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Kira Nerys
Character image.
Captain Kira in 2376
Full name: Kira Nerys
Species: Bajoran
Gender: Female
Homeworld: Bajor
Birthplace: Dahkur Province, Bajor
Born: November 2343
Affiliation: Bajoran Resistance, Bajoran Militia, Federation Starfleet
Icon: Bajoran icon image. Federation icon image. Starfleet icon image.
Mother: Kira Meru
Father: Kira Taban
Sibling(s): Kira Pohl
(brother; deceased),
Kira Reon
(brother; deceased)
Marital Status: Married
Spouse(s): Typhuss J. Kira
(husband, m. 2378-present)
Children: Kira Hoshi Sato
(b. 2379)
Shakaar Edon Kira
(b. 2383),
Kira Meru II
(b. 2389)
Kira Rey
(b. 2392)
Kira Julian
(b. 2392),
Helena Kyle
Occupation: vedek
Previous Assignment: first officer/liaison officer,
Deep Space 9
Final Assignment: CO, Deep Space 9
Rank: Vedek,
(by 2409)
(by 2405; alternate timeline)
Insignia: Uniform collar insignia.
Office Held: Kai of Bajor
In Office: 25th century
Preceded By: Pralon Onala
Succeeded By: Incumbent
Character image.
Major Kira Nerys in 2369
"Fighting hit and run, always outgunned, living on nothing but hate and adrenaline. It's not much of a life and it eats away at you so that every day a little part of you dies."
— Kira Nerys, 2372
"Typhuss: Kira, open your heart to me. We're bound together by destiny. You belong at my side."
"Kira: And why's that? Typhuss: It made me realize I still have a role to play in Bajor's destiny. Because I know I'm going to be with you, Kira. Kira: You really believe that. Typhuss: Yes I do."
—Typhuss and Kira, 2378

"Especially a Starfleet Admiral whose appetite for worldly pleasures is legendary. That was a long time ago, before he felt the kiss of his Bajoran wife. That was some kiss. In fact, I've always found that when people try to convince others of their beliefs it's because they're really just trying to convince themselves. And that's what scares me. No offence."
— Kira to Will Riker and Typhuss, 2389
"Now do you understand how much Kira loves me? stay away from Kira!"
— Typhuss to Captain John Martin, 2389
"Typhuss: You have faith and humility."
"Kira: I appreciate that you respect my beliefs."
—Typhuss and Kira, 2394

"Typhuss: Well, Kira, it appears that you know our lives have become deeply intertwined."
"Kira: That really pleases you, doesn't it? Typhuss: Pleases me? Typhuss: Kira, it gives me reason to live."
—Typhuss and Kira, 2394

Kira Nerys is a female Bajoran in the 24th century. Kira lived on Bajor in the Cardassian occupation and was a member of the Bajoran Resistance. When the Cardassians withdrew she joined the Bajoran Militia and, when Bajor joined the Federation in the year 2376 she transferred to Starfleet at the rank of Captain, in command of Federation Starbase Deep Space 9 and the starship USS Defiant. Kira later left Starfleet and became a member of the Bajoran religion, having become known as the "Hand of the Prophets". In 2378, Kira married Typhuss James Halliwell on starbase Deep Space 9. Kira has five children, Kira Hoshi Sato born in 2379 and Shakaar Edon Kira born in 2383, Kira Meru II born in 2389, Kira Rey and Kira Julian born in 2392. Kira also has a deep central belief in the Bajoran faith of their Gods, the Prophets. Kira's husband Typhuss also has a deep central belief in the Bajoran faith of their Gods, the Prophets.


Childhood and the Resistance

Kira Nerys, age 3

Kira Nerys in 2346

Kira was born in November 2343 in the Dahkur Province of Cardassian occupied Bajor to Kira Taban and Kira Meru. She lived a large part of her life in the Singha refugee camp. In 2346, her mother was taken to Terok Nor to serve as a comfort woman to the Cardassians, ultimately becoming the lover of Gul Dukat. At three years old, Nerys was too young to understand this, and her father told his children that Meru had died. Nerys would not learn the truth until 2374, at which time she travelled back in time to 2346 using the Orb of Time. The three-year-old Nerys briefly met her future self but, as she was using the pseudonym "Luma Rahl", the young Nerys remained ignorant as to her identity.

Following her mother's supposed death, Kira and her brothers were often cared for by Tir Remara. The Kira family received extra rations to compensate for Meru being taken to Terok Nor to serve as one of Gul Dukat's comfort women.

When Tir Remara found out about these extra rations (but not why the family was receiving them) she stole them and gave them to the resistance to be given to those more needy. When Taban caught her, she accused him of being a traitor and ran away. The Kiras were subsequently forced to give up their additional rations to avoid being hounded as collaborators. Nerys held this against Tir for years to come. Growing up, Nerys learned about the Bajoran Prophets from close family friend Prylar Istani Reyla. This was beginning of Kira's life-long faith in the Prophets and their love for the Bajoran people.

Kira 2357

Kira in the Shakaar Resistance, circa 2357

Kira joined the Shakaar Resistance Cell when she was only twelve, and spent most of her early time with the cell running errands and cleaning weapons. In 2357, just after her fourteenth birthday, Nerys and the Shakaar cell liberated the labor camp at Gallitep before the now-depleted mine laborers could be slaughtered by Gul Darhe'el, the Cardassian overseer. Nerys and her cell accomplished this infiltrating the Bajoran science ministry and accessing their transporter system, allowing the cell to bypass the camp's formidable security system and later transport the Bajoran laborers out. While at the ministry, Nerys managed to destroy the files on a prototype defense system that would allow the Cardassians to track and destroy any unauthorized Bajoran air-traffic. In 2366, she snuck aboard the quarantined space station Terok Nor to gather information on the Double Helix virus that was infecting the station. She later assisted the Starfleet medical team, which was allowed to travel to the station by the station master, Gul Skrain Dukat, by finding the source of the virus on the surface of the planet Bajor. In 2367, she infiltrated the Plin Syndicate criminal organization at the Doblana Arctic Base on Bajor in order to kidnap Cardassian Glinn Gundar. The operation cost the life of Kira's brother, Kira Reon, whose sacrifice gained the resistance a chip which enabled them to monitor all Cardassian communications on Bajor.

The Emissary and the Federation

Kira Nerys, 2369

Major Kira in 2369

After the Cardassian withdrawal in 2369, the Bajoran Provisional Government asked for relief efforts from the United Federation of Planets, who took over command of Terok Nor and re-christened the station Deep Space 9. Kira was assigned to the space station as first officer under the command of then-Commander Benjamin Sisko with rank of Major. At first, Kira did not care for Sisko or the Federation, believing them to be no different from the Cardassians. It was only after the discovery by Sisko of the Celestial Temple of the Prophets (also known as the Bajoran wormhole), and the revelation from Kai Opaka Sulan that Sisko was the foretold Emissary of the Prophets, that Kira warmed up to the Federation. In 2370 Kira commanded the runabout USS Amazonon a mission to rescue a Horta, Ttan, who had been kidnapped by the Cardassians. Kira used her knowledge of Cardassian tactics to great effect on the mission, but also had to adapt her techniques to Starfleet team functions, working hard to be less impulsive. In 2371, Kira helped her old resistance cell leader, Shakaar Edon, ascend to the office of First Minister following a brief civil uprising when kai Winn Adami threatened to plunge Bajor into a civil war in a dispute over soil reclamators.

