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A Jurati-type android

The Jurati-type android is a classification of artificial lifeform first created by Dr. Agnes Jurati who modeled them off the earlier Soong-type android.


Technical overview[]

Jurati-type androids were composed of tripolymer composites, molybdenum-cobalt alloys and bioplast sheeting. Their skulls are composed of cortenide and duranium.

Jurati-type androids possess a brain made of light which works seemingly like a real brain allowing them better mimicry of humanoid life and behavior including limited emotions. The brain functions with quantum energy storing data with an approximate capacity of eight hundred quadrillion bits (100 petabytes or roughly 88.8 pebibytes) and the synapses interact within a positronic net.

It has a total linear computational speed rated at a hundred trillion operations per second, forty trillion more than the older Soong-type.

Any Juratic-type android are incapable of alcohol intoxication, yet components in their system were susceptible to disruption by polywater intoxication.

The blinking of their eyes was governed by a Fourier series, to simulate randomness. Jurati-type eyes are also enhanced granting them greater equity and access to non-visible light spectrums.

The androids possess enhanced strength and speed compared to Humans and most humanoid life. Jurati-type androids are typically programmed with some hand-to-hand combat knowledge including styles such as Boxing, Suus Mahna, Krav Maga and Wrestling.

Some models are capable of releasing localised electromagnetic pulses which can disrupt selective technology in range. While others are equipped with personal force field generators in their left arm that creates a blue light shield for protection.



  • Numerous Jurati-type androids were affiliated with Starfleet.