to 2386 in the current timeline where the timeline was not altered. Janet now works on the USS Intrepid-A on the medical staff with her good friend Doctor Helen Magnus.