Kira (DMU)

Major Kira in 2373

When the war with the Dominion and their new allies in the Cardassian Union started in late 2373, and the Federation was forced to evacuate the Bajoran sector, Kira stayed aboard the station and started a new resistance movement that helped the Federation retake Bajor and the station. In late 2374, Kira was promoted to colonel and given command of Deep Space 9, when Sisko took an extended leave of absence on Earth. Kira learned about the responsibilities of the captain's chair by standing down a Romulan fleet, intent on placing weapons on a Bajoran moon. Kira resumed her duties as first officer when Sisko returned.

Kira Nerys, Starfleet commander

Kira Nerys as a Starfleet commander in 2375

In late 2375, Kira was granted a Starfleet field commission to the rank of commander. Along with Constable Odo (with whom she was having a romantic relationship) and the Cardassian exile Elim Garak, she traveled covertly to Dominion-occupied Cardassian space in order to help Cardassian Legate Corat Damar form a Cardassian resistance to Dominion occupation; the field commission was intended to put the Cardassians at ease by working with a Starfleet officer rather than a Bajoran one. The group eventually found itself on Cardassia in the final days of the war.

After the war, Captain Sisko ascended from linear existence and joined with the Prophets and command of DS9 was again granted to Kira.

Commander of DS9

In April of 2376 the station was attacked by a group of rogue Jem'Hadar. The ships were destroyed in battle but several Jem'Hadar were able to beam aboard the station. One, Kitana'klan, was discovered by the station's science officer Shar, and claimed to have been sent to the station by Odo as an envoy from the Dominion.

This was actually not the case, an envoy had been sent, Taran'atar, but he remained shrouded so that he might track down the rest of the rogues to prevent them destroying the station. Kitana'klan's lies were eventually revealed when he attacked his guards and made his way to the station's fusion core to try and destroy Deep Space 9. Kira and a security team followed close behind and in the ensuing conflict Kira was severely injured by Kitana'klan - she broke two ribs, fractured her humerus and received a severe concussion which bruised her right temporal lobe, she was fortunate not to have suffered any permanent damage. Kira managed to stay conscious just long enough for Taran'atar and Elias Vaughn to help her get to a station and issue the command to separate the fusion core from the station, just in time to prevent its explosion from destroying the entire facility.

Ohalu and Attainder

Also in April of 2376, Istani Reyla was murdered aboard the station after removing a book of prophecies from the ancient ruins of B'hala. The prophecies, written by the heretic Ohalu, were more accurate than any accepted prophecies, but were considered heretical by the Vedek Assembly for their description of the Prophets as teachers rather than Gods. The Vedek Assembly wanted the book suppressed at any cost.

Kira, believing that the Bajoran people could handle another interpretation of the Prophets' teachings, uploaded the entire book onto the Bajoran comnet. The next day she took an Orb experience with the Orb of Memory which inspired her to visit B'hala where she uncovered a massive tomb, the proof of one of the prophecies.

Despite her finding this tomb the Vedeks still considered the prophecies heretical and for her act of defiance, the Assembly, at the behest of Vedek Yevir Linjarin, had Kira Attainted. As such, Kira was forbidden to enter any Bajoran temple, read any prophecies, look into an Orb, pray with other Bajorans, or even to wear her earring.

During the Gateways Crisis, Kira lead the evacuation efforts at the world of Europa Nova when a Gateway leading to the Delta Quadrant emitted a radiation that was poisoning the planet's atmosphere. She and Taran'atar then traveled through the Gateway to encounter the Malon tanker that was dumping radioactive waste through the portal. There, she and Taran'atar found the Malon crew dead, killed by a Hirogen hunter. While Taran'atar battled the Hirogen, Kira erected a force-field generator that protected Europa Nova from further pollution.

After being forced to travel through another Gateway, Kira received a vision of ancient Bajor from the Prophets, which further convinced her that releasing the Ohala prophecies was the right thing to do, and also allowed her to step out from Captain Sisko's shadow as station commander.

Kira's Attainder created a schism in the Bajoran religion, with a new religious sect, the Ohalavaru arising under the leadership of Vedek Solis Tendren. The Ohalavaru attempted to recruit Kira, but she retained her own faith.

It was only after Kira saved the Orbs of the Prophets from alien Parasites at the monastery at Ashalla, and after former Kai Opaka Sulan appealed to Vedek Yevir on her behalf, that Kira was welcomed back into the Bajoran faith.

Federation membership

In June, Kira was contacted by First Minister Shakaar during a tour of Federation worlds about the renewed efforts for Bajor being admitted in into the United Federation of Planets and formalizing peace with the Cardassian Union. When the peace process with Cardassians was seemingly being blocked by Shakaar's Second Minister Asarem Wadeen, Kira learned from Asarem that it was Shakaar himself, behind the scenes, who was preventing the peace proceedings from succeeding. Both Kira and Asarem found Shakaar's behavior puzzling and out of character, and could not explain his actions.

In August, as Shakaar prepared to thumb the agreement that would bring the world of Bajor into the Federation, he was murdered on the station's promenade by Trill security officer Hiziki Gard.

It was soon discovered that Shakaar's psyche had been consumed by an alien parasite that was hoping to use Bajor as a base in their species' aggressions toward the planet Trill.

Kira's Starfleet rank of Commander was re-activated by Admiral Leonard James Akaar, and she was attached to the USS Gryphon in pursuit of the killer. Soon after, the ship was commandeered by a parasite that inhabited the body of the ship's first officer, Commander Alejandro Montenegro. The Montenegro-parasite killed Captain Elaine Mello, and set course for Trill.

Before dying, Captain Mello transferred command of the Gryphon to Kira. Kira then took command of the ship, and defeated the parasite before the ship could launch an attack on Trill.

During the Parasite crisis, Kira tracked the Parasites to the monastery at Ashalla, home of former Kai, Opaka Sulan. With aid of Odo, who had recently returned to the Alpha Quadrant, Kira infiltrated the monastery and confronted the queen parasite in the vault containing the Orbs. Kira flung open all of the Orbs' arks at once, unleashing the power of the Celestial Temple on the queen which acted to defeat the queen by removing her from the linear plane and assisted in the return to linear existence of Captain Sisko. Bajor finally officially entered the Federation a few weeks after the Parasite threat was ended on September 29th, 2376. Kira was prepared to relinquish command of the station to Sisko, but Sisko refused, opting instead to take a leave of absence and spend time with his wife, son and new daughter on Bajor.

