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Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Mackenzie

Lieutenant Colonel is an military rank in a number of historical military organizations, including infantry. In organizations that use infantry ranks, a lieutenant colonel is superior in rank to a major and subordinate in rank to a full colonel. This military rank is usually equivalent to the naval and space service rank of commander.

This rank of captain was used in three branches of the United States of America's armed forces—specifically the Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps. It was later used by United Earth's Military Assault Command Operations, the Federation's Starfleet Marines and Starfleet Ground Forces, and the Bajoran Militia - where the rank was referred to as a field colonel.

In 2385 Presidential Chief of Staff Galif jav Velk selected Lieutenant Colonel Jan Kincade of the Starfleet Ground Forces to command the black ops group Active Four.

Positions and Lists[]

Starfleet Ground Forces[]

  • Jan Kincade

Starfleet Marine Corps[]