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Kyle Clarkson
UE emblem. UESF emblem.
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6
Weight: 5.9kg
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Homeworld: Earth
Birthplace: Scotland, Earth
Born: June 3rd, 2126
Affiliation: United Earth,
United Earth Starfleet
Mother: Anne Clarkson
Father: William Clarkson
Sibling(s): Adam Clarkson
Nicole Clarkson
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: officer
United Earth Starfleet
Previous Assignment: SS Intrepid
Starfleet Corps of Engineering
NX Project
Assignment: chief engineer,
Enterprise (NX-01)
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Insignia: Assignment patch image. Rank insignia.

Lieutenant Commander Kyle Clarkson is a male Human who lives in the 22nd century and services the United Earth Starfleet as chief engineer on board the NX-class starship Enterprise (NX-01) under the command of Captain Marcia Taylor. (Star Trek: Enterprise)


Early life[]

Kyle Clarkson was born on June 3rd, in 2126 in Scotland on Earth to William and Anne Clarkson, and his father was preparing him to run the farm from an early age. Kyle met John while he was in Zefrane Cochrane high school and they became good friends and look out for each other, William was grooming his son to run the farm after his death but Kyle wants a better life for himself like be a Starfleet officer.

His mother Anne encouraged him to do what he wants to do and that she'll back her son all the way and he applied for Starfleet Academy to be an engineer, and his father resented him and never talked to him for many years.

Starfleet career[]

Starfleet Academy[]

Kyle entered Starfleet Academy in 2148.


Kyle worked with Martin for the last 3 years on board the SS Intrepid, and they made a close bond with each other like brothers.

Starfleet Corps of Engineering[]

After serving on board the Intrepid Lieutenant Clarkson worked with Starfleet Corps of Engineering, while working on a project to further the NX class starships there was an accident that Commodore Bradley Johnson blamed the Lieutenant for and kicked him out of the Corps of Engineering.

Soon afterwards, falling "off the wagon" hard and staying there for a long time, his best friend John found him at the bar getting drunk and offered to get him a new assignment aboard an NX class starship.


Clarkson was considered a leading expert on space-tested technology and sometimes relates better to technology than people. After serving on the Fitzgerald for 2 years.

NX refit Project[]

After the Fitzgerald incident Lieutenant Clarkson was assigned to help design the next generation of the NX class starship, the Columbia-class starships but due to him being blacklisted by the Corps of Engineering it wasn't easy for him working on the project. He nearly when back to the bottle but he remembered what John told him and he stayed focused on his work he eventually met Commander Trip Tucker and he also became good friends with Commander Tucker.


In 2156, newly promoted Lieutenant Commander Clarkson was assigned as chief engineer on board Enterprise under the command of Captain Marcia Taylor, and he wasn't the most liked person in the engine room due to his past at the Corps of Engineering but they respected his work and his duty as a Starfleet officer.


Personal history[]

United Earth Starfleet service record[]

location assignment dates rank or rate assignment insignia rank insignia
Starfleet Academy student officer 2148-2152 cadet
SS Intrepid assistant chief engineer 2152-2154 lieutenant Rank insignia.
Starfleet Corps of Engineering assistant chief designer 2154-2155 lieutenant Rank insignia.
Fitzgerald (NX-08) assistant chief engineer 2155-2156 lieutenant Rank insignia.
Enterprise (NX-01) chief engineer 2156-present lieutenant commander Rank insignia.



Background information[]