Captain Kira


Captain Kira in 2376

Kira Nerys became a Starfleet captain, in command of Federation starbase Deep Space 9 and the starship USS Defiant , after the integration of the Bajoran Militia by Starfleet after Bajor's induction into the United Federation of Planets. (DS9 novel: Unity)

On the final day of the year, Kira was stabbed through the heart by the Jem'Hadar observer, Taran'atar, who was being controlled by an outside force. (DS9 novel: The Dominion: Olympus Descending)

As Doctor Julian Bashir struggled to save Kira's life by replacing her destroyed natural heart with an artificial replacement, the comatose Kira experienced another vision sent to her by the Prophets.

The vision foretold of the coming threat of the Ascendants and of Bajor's need to find allies in the coming battle with them. Kira also gained insight into the minds of the Eav'oq, a race from the Idran system on the other side of the wormhole that also had a relationship with the Prophets.

In the end, Kira accepted her role as the Hand of the Prophets and her place in the coming ordeal. (DS9 novel: Warpath)

Vedek Kira

Kira resigned as commander of Deep Space 9 in 2378 so she could join the Bajoran Religious Order following her experiences with Iliana Ghemor and the Ascendants. During her studies, Kira quickly rose through the ranks and reached the level of Vedek in only three years, which was previously considered to be impossible.


In 2381, Kira met with Benjamin Sisko following his visiting a monastery on Bajor to consult the Orb of Prophecy and Change. Kira spoke with him about his decision to rejoin Starfleet following his retirement, Elias Vaughn, and her appointment to the rank of Vedek. Kira commented that many felt she had achieved so much so quickly because of her close association with the Emissary of the Prophets, which upset Sisko. Benjamin revealed to her that he felt that the Prophets had abandoned him because he left the Celestial Temple. Kira assured him that the Prophets still walked with him and that he had to have faith, but he rebuffed her and said that he had to walk alone. He informed her of his decision to leave Kasidy Yates and she told him that she would be there for him whenever he needed to talk; however, Sisko had resolved himself to cut his attachment to others including Vedek Kira. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Rough Beasts of Empire)

On an impulse, Kira later sought out Sisko and was an instrumental figure in his struggle with his destiny, leading him to allow Kasidy and Rebecca back into his life. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Plagues of Night)

Acting under influence from the Prophets, Kira saved herself and Kasidy from the destruction of Deep Space 9. She later stole the runabout USS Rubicon from the station in order to intervene in a Typhon Pact attempt to infiltrate the wormhole. Kira disappeared in the wormhole in a heroic attack on the Romulan warbird Vetruvis.

Kira, or a Prophet assuming her likeness, later spoke to Ben and Kasidy, informing them that the former had been released from his duties as the Emissary and wishing them a good life together. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Raise the Dawn)

Within the wormhole, Kira first experienced a vision of Sisko's first entry into the wormhole - when the then-commander struggled to communicate with the Prophets. After this she experienced a new vision, similar to her Gateways experience, of herself on ancient Bajor. She became the Bajora freedom fighter, Keev Anora. During that experience, Keev/Kira entered into a relationship with Altek Dans. Eventually she realized her vision, communicated with Sisko and Kassidy as above, and woke up on a darkened ship, where she was confronted by Taran'atar. (ST - The Fall novel: Revelation and Dust)

Later years

In 2389, when Kira had been infected with the quickening, Typhuss called Bashir for his help to save Kira's baby. Julian needed a fresh strain of the quickening to come up with a cure. They went to the Gamma Quadrant and went to Teplan.

Julian took a sample from a young woman and gave a Doctor the sample and she beamed back to the ship. Then Julian and the rest of the away team returned to the ship. Julian was able to cure Kira's baby and Kira Meru II was born in sickbay. They returned Typhuss and his family to Bajor. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

25th century

By 2409, Kira had become the Kai of Bajor. (STO mission: "Boldly They Rode")

Alternate realities

Kira and the Intendant

Major Kira and her mirror universe counterpart Intendant Kira Nerys of Bajor

In the mirror universe, Kira Nerys was the Intendant of Bajor and the commanding officer of Terok Nor. (DS9 episode: "Crossover")

In an alternate mirror universe, Kira Nerys was part of a Maquis cell operating in the Bajoran sector. Kira was born to Kira Taban and Kira Meru in November 2343 in the Dahkur Province on Bajor. The Bajora cell of the Maquis was led by Kira Nerys. The Bajora cell operated in the Bajoran sector and they hid in the gravitic anomalies in the Denorios Belt from which they often led assaults on Terran mining station, Deep Space Mining Station 9, commanded by Benjamin Sisko. The Bajora cell main base was hidden on a small planetoid in the Denorios Belt. In 2383 Shakaar Edon took over as leader of the Bajora cell after Major Kira leaves with Captain Kira to go to his universe, to be free. (Star Trek: Intrepid, Star Trek: Terran Empire)

In the "Track A" universe, Kira was the cellmate of Lieutenant Commander William T. Riker, at a joint Romulan/Cardassian prison colony from 2362 to 2370. His captors attempted to use Kira as an experiment to determine how broken Riker was, giving him a knife and ordering him to kill Kira in order to be given food, but Riker instead attacked and killed his captors. (TNG novel: Q-Squared)

Alternate Kira

Major Kira in an alternate reality

In an alternate reality, Federation and Dominion delegations met on Deep Space 9 to negotiate a treaty in response to the Dominion's peace overtures in 2371. Kira was fearful of the consequences of a Federation-Dominion alliance for Bajor and murdered Constable Odo to prevent it from coming to pass. Although she had killed him in his quarters, she moved his remains to the Habitat ring. As she had planned, the negotiations broke down. The Dominion launched a full scale attack on DS9. Although the Federation forces were eventually able to push the Jem'Hadar back through the Bajoran wormhole, the Dominion was able to capture Kira, Commander Benjamin Sisko and Doctor Julian Bashir. They were taken to a cloaked space station in the Calonan system. Several days later, they were rescued by the DS9 crewmembers of the primary universe. Following an investigation on the alternate DS9, the Odo of the primary universe had solved his counterpart's murder and accused Kira of being the perpetrator. She did not deny that she had killed the alternate Odo but admitted that she regretted that doing so was necessary to ensure Bajor's future. After seizing control of the alternate Defiant, Kira activated the ship's self-destruct while travelling through the wormhole, leading to its collapse and putting an end to the Dominion threat. Immediately before her death, she prayed to her lover Bareil Antos that she would be with the Prophets. (DS9 comic: "The Looking Glass War")

In another alternate reality, accessed by an interdimensional Androssi device, Kira Nerys was the commander of the Bajoran assault vessel Li, who solicited the help of Starfleet Captain David Gold of the USS Gettysburg in finding the prophesied Celestial Temple, in the hope that its discovery would preclude a formal treaty between the Bajoran Assembly and the Cardassian Union. (SCE eBook: Lost Time)

