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For his Earth-X counterpart, see Leo Snart.
Leonard Snart
Biological Information
Species Human
Status Deceased
Universe Information
General Information
Occupation Original multiverse
(formerly; dropped out)
Member of the Legends
New multiverse

Member of the Legends
Affiliation Original multiverse
Team Flash
(occasionally; formerly)
Legion of Doom
New multiverse
Family Lewis Snart
(father; deceased)
Lisa Snart
Alter ego Captain Cold

Leonard "Lenny" Snart (born June 2, 2345-the Vanishing Point), nicknamed Captain Cold (or simply Cold) by Cisco Ramon, was a male Human who was a world-class thief from Central City. He was also the older brother of Lisa Snart and the son of the late Lewis Snart.

In 2380, after the appearance of Barry Allen/The Flash, who started endangering his heists with his heroics, Leonard sought to eliminate him. Acquiring the cold gun he had frequent encounters with the Flash, along with his partner Mick Rory/Heat Wave. In 2381, Snart and Barry reached a truce where Barry would let Snart continue his heists, as long as he didn't kill anyone in the process and didn't expose his identity to anyone, and became an occasional ally of his.

In early 2389, Snart and Mick were recruited by Rip Hunter into the Legends, a time travelling team of superheroes dedicated to hunting down Vandal Savage and preventing his uprising in 2532. Being considered "supervillains", he and Mick were seen as outcasts. Though both initially joined to exploit the potentials of time travel Snart came to be genuine about the cause, and genuinely befriended the Legends. He also became close with Sara Lance/White Canary and developed a romantic interest in her. However Snart's change of heart led to a falling out between him and Mick. Following Mick's betrayal of the team, allying with time pirates to save himself, Snart was forced to maroon him in time which indirectly led to him becoming Chronos. After talking sense into Mick, they continued the Legends mission together. When the Legends were in danger of being killed by the Time Masters in the Vanishing Point, after learning they were in league with Savage, Snart sacrificed himself to save his friends and destroy the Time Masters, ending their corruption. He also shared a kiss with Sara before he sacrificed himself. Leonard's death was avenged when the Legends finally killed Savage.

A year after his death, a younger version of Leonard from 2388, prior to joining the Legends, was pulled from the timeline by Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash and recruited into the Legion of Doom to aid in their quest to retrieve the Spear of Destiny. After Eobard Thawne was erased from existence, Snart was returned back from where he had been plucked from history where Mick then erased his memory to keep his place in time intact.

Leonard was later approached by Barry Allen while hunting for Vandal Savage in 1892's Siberia, and brought to 2390 to help him steal an alien power source. After they succeeded, Leonard was brought back to just after he left Siberia and parted ways with his former foe as a friend.


Leonard is a ruthless man who has a calm, composed and level-headed demeanor, rarely ever losing his temper or giving into emotions. From killer to hero, Leonard's interactions with the Flash and journey with the Legends have greatly changed his personality from a self-proclaimed thief and proud of it to an honorable individual ready to die for his friends - though occasionally willing to retain his frivolity on matters of law and morality for self-benefit.

Although Leonard never finished high school, he is intelligent and patient, staking out a job for months before making his move, emphasizing timing, precision, and minimizing possible leads on him and his activities by refusing to kill unless necessary. Though due to the presumed failures of countless heists, Leonard has ironically made it his motto to disregard his plans in favor of quick-thinking, improvisation and expecting the unexpected factors as he explains to Barry. He was clever enough to unlock the Montgomery 3000, a 25-ton door that can withstand a 30-megaton nuclear blast, by himself, without any of the three passcodes needed to open it in a matter of seconds and analytical enough to deduce that what stopped his job at the armored car was, in fact, a man and that he would need a weapon to halt Barry, choosing the Cold Gun for this very reason. Leonard has, however, begun to revel in his new-found weapon's power, and his battles with the Flash have begun to alter his perceptions of how the job works, transforming from an armed robber into a "supervillain" that would directly challenge the Flash. The change in his demeanor is astounding, as Leonard can be seen acting much more ruthless before meeting the Flash: he killed the man who supplied him the Cold Gun for the sake of convenience, and before that tried to kill Sam Scudder and Rosa Dillon for going against his orders as a crime boss. Despite his almost emotionlessness upon first meeting, Leonard displays a near-unflappable sarcastic sense of humor in most and always-dangerous situations with various levels of deadpan.

