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Laurel Lance
Biological Information
Species Meta-human
Status Alive
Universe Information
Home universe Earth-62
General Information
Occupation Criminal
Member of
Ricardo Diaz's criminal organization
Leader of her group
Member of
Cayden James' criminal cabal
Affiliation Ricardo Diaz's criminal organization
Her group
Cayden James' criminal cabal
Typhuss J. Halliwell
Family Quentin Lance
Dinah Lance
(mother; deceased)
Sara Lance
Typhuss J. Halliwell
Alter ego Black Siren
Code name Black Siren
Actor Katie Cassidy

Laurel Lance is a female meta-human, she is a citizen of Star City and a notorious meta-human criminal. Laurel is the daughter of a late unnamed man and the girlfriend of Typhuss James Halliwell. After exposure to the dark matter released from Harrison Wells S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator, Laurel gained the ability to scream at a high frequency, she chose to use these powers for evil, adopted the name Black Siren. (Black Canary)

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