Kira, Q-Gambit

Kira Nerys in an alternate reality

In the alternate reality created by the Romulan Nero and a future created by Q's bringing the USS Enterprise a hundred years into the future, Kira was fighting as part of the Bajoran Resistance. On Bajor, she met up with with the Enterprise 's CMO, Dr. Leonard McCoy, its XO, Commander Spock, Quark, and Doctor Julian Bashir. (TOS - The Q Gambit comics: "Part 2", "Part 3")

Alternate Kira Nerys

Kira Nerys in an alternate reality

In another alternate reality, in which the Cardassian Union did not withdraw from Bajor in 2369, Kira Nerys was the last surviving member of the Shakaar resistance cell, Kira meets Elim Garak and Garak helps Kira escape from Bajor with a message for the Federation. (TNG - Myriad Universes novel: A Gutted World)

Alternate timelines

Fleet Admiral Kira

Kira Nerys of an alternate timeline, a Fleet Admiral

In an alternate timeline, the Federation was at war with the Klingon Empire in 2400. Kira was in command of the USS Meru. In 2403 after the war was over, the Federation Starfleet was destroyed and was replaced by the new Bajoran Starfleet. Kira joined this new Starfleet with her husband Typhuss James Kira. Typhuss was promoted to Admiral and Kira was promoted to Fleet Admiral. The United Federation of Planets became the United Bajoran Federation of Planets. Kira now holds the position of Commander In Chief of the Bajoran Starfleet with the rank of Fleet Admiral, and resides in the Bajoran capital province of Dahkur with her husband Typhuss James Kira and her daughter Kira Hoshi Sato and her son Shakaar Edon Kira. By early 2403, Bajor was succumbed to numerous but unsuccessful raids by the Klingon Empire. Bajor had built a large fighter wing division which would defend the planet from the pathetic attempts from the Klingon Empire in attacking the Bajoran homeworld. In April 2404, Fleet Admiral Kira Nerys was killed when a Klingon bird-of-prey destroyed her shuttlecraft. (Star Trek: Bajor)

This timeline cease to exist when Typhuss and his crew won the war against the Xindi. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

In another alternate timeline Kira had become the Kai of Bajor in the year 2405. The USS Intrepid-A transported Kai Kira (age 62) from Deep Space 9 to Bajor.

Kira resides in the Bajoran province of Dahkur with her husband Typhuss James Kira and her daughters Kira Hoshi Sato, Kira Meru II and her son Shakaar Edon Kira. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

In an alternate timeline she was killed in the crash of the USS Defiant when it traveled back in time two centuries and crashed on a Gamma Quadrant planet. The present-day Defiant discovered the planet and the descendants of the survivors. They informed their ancestors that in two days the crash would occur. Kira decided to sacrifice herself by allowing the events of the crash to occur, but was thwarted by the alternate Odo, who was still in love with her. In preventing the crash he revealed the love that the current Odo held for her. (DS9 episode: "Children of Time")

Skills and abilities

Kira was a resistance fighter; having fought for her people's freedom from the Cardassians since she was a young girl. Because of extensive experience with the resistance movement; she was an expert in guerilla warfare tactics such as ambushes, setting up booby traps and close quarters combat and hand-to-hand fighting. Apart from these skills, Kira was experienced in the practical organizational details of a resistance cell.

She was a talented officer and administrator who could effectively command and lead others; having been in charge of the operations of Deep Space 9 and the USS Defiant in the absence of Benjamin Sisko. She was also an able tactical thinker and planner with a knack for creative problem solving; having provided valuable insights, analysis and solutions to many of the problems she faced.

In battle, she is even a very skillful pilot of smaller and acrobatic spaceships, as well extremely deadly with her phaser. Even in martial arts, she appeared on par with Worf, himself a formidable warrior, despite being almost half a meter shorter.


Thomas Riker

Thomas Riker 2371

Thomas and Kira aboard the Defiant

She showed a brief attraction to Thomas Riker while he was under the guise of William T. Riker. When Kira was ordered to relax by Julian Bashir, she met Thomas in Quark's and they talked for three hours. However this attraction was dissolved when he hijacked the USS Defiant and revealed himself as Thomas as well as a Maquis agent. He took the ship into the Orias system to gather intelligence on a fleet he heard about. His mission failed and was taken into Cardassian custody. She swore she would find a way to get him back and they kissed before he was transported to a Cardassian ship.

Julian Bashir

Kira Nerys and Julian Bashir, 2373

Kira and Bashir in 2373

During an outbreak of 'Love Fever' brought on by a case of Zanthi fever afflicting a visiting Lwaxana Troi, Kira, who was dating Bareil at the time, was strongly attracted to Julian Bashir. While the two made definite outward displays of intense affection - and Bashir's diagnosis noted that it could only work on people who already had an attraction to the other on some level - there was no direct mention of the attraction continuing afterward.

Bareil Antos

Bareil Antos shows Kira Nerys the Orb of Prophecy and Change

Bareil showing Kira the Orb of Prophecy and Change in 2370

Kira first became involved with Vedek Bareil when he visited Deep Space 9 to help mediate a dispute between Vedek Winn and the Federation over the school Keiko O'Brien was running. Their relationship strengthened when, after Kira was replaced as Bajoran liaison to DS9, Bareil invited her to spend time at his monastery. He also helped her and Dax reveal The Circle's plan to take over Bajor by allowing them to dress in religious robes so they could safely make their way to Bajor's Council of Ministers. In 2370, during the time of the election of the Kai, their romance had progressed to a love affair. The relationship ended on a sad note when, during a shuttle accident, Bareil was mortally wounded. He was kept alive by Dr. Julian Bashir and might have survived, but a crucial meeting had been scheduled with Legate Turrel, with whom Bareil had been negotiating in secret for months. Although Kai Winn took over the negotiations, no one knew Turrel the way Bareil did and she required his advice. When the negotiations were over, Bareil asked that all artificial life support be stopped. He died in Kira's arms.

Shakaar Edon

Shakaar Edon (AMU)

Shakaar Edon

Kira and Shakaar, who became the head of the Bajoran Government, were lovers for a year. He was her resistance leader during the Occupation of Bajor. She met him again when she was sent by Kai Winn who had assumed the role of head of the government after the death of Kalem Apren, to reclaim soil reclamators from the farmers in his province. Government troops refused to attack their old leader, and Shakaar, following Kira's advice, returned to the capital and ran for the head of the government, a position he won. The relationship heated up during a visit to the station by Shakaar when he arrived to negotiate Bajor's admittance into the Federation. He was at Kira's bedside when she gave birth to the son of Miles O'Brien. They ended the relationship in 2373, but they remained friends. Kira's transition from Vedek Bareil to Shakaar led Gul Dukat to remark in 2372 that she was attracted to powerful Bajoran men.


Kira Nerys and Odo, 2375

Kira and Odo in 2375

The relationship between Kira and Odo was long and tumultuous. They first met during the Occupation of Bajor, when Odo suspected her of murdering a collaborator. Over the years of working together, Kira and Odo began to fall in love. The feelings they had for each other withstood the other romances Kira had. Odo's feelings for Kira were first revealed to her by an alternate version of him, but this same alternate version put a strain on their relationship when he killed eight thousand people to save her life. With the help of Vic Fontaine, Odo was able to express his feelings and found out that Kira felt the same way, which culminated in a very passionate kiss in front of Quark's. They remained lovers until after the Dominion War, when Odo returned to the Great Link to save his people and lead them on the path of peace.