Despite his unapologetic criminal lifestyle, Leonard sees and declares himself as a man of his word. This is demonstrated further when he promises to release Cisco if he tells him who the Flash is. Although he does torture Dante to get this information from him, he keeps his word afterward and lets both Cisco and his brother go. However, he doesn't always keep his word when he betrays his alliance with Barry by setting the metahumans free. Leonard simply defends his actions by claiming that he is a criminal that saw an opportunity and used it for his own benefit because that's who he is.

Regardless of Leonard's ruthless nature, one of the only things he does care about is his younger sister, Lisa Snart, who he has a close relationship with her, despite her immaturity. He severely despises his father, Lewis Snart, for what he did to him and his sister; for physically abusing them as children for no clear reason, he became disgusted when Lewis planted a bomb inside Lisa's head in order to manipulate him into helping him with one of his heists, however, after Barry told him that the bomb was removed from Lisa, without hesitation he killed his father for what he did to his sister. Leonard deeply cares about his sister, going as far as working with a man he hates (due to his more moral and honorable ways) in order to keep her safe. All of these qualities have led Barry to believe Leonard has good inside of him and that he'll eventually change his ways (although Leonard jokingly remarks that heroes don't get paid enough).

Leonard is quite prideful; Barry deduced that Leonard was going along with his father's plans because Lisa was being threatened because he concluded that Leonard would have tried to dig the miniature bomb out of his own head if one was planted in him. A similar case happened, as while Leonard was handcuffed to a wall, he managed to reach his Cold gun and when he could not use it while he was restrained, he used his feet to fire the gun and intentionally turn his hand to ice and then proceeded to shatter it against the ground, despite the great pain of it. He still walked out without much grief over his injuries, focusing on escaping and the task of stopping the team from killing Chronos, who was actually Mick Rory.

Initially enemies most of the time, Leonard and Barry seem to possess mutual respect for each other; although he betrayed him, Leonard saved Barry from certain death at the hands of Jake Simmons. A few months afterward, his liking of Barry increased to the point he felt genuine remorse after his father apparently shot Barry. Barry also visited Leonard upon the latter's arrest. Leonard even refused to go along with Mark Mardon and James Jesse's plan to kill Barry and instead warned him of what they were up to before departing. When Barry asks where the other two (Mark and Jesse) are, Snart says "Barry and his friends love to solve a good mystery" and goes to leave. Barry snorts at this and tells Snart that he's there because he (Barry and company) saved Lisa, and Snart doesn't like owing him one, and that's called honor. Snart is quiet for a brief moment before wishing Barry and Iris merry Christmas and leaves. After his death, Barry remakes that he became the hero he always knew he could be while the hallucination version of him created by Speed Force claims Leonard Snart's death was a result of Barry pushing him to be a better person.

Leonard possesses a code of honor when it comes to his teammates, seen when he becomes a full-fledged member of Rip Hunter's team after Carter Hall is murdered by Vandal Savage. When he deduces that Hunter wants Sara Lance to kill Martin Stein in order to prevent the devastation of the Cold War in the present time if Stein breaks and agrees to help the Soviets create their own Firestorm, Leonard is against the idea as he doesn't believe in turning on his own team members and manages to talk Sara out of shooting Stein, showing a profound understanding of her nature and drives and expertly employing reverse psychology. Thusly, Snart refuses to murder his long-time friend and accomplice Mick Rory when he turns on the Legends and even afterwards upon discovering he had been brainwashed into the temporal assassin, Chronos stops his teammates from murdering him despite Mick having previously threatened to kill his sister. Leonard also refused to kill Jax when he was mutated by Savage into a feral bird-creature, allowing his team to ultimately cure Jax. When he threatened Sara Lance at gunpoint, trying to force her to escape the Vanishing Point on the timeship while abandoning the rest of the team, she stood her ground without fear, knowing that for all his threats, Snart was no longer the cold-blood murderer, but a hero, who'd never kill his teammates. That proved to be true after Snart admitted his bluff and helped Sara with the rescue of their team members captured by the Time Masters. During the rescue, they encountered Mick Rory, seemingly brainwashed into being Chronos once again. Snart refused to attack his friend, which was recognized by Rory, who turned on the Time Masters instead.

Leonard is incredibly charismatic, maintaining the image of a "lovable rogue," using his charms to get important information, obfuscate his thievery or convince people of his trustworthiness. This way, he gained the trust of Valentina Vostok and Cassandra Savage. Leonard himself was interested in Sara Lance, flirting with her on occasion, drinking and playing cards with her and even apologizing for being "a jerk." However, Sara declined his advances with a smile on her face, saying that he'd need to be a master thief to steal a kiss from her. Despite this, Sara and Leonard kissed at the Vanishing Point, when Leonard decided to sacrifice his life to destroy the Oculus device in Mick Rory's and Ray Palmer's stead.

