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Dinah Laurel Lance, simply known as Laurel Lance, is a female meta-human vigilante from Earth-71, she eventually joined Team Arrow and she became known as the vigilante Black Canary, the second Canary of her beloved city. Laurel was a citizen of Starling City and one of its most beloved public servants. Laurel is the oldest daughter of Quentin Lance and Dinah Lance (after whom she was named), the older sister of Sara Lance, the ex-girlfriend/longtime friend of Oliver Queen, and the wife of Typhuss James Halliwell. She was a lawyer who held the position of assistant district attorney and was previously a former legal aid attorney. Laurel is now the district attorney of Starling City.

Eventually Earth-71 was taken over by criminals, both Human and meta-human criminals and they killed all the heroes, Dinah, Quentin and Sara's fates are unknown during the attack on Starling City, Laurel and Typhuss tried to find and search for them but could not find them in the chaos of the attack and were forced to flee from dangerous men, by using a interdimensional extrapolator to escape to Earth 97, to start a new life together on another Earth and be safe from danger.

A year after the attack on Starling City, Laurel now believes that Dinah, Quentin and Sara are dead since they didn't follow her and Typhuss to Earth 97. (Black Canary)

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Laurel escaped to Earth-1 after her Earth was destroyed by antimatter, Laurel later joined Team Arrow of Earth-1, becoming a new member of the team. (Star Trek: Intrepid movie: "Aftermath of Crisis of 2392")

In 2393, Laurel had no clue if her husband, Typhuss was alive or dead following the aftermath of the Anti-Monitor Crisis. She became sad and upset about the fate of her husband. (Star Trek: Intrepid episode: "Laurel's Pain")


  • Black Canary suit: Laurel wears a protective black and yellow leather suit as her superheroine alter-ego, Black Canary, to hide her identity from her enemies when she goes out fighting.
  • Expandable batons: After a while of being the Black Canary, Laurel has started to use two batons as her main weapons.
  • Tactical tonfas: Like her Earth-1 counterpart, Laurel uses a pair of tonfas similar to the ones used by SCIS officers when acting as Black Canary. After a while, she still used the tonfas along with expandable batons.
  • Guns: Laurel has used guns on a number of occasions when not counting on her powers.
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