Typhuss James Halliwell

Typhuss James Halliwell 2378

Typhuss James Halliwell

"Typhuss: Even if he wasn't a man that I called a friend and a Starfleet officer I wouldn't let him take you from me. He wouldn't stop chasing you. Kira: Typhuss, that's unfair. Typhuss: Is it? Kira: You're starting to let him control your life and what woman you can love. Typhuss: Maybe that's because I'm starting to see things more clearly now. Kira: What is that supposed to mean? Typhuss: Look at me, Kira. What do you see? Kira: I see you. Typhuss: No. No, this is just a form I've borrowed. I could just as easily be someone else or something else. Because that's what I am. I'm a vigilante. Kira: I know that. But this is what you have always chosen to be. A man. A good and honest man. A man I fell in love with. Are you trying to tell me that he never really existed? Typhuss: Of course not Kira. I care about you more than anyone I've ever known. These last few months have been the happiest of my life."
— Kira and Typhuss, 2389
"Kira: I don't want you to stay with me out of some sense of obligation. Good luck. I hope you find what you're looking for. Kira: Watch over him. Help him find his way. Kira: I didn't think I'd see you again. Typhuss: I couldn't leave you, I still love you, Kira. Kira: If I ever made you feel that you can't be yourself with me, I'm sorry. I want to know you the way you really are."
— Kira and Typhuss, 2394

In 2378, Kira first met Typhuss James Halliwell on Deep Space 9. Typhuss and Kira soon showed an attraction to each other. Typhuss got authorization from Kathryn Janeway and The Doctor to engage in a romantic relationship with Kira Nerys. Kira took Typhuss back to her quarters and had sex with him.

Typhuss and Kira dated for a week and then later they became engaged to be married. On January 7th, 2378 Kira and Typhuss got married aboard Deep Space 9. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

In 2378, Typhuss took Kira's family name becoming Typhuss James Kira, showing Kira that he loves her. In 2379, Kira becomes pregnant with Typhuss's first child. Kira's first child Kira Hoshi Sato was born in 2379, Kira Hoshi Sato was delivered in a traditional Bajoran birthing ceremony. In 2383, Kira becomes pregnant with Typhuss's second child. Kira's second child Shakaar Edon Kira was born in 2383, Shakaar was delivered in a traditional Bajoran birthing ceremony. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

Kira's third child Kira Meru II was born in 2389 on November 11th. She was named after Kira's mother, Kira Meru in honor of her late mother's memory. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

In 2387, Typhuss told Kira that he was in love with Helen Magnus at first Kira was angry with him, Kira also thought that Typhuss had an affair with Helen but Typhuss told Kira that he didn't have an affair with Helen, deciding to work out their problems rather than getting a divorce. Kira and Typhuss were able to work out their problems and stay married to each other. Typhuss filed for divorce from Kira. Typhuss told Kira he still loved her. Also, during this time, Typhuss admitted his feelings to Helen and the two began a relationship. In January 2388, Kira did not sign the divorce papers, so the divorce was never finalised. Kira hoped one day that Typhuss would reconcile with her. Typhuss broke up with Helen and reconciled with Kira. (Sanctuary (series) episode: "The Helen Magnus Impostor")

Later that year Kira filed for divorce from Typhuss, Kira was lonely and felt that Typhuss wasn't there for her. Typhuss got married to Samantha Carter again. The next day Sam got a fast divorce from Typhuss and Kira came over to talk, Kira stopped the divorce and reconciled with Typhuss.

Kira is a loving wife to Typhuss and unafraid of being around the dangers that Typhuss brings as a Starfleet officer and a vigilante. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

In 2392, Kira tells Typhuss she is pregnant and Typhuss is surprised by the news. Later Beverly Crusher finds out that she is pregnant with twins. (Star Trek: Intrepid episode: "Ending A Deadly Threat")

In 2394, after Helen and Typhuss got drunk they had sex in Helen's bedroom in the Underground Sanctuary, to make matters worse Helen finds out the she is pregnant with his child. The two consider having a romantic relationship again. Later, Helen and Typhuss start a romantic relationship they eventually get married. Later they get a divorce after Typhuss decides to get back together with Kira.

Personal interests

Kira enjoyed springball. (DS9 episode: "Shadowplay")

She expressed a wish to someday have children of her own after Odo commented on how good she was with Kirayoshi. (DS9 episode: "Time's Orphan")

Kira got to have children of her own after she married Typhuss in 2378, her daughter Kira Hoshi Sato was born in 2379, her son Shakaar Edon Kira was born in 2383 and her second daughter Kira Meru II was born in 2389. (Star Trek: Intrepid)


Like many Bajorans, Kira was religious, holding to the Bajoran faith. She held Bajoran religious leaders (Vedeks) in high esteem and it had been a life long desire of hers to see and receive a prophecy from one of the orbs sent by the Prophets – a dream fulfilled when spending time in the Monastery of the Kai at the invitation of Vedek Bareil. She was orthodox in her beliefs, disagreeing with Vedek Bareil's unconventional interpretations of the Bajoran prophecies, and siding at one point with Vedek Winn when she insisted Bajoran children on Deep Space 9 should be taught apart from the Federation school so that they wouldn't receive what she considered to be blasphemous – secular – education about the Bajoran wormhole (which was considered to be the Celestial Temple of the Prophets, in the Barjoran religion). Kira would meditate every day and would pray to the Prophets. During the instability following Cardassia's withdrawal from Bajor, Kira saw the Bajoran religion as the only thing holding Bajor together. (DS9 episodes: "Emissary", "In the Hands of the Prophets", "The Collaborator", "Shadowplay", "The Circle", "Crossover", "Battle Lines")


Kira has been holographically duplicated on a number of occasions.