Being prone to controlling or playing others, Leonard absolutely detests the idea of being controlled or manipulated by anyone or anything. He values his free will and the ability to make his own choices and will do anything to hold on to that freedom. This is a trait that is so dominating in his personality that he destroyed the Oculus in the Vanishing Point not just out of compassion for his teammates, but because he wanted to make sure that no one else would be manipulated by the "Time Bastards" as he referred to them.


  • High-level intellect/Master tactician: Leonard's most noticeable and dangerous trait was his intelligence, making him a very skilled planner and schemer as he repeatedly developed plans that he pulled off with usual success. Leonard's tactics are based on timing, precision, and preparation as he would often spend his time studying every detail of his heist from studying the security detail to police response times; Mick has mentioned that Leonard is usually counting the seconds on the clock waiting for his plan to go off without any problems. This made him a threat to meta-humans such as the Flash. Despite never graduating from high school, Leonard had repeatedly shown considerable knowledge in subjects such as biology and engineering. Leonard was also able to be very persuasive and charming able to seduce Valentina Vostok and able to sway the loyal Cassandra Savage, to turn on her father, Vandal Savage. Leonard also had exceptional instincts that he considered to be almost like a "sixth sense," he was able to tell when something bad was about to happen just through a bad feeling.
    • Master thief: A career criminal, Leonard was regarded as a highly skilled thief who spent months preparing for a job and never giving up until he completed it; in his life, Leonard pulled off armored car heists, jewelry theft, and bank robbery with the utmost skill. Leonard was also skilled in the art of pickpocketing able to effortlessly swap specific items for his mission while stealing their wallets at the same time.
    • Expert engineer: While not as proficient as Cisco Ramon or Ray Palmer, Leonard was highly trained in electrical engineering due to his father forcing him to come with him on heists when he was a child. Once Leonard obtained his Cold Gun, he had taken the gun apart and put it back together so many times that memorized how to repair it by hand. Leonard was also capable of updating and adding additional features to his Cold Gun.
    • Escape artist: In addition to being able to avoid capture by the authorities, Leonard was also skilled at escaping them after being captured; with Mick Rory noted that they have escaped a few prisons together. Leonard had also demonstrated the ability to effortlessly slip out of handcuffs.
    • Eidetic memory: In his nature for preparation, Leonard has repeatedly displayed an unusually adept memory being capable of memorizing the details of every job.

Snart shooting Nurblin

  • Expert marksman: While normally preferring to avoid killing when not necessary as to not sully his plans, Leonard was highly trained with firearms. Leonard had demonstrated great proficiency with his Cold Gun that allowed him to effectively hit the Flash while he was running at superhuman speeds and using it for various creative solutions. While in the Old West, Leonard demonstrated to outdraw a gunman with a revolver and a skilled sharpshooter as seen when he used a rifle to kill a man with his head from a window several buildings away.
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Despite his composed demeanor, Leonard was a capable unarmed fighter. When taken captive by the mafia, Leonard and Mick quickly broke free from their confinements and killed most of the mobsters with their bare hands. However, between him and Mick, Leonard certainly proved to be the inferior combatant as Mick aptly gained the upper hand and delivered a severe beating to Leonard.
  • Indomitable will/High pain tolerance: While selfish and ruthless by nature, Leonard was capable of great conviction. As when handcuffed to a wall by Chronos, Leonard with almost no hesitation used his Cold Gun on his hand and shattered it to escape; he then immediately sought out the Legends to warn them.
    • Cold tolerance: Leonard had a higher-than-average tolerance for low temperatures, even more so than most people who has lived all of their life in freezing conditions; he displayed no discomfort being out in Russia in the middle of the winter, with nothing more than ordinary cloths - his coat is mostly for display, as he has stated that he never feel freezing and love the cold.


Leonard Snart as Captain Cold

  • Cold gun: Generating a beam of absolute zero temperature, the weapon freezes whatever it touches and creating solid ice. It can also slow down the motion of fast-moving molecules, specifically those of the Flash, retarding his accelerated healing and vastly reducing his speed. It also gives off bright white and blue flashes that the user protects their eyes from with goggles.
  • Goggles: Leonard also wears a pair of blue wraparound goggles, which are designed to protect his eyes from the flashes given off by his Cold Gun.