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John Branson
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John Branson
Full name: John Thomas Branson
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Homeworld: Earth
Birthplace: San Diego, Califorina, Earth
Born: August 3rd, 2333
Affiliation: Federation, Starfleet
Mother: Maria Branson
Father: James Branson
Sibling(s): Brandon Branson
Elizabeth Branson
Brianna Branson
Marital Status: Married
Spouse(s): Jessica Smith
(m. 2378)
Children: Tina Branson
(b. 2373)
Sarah Branson
(b. 2340)
Felix Branson
(b. 2389)
(with Ellen Delia)
Occupation: Starfleet officer
Previous Assignment: Chief operations officer,
USS Lexington
Assistant tactical officer, USS Kansas
Relief helm officer,
USS California
assistant tactical officer,
USS Enterprise-D
helm officer,
chief tactical officer,
Deep Space 9/USS Defiant
First officer,
USS Wraith
Assignment: CO,
USS Enterprise-E,
Rank: Captain, formerly lieutenant, Commander
Insignia: Badge insignia.
Rank insignia.

John Branson is a Human male who lives in the 24th century and services in the Federation, Starfleet as the first officer then in 2380 he was later promoted to the rank of Captain and given the commanding officer position of the flagship of the Federation fleet the USS Enterprise-E, after the promotion of Jean-Luc Picard to the rank of Commodore. (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Personnel file[]


Early life[]

John Branson was born in 2333 in San Diego, California on Earth. His mother was Admiral Maria Branson. John moved to Starbase 39-Sierra along the Romulan Neutral Zone during peace time with the Romulan Star Empire while Maria was stationed on the Klingon outpost Narendra III. While on a mission to keep the treaty enforced, the outpost suddenly came under attack by four Romulan warbirds, while on the outpost, his mother was wounded.

Starfleet career[]

Starfleet Academy[]

In 2350, at age 17, he entered Starfleet Academy. Then he met his best friend Typhuss James Halliwell in his command class one day and the two became best friends, brothers even, John worked together with Typhuss to get their work done and then Martin and Typhuss graduated in 2354.

USS Lexington[]

Branson was offered a post as tactical officer and security officer of the USS Cairo. He turned down the offer out of loyalty to his then-current Captain Roger Stearns, and because he was uncomfortable with the commanding officer of the Cairo.

While fighting in the Federation-Cardassian War Branson was first officer on board the New Orleans-class USS Lexington under the command of Captain Roger Stearns on the ship he made some really good friends like William Parmenter he even met chief petty officer Miles O'Brien.

When the Lexington and her battlegroup were ambushed by a battlegroup of Cardassian warships that took out the entire fleet and left the Lexington heavily damaged, Captain Stearns was killed in the ambush when a support beam struck him and pinned him to the bulkhead killing him forcing Commander Branson to take command of the ship coming up with a plan to get the large Cardassian cruiser. By mining the asteroid field and they destroyed the cruiser but the Lexington had suffered too much damage to her engine core forcing Commander Branson to order all hands to abandon ship.

After the destruction of the Lexington Martin and half of the surviving crew were taken on different ships, as he was posted to the USS Kansas commanded by Captain Jane Mitchell, and kept fighting in the war.

USS Kansas[]

USS California[]

USS Enterprise-D[]

In 2370 he was posted on board the USS Enterprise-D as a assistant tactical officer with the rank of Lieutenant, under the teaching of Lieutenant Worf he learned a lot from Worf and the two became good friends and brothers, Lieutenant Martin fell in love with Sito Jaxa but when he heard Picard announcing Sito's death it tore him up and he requested a transfer to Deep Space 9 and Picard granted the transfer in 2371.

Deep Space 9[]

In 2371, Lieutenant Branson transferred to the Federation/Bajoran space station Deep Space 9 serving under the command of Commander/Captain Benjamin Sisko. He had a great assignment there got to meet interesting and new lifeforms that came through the Bajoran wormhole, and made new friends and was still annoyed that the Cardassians can come and go as they pleased with anything happening to them.

Then in 2373 John saw his first taste of war since the Federation-Cardassian War in 2356-2359, and he fought along side his comrades in every battle they faced the Dominion in.

Then in 2377 he transferred to the USS Wraith, a Prometheus-class vessel.

USS Wraith[]

In 2377, Lieutenant Commander John Branson was posted on board the USS Wraith under the command of Captain Jonathan Yunker and he had a very interesting assignment on board the Prometheus-class vessel, it wasn't till he was reported by the chief science officer Lieutenant Commander Audrey Hunter of "harassment" and he was reprimanded for it and came close to be demoted to Lieutenant but Captain Yunker couldn't ignore John's impressive service record and his duty to the Federation so he requested that he puts in for reassignment or dishonorable discharge from Starfleet.

Commander Branson chose reassignment and it was placed to the one ship he knew would take him the Sovereign-class ship USS Enterprise-E.

USS Enterprise-E[]

In 2378, Commander Branson was posted to the USS Enterprise-E as first officer after the departure of newly promoted Captain William T. Riker and Commander Deanna Troi to the USS Titan a Luna-class vessel, Commander Branson served as first officer on board the flagship of the Federation battlegroups from 2378-2380.

In 2380 the Enterprise was ordered to return to Earth and report to Starfleet Command after the ship gets back both Commander Branson and Captain Picard beam to Starfleet Command and they entered it and John finds out that he's being promoted to Captain and been given command of the Federation starship USS Enterprise-E.

Personal history[]

Kira Nerys[]

Jadzia Dax[]

Julian Bashir[]

William T. Riker[]

Deanna Troi[]

John Tyson[]


Elizabeth Shelby[]

While attending Zefram Cochrane High School John Branson helps a new student Elizabeth Shelby with her classes and studies after school at his parents house, and they fell in love and had sex and years later Elizabeth informs him that she's pregnant with Sarah Branson and she and John decide to keep the baby after Shelby's parents find out about it they backed them and helped them when they needed it and after high school they lost contact with each other cause her parents moved to Mars colony.

Sito Jaxa[]

Lieutenant Martin fell in love with Sito Jaxa but when he heard Picard announcing Sito's death it tore him up and he requested a transfer to Deep Space 9 and Picard granted the transfer in 2371.

Kira Nerys[]

After the Dominion War ended and Odo returned to the great link to cure his people John and Kira got closer and they went on a few dates, and attempted to have kids of their own but nothing came of it and in 2377 after the return of the USS Voyager Kira and John broke up as an agreement and she was with his best friend Typhuss James Halliwell.

Jessica Smith[]

Starfleet service record[]

location assignment dates rank or rate assignment insignia rank insignia
Starfleet Academy student officer 2350-2354 Cadet Assignment badge. Uniform collar.
Uniform collar.
Uniform collar.
Uniform collar. Uniform collar.
USS Kansas assistant tactical officer 2357-2360 Ensign Assignment badge. Uniform collar.
USS California chief engineer 2360-2370 Lieutenant Junior Grade Assignment badge. Uniform collar.
USS Enterprise-D assistant tactical officer 2370-2371 Lieutenant Assignment badge. Uniform collar.
Deep Space 9/USS Defiant chief tactical officer, security officer,
helm officer
2371-2377 Lieutenant Assignment badge. Uniform collar.
Uniform collar.
USS Wraith chief helm officer, first officer 2377-2378 Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander Assignment badge. Uniform collar.

Uniform collar.
Uniform collar.

USS Enterprise-E first officer 2378-2380 Commander Assignment badge. Uniform collar.
USS Enterprise-E commanding officer 2380-present Captain Assignment badge. Uniform collar.



Background information[]