  • A transporter accident in 2372 aboard Deep Space 9 caused transporter patterns that would normally be stored in the pattern buffer to overwrite some of the characters in the Julian Bashir, Secret Agent 1960s holoprogram. The character of Anastasia Komananov was overwritten with the appearance of Kira. (DS9 episode: "Our Man Bashir")
  • Luther Sloan recreated the entire station, and staff, of Deep Space 9 in 2374 as part of his investigation into Julian Bashir. This program had a recreation of Kira. (DS9 episode: "Inquisition")
  • Vic Fontaine made an addition to the Bashir 62 holoprogram in 2374. The singer Lola Chrystal was added for Odo based on Anastasia Komananov. (DS9 episode: "His Way")


Born in Dahkur Province on Bajor.
Mother "died".
Joined the Shakaar resistance cell.
Helped liberate the Gallitep labor camp.
Assigned to find list of Bajoran collaborators.
First met Odo.
Bajor liberated. Joined Bajoran Militia. Assigned to Deep Space 9. Ordered Deep Space 9 moved to the mouth of the Bajoran Wormhole.
Piloted the runabout USS Yangtzee Kiang in a Gamma Quadrant mission; its crash landing killed Kai Opaka. The Kai was resurrected but could not leave the moon.
Began dating Bareil Antos.
Was given the privilege of encountering the Orb of Prophecy and Change.
Kidnapped and taken to Cardassia where she was surgically altered to look like Iliana Ghemor, a Cardassian operative from the Obsidian Order.
Bareil Antos died.
Surrogate child Kirayoshi O'Brien born.
Using the Orb of Time, traveled back to 2346 on Terok Nor and discovered that her mother didn't actually die when she thought. Kira Meru became Gul Dukat's consort to gain special treatment for her family.
Began dating Odo.
Promoted to Colonel. Given temporary Starfleet commission as a Commander. Joined the Cardassian Rebellion. Odo leaves for the Great Link. Given command of Deep Space 9.
Kira is apparently promoted directly from major to colonel, thus skipping the rank of lieutenant colonel (or field colonel, as the Bajoran rank is called). This raises the question of whether the writers really intended to make her a full colonel, or just a lieutenant colonel. Either way, of course, she would still be addressed simply as "colonel" most of the time. Whether a Colonel or Lieutenant Colonel, because Sisko was a Captain at the time, the highest field commission rank he could confer would have been Commander. As such, her Starfleet rank should have no reflection on her Bajoran rank or her standing at the time.
Began dating Typhuss, Typhuss and Kira dated for a week and then later they became engaged to be married. On January 7th, 2378 Kira and Typhuss got married aboard Deep Space 9.
Kira's first child, Kira Hoshi Sato is born on the USS Intrepid-A.
Kira's second child, Shakaar Edon Kira is born on Deep Space 9.
Later that year Kira's third child, Kira Meru II is born on the USS Intrepid-A.

Personal relationships


Benjamin Sisko

Benjamin Sisko and Kira Nerys, 2371

Kira with Sisko in 2371

Kira first met Sisko when he came to take command of Deep Space 9. They got off to a rocky start and their relationship was further complicated when he was revealed to be the Emissary of the Prophets. At one point Kira was infected by an energy imprint of a culture that destroyed itself and led a mutiny against Sisko. Odo was able to disperse the energy and everyone returned to normal. (DS9 episode: "Dramatis Personae")

However, the two did manage to form a good working relationship and they even became friends in later years.

Despite their working relationship, Kira always kept her relationship with Sisko more formal than did other members of the Deep Space 9 crew. She did not realize it but Sisko's status as the Emissary of the Prophets in her religion made her feel uncomfortable with the thought of a true friendship. This changed when she had to keep watch over him during a mission in which the Defiant was nearly destroyed. All but alone with him on the bridge, Kira tried to keep talking so Sisko would not lose consciousness, as he had a concussion and risked falling into a coma if he did so. This brought them closer together, and after the ordeal they even went to a baseball game in the holosuite together, where she was introduced to hot dogs. (DS9 episode: "Starship Down")

Sisko and Kira in damaged Defiant bridge

Kira with an injured Sisko on the Defiant's bridge

After these events, Kira continued to demonstrate her loyalty and friendship to her commanding officer during the buildup to the Dominion War when she worked with Starfleet personnel on several occasions to carry out many key missions including helping smuggle the Captain and a mission team into Klingon territory so they could gain proof of Changeling manipulation of the Klingon Empire. Additionally, during the Dominion attempt to retake DS9, Kira, as a member of the Bajorian Militia, officially protested Sisko's refusal to turn control of the station over to her government. After the pro-forma protest was done, she reported for duty and stood by her friend and commander during the forthcoming battle.


Kira Nerys and Jadzia Dax, 2369

Kira confiding in Dax in 2369

Kira formed her closest friendship with Jadzia Dax. They confided in each other often, especially about their romances. They also discussed problems and sought each other's advice, although Kira did not like Jadzia's choice of men and sometimes Jadzia would let slip some of the details of Kira's romances.

Jadzia also got Kira to loosen up a bit. Kira hated holosuites, but did participate in them with Jadzia.

Kira continued her friendship with Dax once Jadzia was killed and Dax had taken Ezri Tigan as its new host. Ezri considered Kira as one of her closest friends. (DS9 episodes: "Duet", "The Way of the Warrior" (original broadcast), DS9 episodes: , "Crossfire", "Blood Oath")

Miles O'Brien

O'Brien giving Kira a massage

Kira getting a massage from O'Brien

Kira developed a mutual conflicted attraction to Miles O'Brien during the period in which she carried his child after an accident forced Julian Bashir to transplant the fetus from Keiko's body to hers for it to survive. (DS9 episode: "Body Parts")

Soon after Kira moved in with the couple at their request. After a time Miles' care, affection, and the close quarters led to a brief period of discomfort. Luckily, both Miles and Kira were able to separate their feelings, and continue their friendship without taking it any further. (DS9 episode: "Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places")

Sometime later, Kira gave birth to Miles' son Kirayoshi, with Kira remaining an unofficial aunt to both Kirayoshi and his older sister Molly. Kira once admitted to Tekeny Ghemor that Yoshi was the closest thing she had to a son. (DS9 episodes: "The Begotten", "Ties of Blood and Water")


Kira grabbing Quark

Kira keeping Quark in line

Quark and Kira initially had a hostile acquaintance based on her considering him to have "collaborated" with the Cardassians during the occupation of Bajor. (DS9 episode: "Shadowplay")

This antagonism was also influenced by the sexist attitude of Ferengi toward females. (S9 episode: "Rules of Acquisition")

However, she was not beyond taking advantage of his connections and unique skills, and even asked him to hack into the Vedek Assembly database on one occasion. (DS9 episode: "The Collaborator")

It was Quark who alerted Kira and her resistance about how the Dominion would bring down the minefield, he decided to help Kira before Operation Return. She was astonished and gratified when Quark rescued her (as well as his brother Rom, Leeta, and Jake) out of Terok Nor's holding cells. (DS9 episodes: "Behind the Lines", "Sacrifice of Angels")

It was his rescuing her that influenced her to recommend the Federation aid him by providing a Vorta POW to exchange for his mother when she was taken hostage by the Dominion later that year. (DS9 episode: "The Magnificent Ferengi")

It was thanks to Quark that Kira would come to her senses and realize the true nature of Bareil Antos when he was planning to steal a Bajoran Orb. Specifically, Quark commented that he had noticed Bareil was spending a lot of time at the Bajorian shrine and that it looked to Quark as though Bareil were "casing" it as to find the best way to break into it. (DS9 episode: "Resurrection")

At the beginning and end of Sisko's command of Deep Space 9, she has remained authoritative and strict to Quark, including threatening violence if he ever touched her again, or threatening to incarcerate him over placing bets on who the next Kai of Bajor will be, but by the time of the latter her attitude toward the Ferengi softened to the point where she attempted to comfort him over Odo's lack of goodbye at his departure. (DS9 episodes: "Emissary", "What You Leave Behind")

Tora Ziyal

Although Kira disliked Ziyal's father Dukat, she developed a deep friendship with Tora Ziyal to the extent she even considered her part of her family. (DS9 episode: "When It Rains...")

