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"I was gonna give up being the Black Canary, but I realized I didn't know how I could because going out there and fighting alongside you guys, it's what makes me feel alive inside."
— Laurel Lance to Team Arrow

Dinah Laurel Lance (November 15th, 2349–April 6, 2389, presumed deceased) better known as Laurel Lance is a female Human who is a citizen of Star City and one of its most beloved public servants. Laurel was the oldest daughter of Quentin Lance and Dinah Lance (after whom she was named), the older sister of Sara Lance, and the on/off romantic interest and longtime friend of Oliver Queen and the longtime friend of Typhuss James Halliwell. The ex-girlfriend of Tommy Merlyn, she was a lawyer who held the position of assistant district attorney and was previously a legal aid attorney at CNRI. However, after the death of her sister she was inspired to take up vigilantism and received training from Ted Grant and later by her close friend and her sister's former lover, Nyssa al Ghul. She eventually joined Team Arrow and became known as the Black Canary, the second Canary of her beloved city.

Laurel was fatally stabbed by Damien Darhk during his prison escape and passed away surrounded by the team just moments before her father arrived. Following her death, her actions as Black Canary were made public by Oliver Queen in order to preserve her reputation as a hero to Star City; her identity as Black Canary is left on her own tombstone.

Two years after Earth-1 Laurel's death, Earth-2 Laurel Lance reveals herself to the public (pretending to be her late Earth-1 counterpart) in order to protect herself from Ricardo Diaz, she states to the press that her death was faked by H.I.V.E. and that she had been tortured by the organization for the past two years; as the public is now convinced that Earth-1 Laurel is alive.

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