Kira's friendship with Ziyal really began when Dukat went to fight the Klingons, Kira persuaded him to let her take Ziyal with her to DS9, because she didn't want Ziyal to go through what she did when she fought the Cardassians. (DS9 episode: "Return to Grace")

Kira took on the role of guardian and nurturer to Ziyal when she relocated to DS9. Kira would later arrange for Ziyal to go to school at a university on Bajor and consequently leave Ziyal in the care of friends as war with the Klingons broke out. Ziyal's activities on the station during her stay are mostly unknown, though she attended a racketball match in which Kira played. (DS9 episode: "For the Cause")

Kira was very protective of Ziyal; when she found out that Elim Garak was meeting with her she threatened that if he hurt Ziyal he would regret it, but later she came to accept their relationship although she still didn't approve of it. (DS9 episodes: "For the Cause", "By Inferno's Light")

Kira resorted to violence and assaulted Damar when he tried to force Ziyal to come with him and mend her relationship with her father. (DS9 episode: "Favor the Bold")


Kira and Shaxs served together in the Bajoran Resistance and became good friends. During their time there, the two would save one another on multiple occasions from various prison transports and ambushes. When the two were reunited on Deep Space 9 in 2381, Kira recalled him saving her life during a raid on the Haru outposts and said that she still owed him for it. This sparked a friendly, albeit fierce argument between the two over who was indebted to who for saving one another. Later on, when the Karemma they were negotiating with ordered the "Alpha Contingency", Shaxs would save Kira from an attack, and when the situation was resolved, she playfully jabbed to him that she now actually did owe him one; a jab that annoyed him greatly. (LD episode: "Hear All, Trust Nothing")


"I'm a much more complicated man than you give me credit for. If that's true, I suppose I prefer simpler men. Like Typhuss? It amazes me that a woman as intelligent and sophisticated as you could be attracted to such a lumbering, simplistic field hand and vigilante. I mean, what could the two of you possibly talk about? That lumbering field hand is a vigilante, a great man and a better Starfleet officer then you will ever be. And he knows more about how to talk to me than you ever will. How can you be so sure? After all, you don't know me well enough to make a comparison. I don't want to know you well enough."
— Kira and John Martin, 2389
"Why are you so reluctant to face the obvious? We make an excellent couple. We are not a couple anymore, John, and we have nothing in common. I'm married to Typhuss and you should just leave me alone and move on."
— Kira and John Martin, 2389
"What happened, John? Was Typhuss going to tell everyone that you're the father of my child? Kira. Is that why you tried to keep him quiet? Enough. John, it's all right. Kira is obviously upset. She doesn't know what she's saying. Typhuss isn't going to lie for you anymore. Take her to her quarters. She needs to rest. Keep John away from him."
— Kira, John Martin, Will Riker, 2389

Kira's mother and father were Kira Meru and Kira Taban, respectively. She had two siblings, Kira Reon, and Kira Pohl.

Kira Meru was selected as a comfort woman and willingly became the consort of Dukat in 2346. She did this so her family would receive special favors in the internment camp ensuring their survival. She remained his consort until her death seven years later. Kira's father told his children that their mother had died in the camp. Kira became aware of the truth when Dukat revealed this to her in 2374. Kira used the Orb of Time to travel back to 2346 to see if this was true. When Kira saw the truth she participated in a plot to kill Dukat and her mother. In the end she understood what her mother was doing and warned them before the bomb went off. (DS9 episode: "Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night")

Kira and her father remained in the internment camp, until she joined the resistance. When her father was dying, she left to complete a terrorist mission, and missed being with her father when he died. She never forgave herself. (DS9 episode: "Ties of Blood and Water")

In 2378, Typhuss took Kira's family name becoming Typhuss James Kira, showing Kira that he loves her. Kira is a loving wife to Typhuss and unafraid of being around the dangers that Typhuss brings as a Starfleet officer and a vigilante. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

Tekeny Ghemor


Tekeny and Kira

Kira formed a strong friendship with Tekeny Ghemor, one of the leaders of the Cardassian Government. They first met when Kira was kidnapped by the Cardassians, surgically altered to convince her that she was Ghemor's daughter who was an agent for Cardassia. Ghemor, realizing the truth, helped her escape and became a leader in the Cardassian Underground who opposed the military government. At the time, he was the only Cardassian for whom Kira had any semblance of respect.

In 2373 he sought refuge on Deep Space 9 after the Dominion took over Cardassia. He was dying, and Kira took care of him until he passed away. During this time, he told Kira that he still viewed her as the closest thing he had to his daughter; Ghemor still had no information as to what had become of her. According to Cardassian tradition, Ghemor told Kira all of the "family secrets" on his deathbed. The reason behind this tradition was to insure that surviving relatives had information to protect themselves, in the event that enemies of the family tried to twist matters to their advantage later on. During these conversations, he revealed to Kira that he had taken part in a massacre of Bajoran civilians during the Occupation. Dismayed, Kira still felt that no one should die alone, and stayed with him until the end. Ghemor also provided important information to the Federation concerning the Dominion and Cardassia. Kira had Ghemor buried on Bajor, beside her own father. (DS9 episodes: "Second Skin", "Ties of Blood and Water")


Kira threatening Garak

Kira threatening Garak to leave Ziyal alone

Although she spent years fighting the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, Kira was not completely consumed by her prejudices against them. While she never apologized for or regretted any of the actions that she committed against the Cardassian forces occupying her world, even when faced with the possibility of being killed by twisted murderer Silaran Prin in revenge for her role in the attack that left him disfigured, over the course of her time on Deep Space 9, she came to recognize that not all Cardassians could be tarred with the same brush, such as when she met Aamin Marritza, a Cardassian clerk who attempted to present himself as a deceased war criminal out of a misplaced sense of guilt. She even came to regard Cardassian legate Tekeny Ghemor as a father figure, an affection that he eagerly reciprocated, and developed a bond with Tora Ziyal, the half-Bajoran daughter of her old nemesis Gul Dukat. (DS9 episodes: "Duet", "Necessary Evil", "The Darkness and the Light", "Ties of Blood and Water")

Service record

location assignment dates rank or rate assignment insignia rank insignia
Deep Space 9 Bajoran liaison officer / first officer 2369-2370;
major Assignment badge. Collar insignia.
commanding officer 2375 colonel Collar insignia.
Bajoran liaison officer / first officer
Cardassian Liberation Front advisor commander Assignment badge. Collar insignia.
Deep Space 9 commanding officer 2375-2376 colonel Assignment badge. Collar insignia.
USS Gryphon 2376 commander Assignment badge. Collar insignia.
Deep Space 9 / USS Defiant 2376-2378 captain Collar insignia.
Vedek Assembly
vedek 2381-present vedek
Vedek Assembly
kai 2409-present kai
Kais of the Bajoran faith
BajoranEmblem Dava NikendeTalunoShesaMeressaArinOpaka SulanWinn AdamiPralon OnalaKira NerysOpaka Sulan BajoranEmblem
Kais of the Bajoran faith in the mirror universe
Dava NikendeOpaka Sulan



Kira Nerys was portrayed by American actress Nana Visitor in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from 1993-1999.

Visitor commented on how she saw Kira's life unfolding after the series ended. "She definitely gets another promotion, and she`s commanding the Defiant that`s for sure. That`s for sure!" The Defiant goes out - she`s in the chair. Those things are very inappropriately important to me, and that was during the series. Now that she`s commanding the station I imagine her getting more and more politically involved in Bajor and frankly, although I don`t think this would really ever happen, I`d like to see her become Starfleet. I`d like to see what would happen when you take a loose cannon and put them clearly in that universe. That was the whole premise of the show, Starfleet against these people who really didn`t live by those rules and seeing what happens. Now, one step further to me, would be to put her right inside of it and see what kind of struggle, and what the actual struggle is, tilted that way. It seems that no one has a problem living with the prime directive. I`d like to see someone struggle with it like she would, like a real loose cannon would'"". [1]

The possibility of Kira becoming a Vedek didn't interest Visitor, but the "season eight" story in the DS9 documentary did: "Well, my understanding, and I saw the doc, I've seen it twice now, but what I felt was that she stepped away from being a vedek to come back to the station and do what was necessary. Now that's what interested me. Being a vedek, not so much, but I know that's the direction the books took, so it makes sense that that's where she went, but that she comes back is what interests me". [2]


Visitor commented: "I think she was a little bit controversial. Xena was still, she was strong, but she looked just a little more like something in the '90s that was a little more palatable. There were edges to me that might hurt some people. So I understand when she doesn't come up in those cultural conversations, but what has always satisfied me and kept me feeling okay about it all, are the people that I've met in the 20 odd years since they show. The women who say, “This meant a lot.” From people in NASA to just every industry I can imagine, women saying, “You know what? I was different growing up, and your character, I would say, ‘What would Kira do?’ And it gave me the strong answer.” So just to feel that, there was just this thread of influence and strength that Kira gave other women was really enough for me". [3]

Heather Jarman commented: "I love Kira. If I had to drill it down to one reason, I would have to say its Kira's faith. Though she is truly a child of her era who understands the concept of 'wormhole aliens' and whatnot, she has this powerful belief in forces that she can't readily quantify or explain. She's willing to admit that she's not the 'highest' force in the universe and that there are other forces greater than she is. Her humility inspires me. Her bravery, her ability to move past prejudice, was one of the highlights of the series for me. She embodies traits that I not only admire, but want to cultivate in myself". [4]

Una McCormack commented: "Kira is one of the most complex and best performed female characters in Trek". [5]

Ronald D. Moore has revealed that the first name of "Kara Thrace" from Battlestar Galactica was inspired by Kira. [6]


Kira Nerys was the first and as of this writing, one of only three characters in Star Trek to meet their mirror universe counterpart face-to-face on screen, the others being Voq, though the latter was "Ash Tyler" at the time and Paul Stamets who met his mirror doppelgänger while they were both trapped in the mycelial network. Captain Jonathan Archer in ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II" with his mirror counterpart, but only as a figment of the mirror Archer's imagination.


In the Deep Space Nine relaunch series of novels, Kira was shunned from Bajoran religion after helping spread a secular interpretation of the Prophets. After many months the decision was reversed. Kira became a Starfleet captain after Bajor was admitted to the Federation. The same year, in the Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novella Olympus Descending, she was brutally attacked by the Jem'Hadar elder Taran'atar, and at the end of the story, barely surviving.

In the following novel Warpath, Kira fell into a coma and had visions of the Ascendants, in which she was a general trying to gain access to the fortress of Idran. She also had a conversation with the Prophets and Benjamin Sisko in the temple. To save her life, Dr. Bashir gave her an artificial heart. When told of this development by Sisko, Kira was horrified until she realizes it worked perfectly. To comfort her, Sisko wryly asked if she expected a drum solo.

As of the novels Rough Beasts of Empire and Zero Sum Game, Captain Kira no longer commands Deep Space 9 and has been succeeded by Elias Vaughn and subsequently Ro Laren. She went on to become a Vedek – completing the training in three years, a year less than any previous candidate – and subsequently sacrificed herself to destroy an invading ship coming through the wormhole in the novel Raise the Dawn. Her last appearance was in a vision to Sisko – although it may have been a Prophet posing as Kira – to inform him that his destiny was complete and that he could remain with his family. The novel Sacraments of Fire establishes that Kira was in fact thrown back in time to 2377, where she plays an additional role in resolving the Ascendants crisis.

In Star Trek Online, set in 2409-2410, Kira is the incumbent Kai, having relinquished command of DS9 to Captain James Kurland of Starfleet. She appears in the "Victory is Life" expansion released in June 2018, voiced once more by Nana Visitor. Guided by a vision from the Prophets, Kira and Dr. Bashir accompany the player character to the Gamma Quadrant moon where Kai Opaka had been marooned more than forty years earlier (see Battle Lines) with a cure provided by Odo and the Dominion that allows Opaka to leave the moon and return to Bajor. Kira steps down as Kai and returns to Starfleet as captain of the Defiant to combat the Hur'q threat.

Kira, Q-Gambit

Kira Nerys of the alternate reality

The alternate reality version of Kira Nerys appears in the Star Trek: Ongoing story arc The Q Gambit where she is co-leader of the Free Federation Resistance and meets Spock and Dr. Leonard McCoy after Quark helped smuggled them off Bajor. She then shows them the Reckoning Tablet and explains the artifact's significance in Bajoran mythology. According to legend, it contains two spirits: A benevolent Prophet and a malicious Pah-wraith and if the former can be freed, its power might be enough to restore order to the galaxy before she briefly explains the history of the Dominion and their alliance with the Wraiths. When asked by Spock how she intends to free the Prophet, Kira reveals they are on-course to a hidden planet to complete the ritual and offers both McCoy and Spock a spot in the Resistance. While Kira makes plans take a shuttle to the hidden base of the Resistance and supply them, she asks Quark wrap up the tablet and bring it aboard, but Quark reveals he will not be helping them. Opening the cargo bay doors, he reveals the Dominion made him a better offer than the Resistance and have won his loyalty. Though Kira attempts to fight, Spock restrains her seeing the fight is already lost. The tablet is then seized and the three of them are taken prisoner and brought to Terok Nor to meet Dukat. After engaging in some false pleasantries, Dukat smashes the tablet freeing both the Prophet and the Pah-wraith trapped inside and merges with the Pah-wraith and claims that there is now only one power in the galaxy: Dukat. Considering her a worthy host, the Prophet leaps at Kira only for Dukat to strike her with his newfound power and killing her.